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The Twisted And Heartbreak Moments

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First fanfiction. Gerard and Mikey move to Belleville high and make friends with the guys then they meet Bria and Swan. What will happen?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012-01-02 - Updated: 2012-01-02 - 1925 words

This is my first time EVER writting fanfiction XD i feel so proud that i actually decided to do one of these!


Gerard :

Strangely i was actually awake for school, i never usually am but i thought i would start this school of normally by actually arriving on time, its not like i will because it will take forever to get used to the school. Mikey will also have trouble, speaking of Mikey he isn't even up yet couldn't blame him it was almost 6am so i decided to go and wake him up. I walked slowly up to his room being sure to make no noise and slowly open his door, the room was still dark and he still hadn't waken yet. I smiled evilly and walked in doging all the shit he left lying around on the floor. He was snoring lightly and his glasses was sitting where they always sit when he wasn't wearing them on the desk. I laughed silently then crouched down.
"MIKEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" I screamed into his ear. His eyes automatically shot open and he jumped up i begin to laugh hysterically.
"GERARD" His voice was sleepy, pissed off and lacking coffee.
"Come on Mikey, don't want to be late on our first day of a new school now do we?" i laughed and stood up. Mikey gave me a deathglare and pulled the sheets up over his head I laughed again and walked down stairs and made myself another cup of coffee. Mikey probably thought that this was strange because he would usually be the one that would wake me up but iot was the other way around. Back in Miami i would barely ever be on time for school, Mikey would spend about a hlaf hour trying to wake me and when i did get to school i would skip or just walk around with Bert. Bert was one of my only friends in Miamai. I had a girlfriend aswell her name was Rachel. She had long natural hazel brown hair that was always soft and she always wore it down, it had a wave in it and no matter how manty times she would straighten it it would still have that wave in it. She also had deep ocean blue eyes which were always full of love, happiness and comfort. She always stood up for me and knew that i was socially awkward and mainly kept to myself and my friends, she helped me over come my shyness but when i did things changed and Rachel noticed. It started when i begun to smoke and talk and become friends with the guys who used to make fun of me and tease mesoon i became close to them and was not as close to Bert. When Bert would try to talk to me i would intimidate or make fun of him to impress my new friends that was something that i regretted. Then i was soon invited to all different types of parties and met different types of people, types of people who were drunks, sluts, whores, fighters, gossipers, rumour spreaders and drug addicts. I became one of the drug addicts, i had only done it one time because Rachel had found out about it. She had an emotional breakdown which i couldn't blame her as her dad had done drugs before and used to beat the living shit out of her, when her mum found out about what her dad done to her she divorced him and they lost contact with him, she soon got over it as i told her that i wouldn't do it again. It had gotten worse as at a different party i had gotten really drunk and taken another girl home and fucked her. The morning after that party Rachel had came down to see me and seen me lying in bed hungover with the bleached blonde haired girl lying beside me that was when she left me, that was when i had lost Rachel forever. She screamed and shouted at me and the worst part was that i was too hung over to realize that she had actually broken up with me, but when i had sobered up and the blonde girl (who i couldn't rememeber the name of) had left the house Mikey had told me what had happened as he heard the entire arguemnet. I felt so bad about Rachel, i had loved her and then i go to a party and fuck everything up for my self. I do drugs and fuck a girl i had only known for about 5 hours. When Rachel and me had ended things i became socially awkward again causing me to lose the populars and becomer an outcast again and to be honest i preffered being an outcast to a popular guy because being an outcast ment that you knew who your friends were and nothing was spread about you you were juts lower class and i could live with that. Me and Rachel never got back together because she moved away with her mum. I still think baout her as she was the only girl who had ever loved me. I had sorted things out with Bert and had apologized for being such a jerk towards him. We just basically continued living the way we were before and a few weeks later i move here to Jersey. Yes all that shit had happened bout 3 months ago. Me and Mikey was born in New Jersey then moved to Miami when i was 5 and Mikey was only 3. 11 years later and we are back in Jersey.
Mikey came bounding down stairs a few moments later and went straight over to the kettle. Mum and dad had already left for work so it was just me and Mikey in the house.
"Why are you awake so early usually im the one that has to drag your lazy ass out of bedW Mikey said
"I couldn't sleep and i wanted to wake up, i wanted to start this year differently and besides we will be late to class anyway because we have no clue where each of the freaking classrooms are" I replied. Mikey looked at me as if i had told him that i didn't like coffee anymore.
"Are you okay Gerard? Since when did you care about school?"
"Mikey im fine". Mikey shook his head and looked up at the clock. "Come on lets go" He said downing the remainder of his coffee and grabbing his bag.
"Kay" I grab my bag and leave my batman mug in the sink and follow himoutside locking the door behind me.
"Do you miss Miami?" Mikey asked as we begun to walk down the street,
"A little, i miss Bert but being here isn't going to change anything i will probably still be the outcast at least you had friends and were not constantly teased, i just hope that i won't be teased as much in this school, do you miss Miami?" I replied
"Yeah i miss my friends and its strange being here, i just hope that I get to visit them" Mikey smiled.
"Or they could coem and visit us" I laughed. We then arrived at the bus stop. As usual everyone began to look at us because we were obviously the new students, noone approached us ecept for s short guy around the same age as me, he had a black mohawk with s shaved dyed blonde side.
"Hey my name is Frank" He smiled.
"Hi, im Gerard this is my brother Mikey" I said pointing to Mikey, he was onviously in the same school as us he was wearing the same uniform.
"Sweet, are you guys new? the reason i'm asking is because i have been away for a few months" He smiled
"Yeah" Me and Mikey said.
"Lemme see your timetables, we might have some classes together" He smiled. Me and Mikey handed him our timetable and he smiled at Mine.
"Gerard your in my homeroom with me, Bria and Ray, your in Art with Bria, Chemistry with me, Englisha nd Maths with Ray and finally Music with me and Ray wait you have Biology with Bob" He smiled.
"Awesome" I smiled. I'm glad that we have made a friend.
"So you have other friends?" Mikey asked
"Yeah their is me obviously, Ray, Bob, Swan and Bria" He smiled
"Coolio, in our last school we were the outcasts and nobodys,w ell i was, Mikey had his own circle of friends" I sighed.
"We are also the outcasts but you get used to the jocks and populars" Frank said. When the bus finally arrived me, Mikey and Frank sat together. The others got a ride from ray and had texted frank but Frank was already on the bus. Swan i think had phoned him and he told them about me and Mikey and that they had to meet us. Me, Mikey and GFrank had so much in common, the love for coffee and comic books. Frank lived across the street from me and Mikey. Ray and Bob lived 2 streets away and Bria lived close to them and Swan lived furthest away of only 4 streets so they all lived close together. When we finally arrived at the school a dude with an afro approached Frank.
"Hey man" He smiled
"Hey Ray where's the other guys?" Frank asked. As soon as he said that another guy and 2 girls approached us. They exchanged hello's.
"Guys i want you to meet two of my new friends, they just started the school this is Mikey" He pointed to Mikey and the two girls hugged him. "This is Gerard" He pointed to me.
"Hi, im Brianna, but you can just call me Bria" Bria hugged me she had black layered medium lengthed hair with a blue fringe and blue eyes, you could easily get lost in them.
"Hey" I smiled
"I'm Swan" The second girl hugged me, she had long light brown hair with red highlights and green eyes.
"I'm Ray" Ray was the guy with the afro
"Bob" Bob smiled and waved he was the other dude.
"Guys where is room 3A?" Mikey asked looking at his timetable
"Thats my homeroom, we are in homeroom together" Swan beemed.
"Awesome" Mikey smiled
"Can i see your timetable we might have a few classes together" Swan took Mikey's timetable and examined it. "We have English, Biology and Drama together" She concluded.
"Awesome" Mikey smiled.
"So why did you move to Jersey?" Bob asked
"I was born here but moved to Miami when me and Mikey was really young then my dad got a job transfer and here we are" I explained simply.
"Awesome" Frank smiled. Mikey and Swan had left to go to homeroom and Bob had also left so it was just me, Ray, Frank and Brianna well Bria.
"Come on let's just go to homeroom" Ray said as the bell went.
"How long have you been here in Jersey?" Bria asked as we walked
"A few days but my mum wanted us to go straight to school" I laughed. Bria laughed too.
"Tell moi abit about yourself, i like to know my friends like the back of my hand" She laughed. She was a nice girl and we could possibly become close friends, her eyes were facinating everytime i looked at her i would just get lost in them, they were filled with excitement, innocent and curiousity and i also wanted to know more about her.
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