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Cry all you want too

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Be my Saviour, Gerard

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Frank’s P.O.V
The time at Gerard’s and Mikey’s house went by too quickly, I had to sprint home because I forgot to tell my mom where I was going and what time I was coming back. As I came tearing around the corner and on to my street I saw a cop car outside my house.
“Shit!” I couldn’t help but fear that something had happened to my mom. My legs wouldn’t move as I tried to run towards the house. The front door was open so I just ran straight through the house and in to the kitchen where I could hear voices.
“Oh my god mom I thought something had happened to you!” I sighed with relief
“Well it’s nice to see that your home Frank” My mom just looked at me coldly.
The cop in the corner looked between us.
“Mrs Iero, I think maybe you should tell your soon” the cop stood up and walked over too me.
“What? Tell me what?” I started to panic
“Well, Frank your father was found unconscious in an alley way was pronounced dead at the scene.” The cop looked over at my mom “I'm sorry for your loss, son” he said patting my shoulder.
“Yeah Frank?” she said tears beginning to form behind her pretty hazel eyes.
I couldn’t bear to see her so upset, so I went over to her and just hugged her, just like she hugged me when I had a nightmare.
The cop left us alone after about an hour of me and my mom just hugging.
At around 3 a.m I decided it would be best to get my mom upstairs and in to bed.
“Hey, c’mon mom, we gotta go to bed” I whispered to her.
She just sniffled in response and rubbed her red eyes. She reminded me of a little girl, lost and alone and vulnerable.
Thank god she was smaller than me or I wouldn’t have been able to carry her up the stairs. As I laid her down on her bed she just stared at me wide eyed.
“Wh-why you d-doing tthis Frank?” She whimpered
“Cos I love you mom, and I care about you” felt hot tears run down my face
“I..I thought you hated me Frank” her lip trembled
“What? No of course not! Why would you think that?” I tried not to be cross with her.
“You just seemed so off with me Frankie” she smiled tucking a piece of my fringe behind my ear.
“No, mom I love you, I thought you didn’t love me” I clutched then edge of the bed
“Oh no of course not baby, your my son and I’d die for you, of course I love you” She sat up hugging me and for the first time I hugged her back, properly.
I fell asleep curled up in her arms.
When I woke up mom was gone and the sun was pouring through the curtains. I rolled over to look at the time and panicked like a mad bitch when I realised what the time was. I would say that I ran down the stairs but it was more like I jumped down the stairs. My mom was in the kitchen, sitting looking out of the window.
“Mom?” I ask her
She looks up and smiles.
“I'm going to school, I know it’s 11 already but I need to go, will you be ok?”
She nods and waves me out of t he kitchen. I turn around and head out the door. As I'm shutting the door I see my grandfather walking up the path.
“Frank? You going out?” he asks with a deep voice, worry plastered over his face
“Yeah, I have to go to school, ya know, make a good impression” I smile weakly at him
“You gonna be ok son?” he puts his arm around my shoulder.
“I’ll be fine grandpa, just look after mom, please” I smile
“Don’t worry, I will, now off to school” he smiles back patting me on the shoulder.
I don’t see the point in rushing to school so I just walk no running or rushing, just walking. When I finally reach the school its nearly half eleven. I don’t even bother going to the office I just walk in to me lesson.
Everybody looks at me. The teacher smiles weakly at me. Wow, I'm 3 hours late and he just smiles at me.
“I'm sorry for your loss Frank” he smiles sadly at me.
That's why he was being nice. How did he know?
“How do you know?” I stare at him.
“Your mother called in saying you would be late and told us the reason you would be late” he explains.
I look over the class, everybody seems to have sympathy for me. I see Gerard in the corner and he’s smiling at me. I walk over to him and sit next to him.
Before I can say anything to him, he hugs me and whispers,
“I'm sorry Frankie”
“Whoa, Gerard I can’t breathe!” I choke out
He lets me go and looks at me.
I can feel tears pricking behind eyes but I try and hold them back.
“You can cry ya know, I'm not gonna hit you” Gerard tries to cheer me
I laugh and the tears fall, not knowing what to do I just cry and Gerard puts his arm around me. I don’t care that the teacher is watching, I don’t care that the jocks are looking at me and I don’t care that Gerard probably thinks I'm a baby, I just don’t care.
“Mr Way, would you and Mr Iero like to leave?” the teacher asks
Gerard nods and pulls me up and walks me out of the room. As soon as we’re in the corridor I just collapse and cry in a heap on the floor. Gerard sits down beside and just hugs me, like he cares about what I'm feeling, like he knows how it felt.

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