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Pot O' Gold Under The Stairs

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A party game could twist up Robyns realationship with Gerard

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I sat myself opposite the twins and watched them as they ate in unison. It was so weird, everything they did was exactly the same...

'You havent seen Jared recently have you, Robyn?' Gerard's voice had a hint of anger.

'Who?' The twins chorused, lifting their heads at the same time, both with a sweet and sour sauce on the left of their chin. A smile spread across my face but my boyfriend broke it my taking my head and turning it towards him.

'Have you seen him?'


And that was left at that. The rest of lunch was filled with adorable nonsense from John and Edward, giigles from me and deep sighs from Gerard, who left the group after about 10 minutes to do 'Homework'

It turned out the twins parents were quite some socialites, and were holding a party to get to know everybody that night. The boys had invited me saying 'It would be so cool if you come yeah its Irish themed ok you have to wear green ok because green is cool bring your friends its tonight'

Me, Frank, Ray and a reluctant Gerard knocked on their door 4 hours later. The boys opened the door wearing matching sparkly green suits. I squealed and gave them a hug. 'Ooh! Escapee!' The slightly taller brother pointed behind us. Yep, a boy with a red mohawk was slumping away into the night. But suprisingly, I wasnt bothered. I wanted to have some fun.

I knew Irish culture. Leprechauns, rainbows, pots o' gold....and lots of Guiness. And boy was there Guiness. The parents were pretty relaxed about letting teenagers get proper shit faced it seemed, so we were pratically passing out 'round 9 o clock.

'Whats this song?' I shouted above the catchy tune playing

'US!' John and Edward grinned, gesturing to eachother


The twins were so unbelievably cute, standing there grinning like they were high or something. I just wanted to eat them up.

'3 MINUTES IN HEAVEN!!!!!' A harsh Irish accent hollered and everybody gathered around. I didnt know what this game was, but I decided to join in anyway.

5 minutes later I found myself in the wardrobe with Edward. 3 minutes in heaven was when you spun a bottle, and had to spend '3 minutes in heaven' with whomever it landed on.

'So erm'


'Purple is like, a cool colour for hair'


Que awkward 30 second silence

'You're cute'

This caused me to blush incredibly

'You're cuter'

'Isnt that Gerard kid you're boyfriend though wont he be ma---'

I shut up his drabble with a kiss. He pulled back, scarlet red. No more words were needed
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