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Watch ya take the fall...

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truths out about Frank and Franks not too sure of what to say...

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Watch ya take the fall...
Gerard’s P.O.V
I cannot believe Mikey just invited Frank over to our house! He is the most arrogant little fuck I have ever met! I mean he cruises in to this school, walks in to the biggest jock of them all, I save his midget ass and then he’s just plain fucking rude! He is kinda cute though, the way he hides behind his hair, Mikey said it was cute but I thought he was just exaggerating but...... OH MY MOTHER FUCKING SHEEP SHITTING GOD! I just called that jerk cute! He’s not, no fucking way; I’ve seen guys in the mafia cuter than him!
He never said a single word all the way back to the house, I dunno why but I kept looking over at him, just seeing that smug little grin on his face made me want to say something to him, put him back in his place. But every time I went to say something he looked me in the eyes and I just couldn’t say it, I couldn’t do it.
When we got to the door Mikey couldn’t put the key in the door, it doesn’t matter how many times he’s stood outside this door he still can’t manage to open it.
“Mikey, gimme the keys dammit!” I pulled the keys out of his grip
He looked all embarrassed in front of Frank, it’s kinda cute but I don’t want Mikey getting too cosy with him, cos I just might have a use for Frankie boy.
Mikey's P.O.V
God Gerard knows just when to embarrass the shit outta me! It’s not my fault they key doesn’t fit the door, I think I majorly pissed Gerard off by inviting Frank back over to ours, before Frank arrived at lunch Gerard told me about his encounter with Alex. I hate to admit it but Frank did seem to act like a jerk towards Gerard but then again Gerard isn’t always the most welcoming of all people. I know it’s too soon and I only met Frank this morning but I think I like him. Like really like him. But I don’t think he’s interested in me... I'm not stupid. When Gerard tells me to stay away from a boy, it’s usually because he wants them for something. Last year, I fancied this guy called Pete and Gerard told me he was no good, that he was dangerous. Then I come home to find Pete and Gerard fucking on the couch. That really hurt. What kind of brother does that? I'm gonna take a risk with Frank though, I'm gonna tell him straight... shit what if he’s straight? Oh well take risks Mikey, take risks.
Frank’s P.O.V
Gerard and Mikey had a nice place, very spacious and homely. It actually made me sick to see how much of a home they had. Mikey bolted up the stairs as soon as the door was finally opened. I don’t know what made me do it but I started to follow him up the stairs, I got to the third step and Gerard grabbed my arm.
“Where do ya think your goin’?” Gerard raised a perfect eyebrow
“To see Mikey of course” I tried my hardest to look innocent
“And why would you be doin’ that?” he grip tightened
“To be a good friend” my breath came out a little shaky.
Gerard noticed the fear and his eyes lit up.
“Aww is Frankie poo scared?” Gerard whispered close to me ear
“N-no” my voice was shaking he was so close
“Liar” was all he said before letting my arm out off his death grip.
I sprinted up the stairs before Gerard could catch me again. Mikey's room was easy to find. One door was white- which I guessed was their parents room, one door was black- which looked to be Gerard's room, one door lead to the bathroom and that left one door at the very end of the corridor.
I knocked on the door, holding my breath.
“What?” came a muffled voice from inside
“Mikey, it’s me, Frank, can I come in?”
“Sure” he mumbled
I pushed open his door to find a small room with navy walls and tons of band posters blue tacked them.
“Nice room Mikes” I smiled at him
“Thanks” he blushed
“Now, why’d ya run away?” I sat down on the bed next to him
“Gerard” was all he answered
“Is he really that scary?” I chuckled
Mikey laughed too but only half heartedly.
“No, Gerard just has a habit of stealing my friends” Mikey sighed
“Its cos you have good taste in friends Mikes!” I joked nudging him
He just looked at me.
“That's not all, Frank. I know I only just met you today but I think I really like you and I just wanted to tell you now so you wouldn’t be confused later” Mikey looked really embarrassed.
“Oh Mikey, I like you too but just not like that, I think we could be really good friends and I don’t want to complicate that. Do ya understand? I put my hand on his shoulder.
He just merely nodded.
“C’mon, let’s go back to the others; Gerard already ambushed me coming up the stairs!”
Mikey just laughed and headed out the room.
Man I have to pee.
“Hey Mikes, can I use your bathroom?”
“Yeah sure it’s that blue door; I’ll see you down stairs”
Nice bathroom, very Greek looking, I wonder if they have any Greek relatives?
Just as I walked out of the bathroom Gerard came out of nowhere and pinned me up against the wall.
“Break my brother’s heart already did ya?”
“No Gerard, I did not break your brothers heart I just told him the truth before it could get broken” I sighed
“Why, you planning to break it?”
“Gerard, c’mon do I look like a heart breaker?” I smiled
“Dunno, you look like you’ve broken a few” Gerard released me
“I have” I sighed
“Who was the unlucky bitch?” He laughed
“My mom, I'm a disappointment to her, every time she looks at me I know she wishes I was a better person” I look down fearing that I might cry if I look at him.
And then he does something that shocks the hell out of me. He puts his finger under my chin and lifts my head up so I'm looking in to his eyes. Then I can’t help it and a tear slips out. Gerard raises his hand and wipes away the tear with his thumb.
“I'm sure she loves you Frank, who couldn’t love you?” He smiles at me
I just nod unsure of what to say.
And then he hugs me. The boy who I was sure hated me hugged me.

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