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They Match!

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Irish twins John and Edward are new at school, along with their cousin Bob

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I walked in to history that afternoon, my eyes tired and my face pale. The school hadn't reacted very well to my new hairstyle and I was facing my second suspension of the year. Oh joy. The shit that had gone down this weekend overwhelmed me, I was running on four cups of coffee and a bag of chips, I felt like death. Leaving Mikey there, God. I'm a bastard but I'm not a coward. I wasn't going to let him hurt her. I sat down, my head on the desk, just letting the conversations around me go over my head.

"Hey, Edward. He looks upset." I heard from my left, a weird irish, sometimes american souding accent. I ignored it.

"John, maybe something bad happened, like he stepped in a puddle or ate some bad food or isn't as happy as us, you know." I heard from my right. It was starting to get on my nerves.

"Maybe. Do you think he's crying?" I heard in a still audible attempt at a whisper. I looked up to see two of the same person gawping at me from the desks on either side. They looked like neon Kurt Hummels with their white shirt black tie thing and catastrophic hair. It just stood straight on end, like two blonde towers. Oh dear Lord.

"Hi, I'm John." the one said, and the other copied, but his name was Edward. They just stayed gawping at me. I started to feel uncomfortable and hoped and prayed that some how they'd get transfered to another class. They were going to be annoying as fuck.

"Ugh, leave him alone." said the voice behind me. I turned around to see a guy staring at them moodily.

"Bob! HEY COUSIN BOB WE WERE JUST TALKING TO HIM HE SEEMED SAD OKAY." Edward said brightly, waving at Bob. Bob sank lower in his chair, lowering his gaze.

"Be quiet, I'm pretending I'm not related to you." he hissed, and returned to moodily ignoring them.

Class finishing was like the mercy killing at the end of a torture. But no, they followed me out into the hall, where Robyn waited for me. I smiled at her, planting a kiss on her cheek, before I heard a whiny Irish voice at my side again.

"Hey, Gerard, I like your hair!"

Robyn looked at them like they were the most adorbale thing on earth. She let out a little squeal.

"AWWW, LOOK AT THEM. They're just so cute, they match." she smiled, and John and Edward smiled back, grinning with all their teeth, scrunching their noses up. I rolled my eyes, put an arm around her and said

"Let's go get lunch."

But before I knew it the twins had thought of themselves invited, and it seemed that Robyn was quite fascinated with them. I sighed, just wanting to go home.
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