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Tell me baby who do you wanna be?

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New town, new friends, new beginning - but is it for the best?

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Tell me baby who do you wanna be?
Frank’s P.O.V
Great, just fucking great. That evil bitch of an alarm clock woke me up way to fucking early for a Monday and now I have to get up. I drag myself lazily across my littered room and yanked open the wardrobe door, the wood creaked under my touch before clattering to a heap on the floor.
“Fucking heap of shit!” I yell
“Frank, sweetie? Is everything okay?” my mother’s sickly sweet voice trickled up the stairs
“I'm fine mom, but this house is a fucking train wreck!” I called back to her.
“Watch that mouth boy, or you’ll find soap in it” she called sternly up the stairs.
“Yeah whatever” I mumble
Trying to find something decent to wear was hard; I still hadn’t unpacked all of my things, only the basics and the necessities. You see, me and my mom had just moved back in to New Jersey from Chicago, my dad lost his job the left me and my mom to pay the bills but we just couldn’t handle them, so we moved back to the place where I was born: Belleville. I don’t remember much of the town or the people in it, I only remember the old man down the road with the blind dog. He’s probably dead now anyways, I thought to myself.
My mother’s screeching voice dragged me out of my train of thought.
“Frank you gotta go! School starts in 20 minutes!”
“Coming mom!” I stumble around trying to put on my stripy converse.
I sprint down the stairs grabbing my battered bag and run out of the house before mom can say anything. I'm not eager to get to school or anything I just don’t want my mom to worry about me. Why you ask? Well this is my 3rd school this year. I don’t try and attract attention or anything and I stay out of the way and stick to my own business but I just seem to draw attention to myself. And it’s not the right sort of attention either, its mostly jocks, they seem to find it hilarious when I'm pushed inside of lockers or pelted with dodge balls, I don’t see what's funny about that, do you? This one time I even got beaten up by a nerd, the thick eyed turd threw a fucking encyclopaedia at me and it left a huge bruise! I guess I'm just the kinda of person who gets beat up for everything and anything. Back in Chicago my best friend Chloe turned on me. We were so close and we had so much in common, and then she started dating this jock called Adam and she changed, she beat me up in front of everybody, and that's why I had to leave Chicago; because I was beaten up by a girl.
The grey building looms ahead of me. The words ‘Belleville High School’ sends a knot of fear down in to my stomach. As I approach the building a few girls, which I assume by their orange tans are cheerleaders, turn around and glare at me. One of them says something that I can’t hear and they all burst out laughing. I can feel the tears burning behind my eyes. ‘C’mon Frank, hold it together’ the voice in the back of my head reassures me, I must be crazy; a non-existent voice is telling me to hold it together. Oh well, at least it’s not taunting me.
As I approach the main doors panic hits me, my heart starts beating faster and my breather becomes short and heavy. A tall boy with glasses comes over to me.
‘SHIT SHIT SHIT! He gonna laugh at me!’ I panic as he gets closer.
“Hey, man, are you okay?” he looks down at me, eyes full of looks like concern
“I...uh...I’m fine” I manage to stutter out
“I haven’t seen you around before, I'm Mikey Way” the boy holds his hand out
“No, um I just moved here from Chicago, and I'm Frank by the way, Frank Iero” I take his hand nervously shake it.
I wonder if he noticed my sweaty hands.
“Oh cool, do ya want me to go with you to reception so you can pick up you papers?”
“Um sure” I said genuinely surprised at his willingness to help. Usually by now I would have been cowering in a corner somewhere whilst someone yelled insults at me.
“Kay, follow me” Mikey turns and beckons for me to follow him.
The corridors are a horrible grey colour with orange and yellow posters and signs plastered to the walls. Mikey must have noticed the look of disgust on my face because he laughed.
“It’s disgusting, isn’t it?” Mikey chuckled
“Umm yeah” I said hiding behind my hair.
“We’re here, shall I wait for you?” Mikey looked at me from behind his cute little glasses... wait.... did I just call them cute? Well they were I guess, they really suited him.
“Hey, Frank?” Mikey waved a hand in front of my face.
I blinked a few times.
“Sorry, what did you say?” I mumbled a little embarrassed
“I said shall I wait for you?” Mikey chuckled cheekily
“If you don’t mind” I smiled edging towards the office checking over my shoulder to see if Mikey was there, he was, and still smiling.
A podgy lady behind the desk handed me a whole wodge of paper and sent me on my way.
Room 13, great I'm destined for bad luck!
Mikey walked me to my home room in silence and he waved goodbye as I reached the door. I could hear shouts and laughter on the other side. The fear in my stomach returned, bubbling and frothing inside of me. I reached for the handle and push it open and stepped inside. Everything stopped. All the heads turned and every bulging set of eyes were fixed on me. I kept hidden behind my hair and walked over to the desk. A young middle aged women smiled at me as I handed her my slip and I tried as best as I could to smile back at her.
“I'm Miss Alexandra-Outen but the of the students call me Miss AO” She smiled
“Okay, Miss AO” I tried to smile back but I felt to queasy
“Right class we have a new student joining us today and his name is Frank, so please be as kind and as welcoming as possible” She looked at a beefy guy in the corner as she said this.
“Right Frank, there's a seat in the corner so just situate yourself there for now” She gave me a quick push in the direction of the empty desk.
I couldn’t walk straight, I was to shaky, and it didn’t help that everyone was glaring at me.
I sat down heavily in the chair making in squeak and everyone spun around to see what it was.
“Ooops” I meeped
“Freak” the guy in the corner coughed
Everyone burst out laughing.
“Don’t worry about them” A guy with huge hair appeared in front of me
“Yeah, they’re all dicks anyway” A blonde guy popped up beside him
“Hi, I'm Ray and this is Bob” The guy with the big hair pointed to his friend
“I'm Frank” I smiled weakly
Just then there was a huge bang and the most gorgeous guy ever walked in to the room.
Everybody looked at him.
“What?” he raised an eyebrow at them
“Sit down Gerard” Miss AO sighed
“Yes Miss!” Gerard saluted her.
A few laughs erupted from the class
“And that Frank, is our very good friend Gerard” Bob laughed as Gerard sauntered down the aisle.
“Hey guys how ya- who’s this?” Gerard pointed a finger at me
“Don't point Gerard its rude” Ray batted Gerard's hand down
“I...I er I'm Frank” Great why did I have to look like a complete twat?
“The dweeb who was with my brother earlier?” Gerard squinted
“Your.. your brother?” I was confused
“Yeah my brother, Mikey” Gerard got closer to my face
“yyyeah.. he.. he showed m me to reception” I stuttered, I couldn’t help it!
“You scared Frankie boy?” Gerard smiled showing all of his teeth
Great, now I either tell the truth and try to look tougher than I feel. Think I’ll go with the second one.
“N-no” I whisper
“Well ya should be” Gerard banged his fist on the desk making several people jump. He walked away and sat down at a desk a few rows in front.
“Don't worry about him, he’s just protective of his brother that's all” Ray patted me on the back.
“Sure” I mumble
“Anyway what's your first lesson?” Ray leant over my shoulder
“Ummmmmmmm” My eyes scanned over the time table “English”
“Great, that means your with Gerard for Periods 1 and 2, maybe you too can bond” Ray smiled
“Maybe” That knot of fear returned as I gathered my things ready for English.

Okay first chapter! please tell how to improve or anything and if its any good shall i continue?
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