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It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.

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Can you show me the softer side of your bitter shell? or is it all bad

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It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on.
Gerard’s P.O.V
Mikey came to me this morning all excited about the new boy he had just met. He wouldn’t stop going on about the way he would stutter his words and the way he blushed when you caught him out. To be honest he sounded like a right pansy!
But Mikey just seemed so thrilled about him; think my little Mikey mouse has a crush! I did tell him that and now I have a glowing cheek where his palm came into contact with it. Now I'm late. Again. But it doesn’t matter Miss wont yell at me, I think she wants my ass. But I mean seriously who wouldn’t? I can have anybody I want; they’d all kill each other just to get in to my pants.
I think I slammed the door to hard as I walked in to the class room. Miss just told me to sit down, playing hard to get I see. As I walk over to Bob and Ray I see them talking to someone. He was quite good looking and obviously very nervous. Tip for being around me, don’t show your fear cos baby I will use it against ya! Turns out he was the Frank guy Mikey had been swooning over earlier. He looked like a bit of a push over to me; don’t want him involved with my Mikey one little bit. Something tells me he’s trouble... a heart breaker. Hope I don’t have many classes with him.
Mikey’s P.O.V
After my encounter with Frank this morning I had to tell someone. I went straight to Gee cos I knew he would understand. I think I bored the hell out him by talking about Frank so much. I just love the way he cowers behind his hair and blushes like a little girl!
Gerard text me afterwards saying that Frank was in his Home room and that I should stay away from him, dunno why Frank doesn’t look like the kind of person who's gonna beat the shit outta me.
Frank’s P.O.V
Its hard finding your way around school, it is for everyone. But I just find it that little bit harder when people push and knock you around. Seriously they have no manners! Eventually I found my way to my English room, 10 minutes late, oh man great. Oh well it’s my first day, give a guy a break cos I sure as hell deserve it!
I walk straight up to the desk and tap the teacher on the shoulder. She turned around so quick I nearly fell backward. A few people noticed the way I jumped and laughed.
“Why you so late boy?!” the old hag spat
These people are oh so polite
“Sorry sir, I was lost” I mumbled
Shit! I just called her sir! Fuck I hope she didn’t notice!
One person laughed, I turned to see who it was, Gerard was smirking from the back of the room.
“I see you made it here on time Gerard” I smirked, I honestly have no idea where the confidence came from.
“Oh Fuck of Short stack” Gerard dropped his smirk
“Boys! Honestly, Frank go and sit down” The hag looked all flustered.
Three seats available;
One next to a slutty looking chick
One next to the beefy looking gut from home room
And one next to Gerard
Wow what a choice.
I hold my breath and sit down next to Gerard. At least there's a safe amount of space between the desks.
I have no idea what the lesson was about. I just sat there and stared out of the window for two hours. The bell shook me out of my thoughts and back in to realization. I raced to the door before Gerard knocking in to a jock in the process.
“Watch it freak!” He spat in my face before pushing me backwards. Luckily I landed on something soft.
“Wow Alex, I thought you learnt from last time not to mess with my brothers friends, or did you forget?” I turned around, Gerard had caught me and was speaking up for me.
“Sorry Gerard, I didn’t know he was any use to you” The jock glared at me
“Oh he’s not yet” Gerard laughed and Alex laughed with him.
Gerard released his grip on me and before I could regain my balance he pushed me forward and I fell flat on my face.
“You have as much grace as a baby giraffe ya know” Gerard looked down at me
“And you have the attitude of a fucking pig!” I spit at him
“Considering I just saved your ass, you’re not being very nice” Gerard sniffed sarcastically
“Whatever” I huff as I pull myself up off the floor.
“Just be careful my friend” Gerard pushed past me.
Great think I just made a enemy or a friend... I'm not sure...

Lunch came around pretty quickly. Mikey came and asked me to sit with him and I agreed willingly until he mentioned Gerard would be there. But Mikey just looked so innocent and sweet, I just couldn’t refuse.
“Hey Gnome boy” Gerard greeted me
“Gerard” Mikey warned him
“Fine. Hello Frank” Gerard glared at me
“Hello Gerard” I smiled the best fake smile I ever smiled before. The look on his face was just priceless. I could tell we were gonna have one of those love/hate relationships.
“I'm skipping math, who's joining?” Ray announced
Everybody grunted and nodded in agreement.
“Frank, you in man?” Bob nudged me
“Yeah sure, where we going?”
“We could go back to mine and Gerard’s, no one’s home” Mikey suggested
“sorted” Ray smiled
After lunch we all headed over the field at the back of the school to get to the main road that leads to Gerard’s and Mikey's house. The walk there was pretty awkward, no one really spoke and Gerard kept looking across at me like he wanted to say something but kept his mouth shut every time I caught him glancing at me.
Eventually we arrived at their house. It was pretty big and classy looking compare to the shit hole I live in. We all stood impatiently as Mikey tried and failed to open the door. Finally Gerard took the keys off his younger brother and opened the door.
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