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Just another day

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Time for school :D oh joy ¬.¬

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I must of fell asleep quickly which is a surprise as lately my sleep pattern had been messed up and every where. I sat up in bed slightly dazed, the sunlight bled through the thin curtains onto my bed. "Frank! wake up!" my dad called from outside sounding like it wasn't the first time he had said that this morning. "I'm up!" i mumbled swinging my legs over the edge of the bed. I rubbed my eyes smudging the already smudged eyeliner and yawned tiredly. Wednesday, school, damn. Oh the joy of school (note my sarcasm ¬.¬) 'Well look on the bright side, at least i'll get to see Gerard' I thought slipping into a pair of Red skinny jeans. On with the Black flag T-shirt and black doc martins. I smudged black liner under my eyes before trying to fix my hair. It ended up looking worse than it did when i got up, which i thought wasn't possible. Random bits of hair stuck up in different places. I plugged my straighteners in hopping they might help, but i failed... Like most things. 'looks like i'm wearing a hat today' i thought pulling a woolly hat over my head.

Heading down stairs i recognized to sweet smell of what was coffee. I got stopped at the door of the kitchen by my dad handing me a cup of coffee. "thanks" i grinned heading to the kitchen table. My mom used to always make me a cup every day for when i woke up, but since she passed my dad did. "so" dad started sitting in the chair in front of me. "you gonna tell that Gerard kid you like him?" I shook my head sipping at me coffee.
"nope" i said nearly choking on my coffee.
"oh" he said, disappointment dripping through his voice. I smirked slightly holding my coffee tightly in my hands. "you done your homework?" dad asked awkwardly trying to change the subject to fill the silence. I nodded still smirking. "what?" he questioned glancing up at me.
"nothing" i chuckled shaking my head. "i better be going" i announced grabbing my back pack. I downed my coffee burning my throat. "See you Frank" Dad smiled.
"Bye" i answered stepping out into the cold.

"Hey Frankie!!" Mikey smiled wrapping his arms round me.
"Hi Mikey" i smiled smelling his familiar scent. Glancing over his shoulder i saw Gerard staring right at me. His eyes where deep in concentration, it almost looked like he was glaring! "What you looking at!" he sneered. I rolled my eyes looking away. Yep, typical Gerard./
"come on Frank, ignore him, he's being a jerk" Mikey sighed tugging at my arm. I followed him to a bench we often sat at. I sat down next to him glancing into the blue sky. I watched in silence as the clouds traveled by collecting other smaller clouds into bigger ones. That always facinated me how they did that. "why do you like him?" Mikey perked up braking the deadly silence. "He treats you like Shit Frank!"
"under all that bitterness, i see something" i mumbled fiddling with my hands. I'm never good at talking about things like this. Mikey shifted awkwardly coughing a few times. "It's a shame he is how he is, he is a nice person, i don't get why he treats you like this, he's the best brother in the world" Mikey smiled glancing over at me. I smiled back breathing in the fresh air. "I've tried to talk to him Frank! Believe me, i have, he wont listen, He switches off when ever i mention you"
"I guess that's just how it is" i sighed, i was kinda disappointed. Having Gerard hating me was painful. As long as i can remember he always had hated me. When i asked him why he walked away not answering. "Let's go to class" Mikey said standing up. I followed him into school for a new day.

[im really sorry these chapters are short, ill try and write longer ones. I'm not used to writing large chapters]
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