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Last Class

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Chapter 3 :)

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Swan :

History. The most boring and pointless class ever. Why do we need to know things that happened years ago? Especially if they are bad. Isn't it better to just forget about the bad stuff that happened in the world? I know it may sound disrespectful for those who probably died in them but i think we are better not knowing what went on. That is my own personal opinion. I am just glad this is last class before the end of school and it is really dragging in. Everytime i look at the clock it is 5 minutes later. I begin to tap my pen against my book. The teacher is just lecturing us. On the bright side of things i am looking forward to later, maybe i can get to know the new kids a little better. Mikey is obsessed with unicorns, he told me that in homeroom and Gerard loves comic books. Gerard told me that Mikey stuck a fork in a toaster i laughed so hard at that, Mikey just gave him a deathglare and ever since then i have been calling Mikey the Toaster Destroyer. The class ends in another 20 minutes. I despise the class so much because
1. I dont get along with most people in this class
2. They are all jocks and sluts
3. I cant have fun in this class because im friends with noone.
This time last year before Frank joined the school and I moved to Bria's street i used to be a fucking popular. Yeah i was friends with Kimberly and Ciara the two biggest sluts known in Belleville High. They weren't always like that. I don't know what caused them to change. They used to be dead on and hate the populars now they are fucking sluts. Kimberly has a new boyfriend every two or three weeks, her longest relationship was when i was friends with her and that was with Liam they had been dating for around 10 months then Kimberly cheated on him with a jock. Liam broke up with her and she started to date the jock (i forget his name but their relationship lasted about 6 days). Ever since then she changed, she had natural dark brown hair which she dyed bleach blonde and lost alot of weight, she almost became anorexic but didn't. Then i became friends with Bria and she introduced me to the guys and then a few weeks later Frank moved to the school and we became our own little group. If Frank hadn't have moved here and if i hadn't have became friends with Bria i probably would have died by now.

Frank :

"GERARD GERARD GERARD GERARD GERARD GERARD GERARD GERRRRRRAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDDDD" I whiper-shouted into Gerard's ear, we got paired up for a project in chemistry.
"WHAT IS IT?" He shouted, all the students and Miss.Sampson looked at Gerard.
"Freak" I heard someone mutter from the other side of the classroom. Gerard looked down a little redness was on his cheeks but he didn't let it show.
"Sorry" I whispered as Miss. Sampson approached us.
"Everything okay?" She asked looking at Gerard in particular.
"Everything is fine" Gerard replied still not looking up
"Okay, just don't shout in my classroom, not the way to start your first leson Mr. Way" Miss. Sampson said in her serious voice and walked away keeping an eye on us.
"Sorry" I apologized once more
"It's okay" He muttered
"You still going to come over tonight?" I really wanted to be his friend and i think i have just messed up my chances of having a friendship with Gerard.
"Sure" He said still keeping his head down.
"You can put your head up people are starting to stare" I said
"Kay" He said but didn't move an inch
"Can you look up people are staring"
"Its creepy"
"Im not used to it look up"
"Im used to it"
"Im not"
"I really don't care if people are staring, if they stare it means that they have noting better to do in their lives"
"No buts"
I just shook my head and tried to avoid the stares i even seen them start to whisper.
"They are starting to whisper"
"I am really not used to all this attention"
"Dude, in my previous school i got labelled a freak, and apparently thats what i am going to be in this school"
I knew the reason why he wasn't looking up, i had embaressed him inront of the class.
"Please i feel uncomfterble"
He looked up at me and finally raised his head, maybe this was his payback making me feel uncomfterble in chemistry.
"LOL" he began to laugh
"What is so funny?" I asked trying to keep a serious tone in my voice
"I made you uncomfterble" He laughed
"Not funny"
"Yeah it kind of is"
"Not for me"
"your very negative"
"Im not! i usually make people uncomfterble"
"Well you met Gerard Way"
"Are you testing me?"
"I think im up for a challenge"
"Dude, i have a reputation of making people feel uncomfterble and violated"
"So your just going to stop?"
"If it is your reputation"
I smiled at my victory. We had a little chat as we done the project. We had to research a type of rock and find out facts and create a 12 slide powerpoint presentation. Gerard found out the information and i typed it ionto the computer, even though i have only know Gerard for a few hours he knows alot about me. He knows that i son't l.ike doing work i like to copy that is why he gave me the easy job.
"I feel so used" Gerard said a few minutes later
"I feel like i am the only one putting the efforet into this project"
"Im typing what you tell me to type!"
"Just research something please?"
"Fine" I said stubbornly and opened Google, as soon as i hit open the bell rang
"You can do work tomorrow" Gerard said
"Meh" Well at least i can have a little fun tonight and not have to worry about school.
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