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Confusingly in love

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Frank's a confused 16 year old boy with a crush on his best friends brother. The thing is, who he likes makes Frank's life living hell.

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"Dad?" i Croaked out walking over to the kitchen counter.
"Yes Frank" He smiled placing his newspaper on the kitchen counter.
"I-I think i like some one... at school" i started to feel my stomach turn. I looked as his face lit up, a slight smile tugged at his lips. "Really! whats her name" he beamed proudly. I glanced down at my scuffed doc martins feeling butterflies dance crazily round my stomach. "It's a he" i mumbled closing my eyes shamefully. My dad paused, i looked up at him as he stood up, i flinched expecting him to hit me but instead a warm set of arms engulfed me into a hug. "thank you" he breath burying his head in my hair. "thank you for telling me" i gulped and took a deep breath. "It's Gerard" i said quickly. He pulled away with a horrified expression on his face.

Gerard Way made my life hell, the constant reminders of me being a failure was all to common. He had bullied me ever since i first came to Belleville when i was 8. Ever since i always felt nervous around him. I loved his eyes, his lips, nose everything but his personality. I'm best friends with his brother Mikey, when i told him i liked Gerard, he fell of his chair.
I'm now 16 and still liking Gerard. I never intend on telling him.

"But Gerard Bullies you!" My dad spoke with a very confused look on his face.
"I don't know! i nearly shouted collapsing on the kitchen chair. I held my head in my hand looking down at the wooden table. "I'm so confused" i said my eyes stinging. "help" i said weakly. He placed his warm hand on my shoulder causing me to jump. "how?" he asked. I shrugged, i never know what to do at times like this. "Tell him" he spoke clearly. I looked at him much like this ---> 0.0
"Are you nuts! He'll just have more of a reason to take the piss out of me, i'm not even sure if he's gay dad! Even if he was, he'll never go for a loser like me anyway" i mumbled.
"Hey now!" he frowned. "you are not a loser!" he waved his finger in my face. I shook my head. "i'll sleep on it" i sighed disappearing upstairs.

Sorry it's so short, it's my first try at fanfics
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