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Turning Strangers Into Friends

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Chapter 2 :D

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Chapter 2 :)



jks love you rsy :)

imma let ya read now XD

Brianna :

Gerard was awesome, we literally were getting on great, we liked the same stuff i was a complete nerd. I loved comic books and video games especially Guitar Hero, you know that your good at Guitar Hero when you destroy Frank Iero at it. Me and Ray don't want to know who is the best out of us both because well we are both amzing at it.
"Class we have a new student" Here goes Miss. Welch embarrising Gerard in front of the class. "This is Gerard from Miami" She didn't say anything else but the class begun to whisper and point as he sat down with me, Frank and Ray.
"I hate when teachers do that" Gerard said
"Don't we all, i got that done last year" Frank said laughing.
"You were also the new kid?" Gerard asked
"Yeah, but i lived in New Jersey i just went to a different high school" Frank explained.
"Then when you came here i beat you at Guitar Hero" Me and Ray then laughed
"That was so not funny" Frank said
"Don't worry at least you can play Guitar Hero" Gerard said
"You can't play?" Ray asked
"I suck at Guitar Hero and playing the guitar itself" Gerard muttered. I could see Ray trying to hold back a laugh i was too but we managed to not bust out laughing right there,
"Well noone is perfect" I smiled
"Hey i got beat by a girl at it" Frank said
"Embrace it! be proud of your failure!" I said fist pumping the air. Rya nd Gerard laughed, i even heard Frank giggle
"I AM" Frank admitted standing up, the whole class turned around and raised their eyebrows at Frank, the popular kids just rolled their eyes and began to whisper again. Me and Gerard pulled Frank back down into his seat.
"Fine" Frank sighed and began to listen to his ipod.
"Is he always like this?" Gerard laughed
"Yeah" Me and Ray said together. The bell ran for first period
"What is your first class?" I asked Gerard
"Art, you?"
"Same" I smiled and we walked upto art.
"You any good at drawing?" Gerard asked
"Basically it depends on what i am drawing" I say. I can draw distorted pictures and cartoons or copy a painting but i can't draw portraits or striaght from a photograph.
"Okay" Gerard said. We walked in and i sat down, Gerard begun to talk to Mr. Montgomery our teacher. He handed Gerard a a2 folder holding all the equipment he will need.
"Im glad he did not embarress me like Miss.Welch did" Gerard smiled sitting beside me.
"Mr.Montogomery is actually a nice teacher, he is really the only one that i like" I say. Gerard had these hazel eyes that i just melted in. I honestly think i am developing a crush on him even though he had just begun this school.
"Good to know, so does that mean that all the other teachers are grouchy?" He laughed at the end.
"Yeah pretty much" I smiled and began to draw a bouquet of red and white roses with a dark/light blue background and little small droplets of blood on the white roses, out of the corner of my eye i could see Gerard smiling at the picture, he was drawing what looked like a guy standing head down with a red rose in his right hand.
"Your really good" I smiled.
"I have not really started it yet" He laughed. I felt myself turn red and i turned the opposite direction of him so that he could not see it.
"Do you miss your old town?" I decided to start a conversation.
"Miami? sometimes, i made a few mistakes in that town. Half of me is glad im away but the other half is begging to go back" He muttered.
"How come?" I asked, i wanted to get to know him abit better, slowly he was somehow becoming my best friend in a way.
"It is a really long story" He said not looking up at me.
"I have time" I said.

Mikey :

Finally, the bell rung for lunch and everyone scrambled out of the room, i was in Physics by myself, Swan was not in that class, i didn't mind everyone just acted like i wasn't there and to be honest i preffered that.
"Mikey!" Frank called running up to me
"Hey, what class were you in?" I asked.
"Digital fucking arts" He said with disguist in his voice.
"I take it you don't like that class" I laughed
"I thought it would be easy, i thought we didn't have to do much thats why i chose it, turns out it is a lot of fucking work" He sighed. We then began to walk to the cafeteria.
"Mikey, will you come with me until i get a smoke? i don't like being by myself" He gave me puppy eyes
"Ask Gerard, he smokes" I said
"Coolio" We then walked into the cafeteria and walked over to a long table in the corner.
"But even still Dragons are better than unicorns!" I heard someone say, it sounded like Bria.
"UNICORNS ARE BETTER" I shouted walking over to the table
"Bria, don't start Mikey off please" Gerard begged
"Why?" Swan asked
"He is obsessed with those mythical creatures" He lowered his voice on the last two words but i still made him out.
"THEY ARE REAL!" I shouted sitting down beside Ray.
"Hey guys" Bob said sitting down opposite Ray beside Bria.
"I don't care if unicorns are real i prefer dragons, Dragons are better" Bria had just made herself an enemy for life.
"Uni fuckin corns are better!" I say.
"You my friend have just made yourself an enemy!" Bria said pointing her unopened baguette at me and standing up and walking away. I heard 'ooh's coming from Ray, Bob, Frank and Gerard.
"Mikey made an enemy" Frank said dragging the 'enemy'
"I support my unicorns and i am not prepared to let them get destroyed by fucking dragons!" I say. Frank and Ray laughed
"Do you guys want to come over to my house tonight? my parents are away for the weekend and it is Friday?" Frank asked me and Gerard.
"Sure" Gerard replied
"Yep" I smiled.
"Great" he smiled
"Oh the joys of being in a house with 5 guys" Swan laughed
"So your coming" Frank said excitedly. Swan facepalmed herself
"Fine since Bria is going too, i don't want her to be the ONLY girl there" She half laughed.
"Sweet" Frank smiled.
"Come on lets go to music" Ray said standing up.
"Kay" Frank said
"See you later" Gerard smiled at me and walked off with Ray and Frank
"Do you play?" Bob asked
"What?" I said looking up
"Do you play any instruments?" He repeated himself
"Yeah i am learning to play bass guitar do you play?" I said
"Drums" Bob smiled widely.
"Awesome" I said.
"Im going to go to class, which class are you in?" Bob said standing up and putting on his bag.
"Maths what about you?"
"English, that is in the next corridor to maths" He smiled and we walked out of the cafeteria to our next class.
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