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Friday At Frank's

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Chapter 4 :)

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Okay this is chapter 4 XDDDD

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Frank :

"Thank God now we can have some fun now its the weekend" I smile i was glad that this day was finally over i then take out a cigarette from my back pocket.
"Yeah, but unfortunatly some of us have fucking homework to do" Gerard said taking one of my cigarettes and inhaling the chemicals that is killing the both of us.
"Ahwell, nothing is perfect" I say
"Come on I told Mikey i would meet him at the school gates" Gerard said putting out the cigarette and beginning to walk.
"Kay" I exhale and put my cigarette out and follow Gerard.
"So when are we going to your house?" Gerard asked when we reache the gates and there was no sound of Mikey yet.
"Xome over when your ready, thats what i told Bria, Swan, bob and Ray". Gerard nodded and Mikey arrived with Bria and Swan
"Dragons" Bria was pissed off
"UNI( FUCKING CORNS" Mikey said they were still arguing. Swan rolled her eyes and walked forward of them.
"Okay i am sick of Dragons and unicorns more precise dragons and uni fucking corns" She snapped.
"Calm down" Gerard said trying to calm Swan.
"If they are going to argue all night then i am not repeat not coming over tonight" Swan said a little bit calmer.
"You have to, it wont be fun without you!" I hug her.
"I will come but if i hear even a whisper of the words unicorns and dragons i will leave" She said.
"Okay, Guys" I shout over to Bria and Mikey who completly ignored me
"Guys" I try again. No reply
"GUYS" they then stopped arguing like a old married couple and came over.
"Yes?" Bria smiled.
"Stop arguing please, you have been arguing since lunch and we dont want to hear you guys arguing all night" I explain.
"Can we agree that unicorns and dragons are both number 1?" Bria said cutting Mikey off. Mikey thought about it and we looked at him closely to see what he was going to say.
"Agreed" He smiled and pulled Brtia into a hug.
"THANK GOD, now lets go home get ready then head over to Frank's" Swan said pulling Bria away.
"See you leter" They both called and walked away.
"Where is Ray and Bob?" Mikey said
"They wanted to play guitar Hero before they came over so they just went to Bob's" I said.
"Now lets go home, sooner we go home sooner we can go to yours" Gerard said beginning to walk.
"So what comic books do you read?" I asked them
"Too much" Mikey laughed. I laughed aswell
"Do you play any instruments?" Mikey asked
"Yeah i play guitar" I replied
"I play bass, Gerard can't play"
"Hey" Gerard said. i laughed
"Not everyone is musically gifted" I said patting Gerard's right shoulder
"Okay See you in a few" Gerard said walking over to his house
"Later Mikey" I smile and bounce over to my house. I opened the door and threw my school bag into my room and got changed into a Black Flag band top, jeans and red converse then went to the kitchen. There was a envelope taped to the fridge

i know we told you we would be away for the weekend but unfortunatly we have to extend our trip and wont be back until halloween which is in 3 weeks time. You can stay in a friend's house or have friends over int he house to stay with you, make sure the house is clean and here is $300 spend it wisely and i have done the shopping for the week.

Dont mess the place up and dont set the house on fire and YES you have to still go to school.


4 weeks, without the parents.
4 weeks without being told what to do
4 weeks of freedom
4 weeks of Frank being in control
This is going to be fun. I heard the doorbell and ran to answer it. Ray and Bob smiled at me.
"Guys, you have to go home because we are going to have a sleepover!" I told them
"Okay" Ray said and turning to go back to his house
"Your parents extended their trip didn't they?" Bob smiled. I nodded my head fiercly. Bob laughed and left. I ran over the road to Gerard and Mikey's and kncoked on the door.
"Hello, how may i help you?" A woman asked
"Hi, is Gerard and Mikey here?" Of course they are it's their house you dummy.
"Yes and are you one of their friends?"
"Yes i am Frank" I smile
"Call me Donna" Donna smiled and I walked in. Mikey was coming down stairs
"Hey" Mikey smiled
"I am allowed to have a sleepover and you are allowed to stay over, so is Gerard" I smile.
""What about Gerard?" Gerard said appearing at the door.
"Im having a sleepover" I smile
"Okay lemme go back my bags" Mikey and Gerard said
"Okay" I also texted Bria and Swan to let them know too. Tonight is going to be a fun night i can just tell.

Bria :

"Okay i won't mention it" I didn't want her to be in a pissed off mood.
"Thank you" Swan smiled and we walked into her house. My eyes went wide, sitting on the sofa beside Swan's mum was a girl with dark brown curly hair and a silver hear necklace around her neck which could only mean one person
"JASMINE???" Me and Swan shouted
"Boo" Jasmine smiled. We both ran over and squeezed her
"Yeah and i don't have to go back" Jasmine had to go to hospital she had to get an operation on her knee and we were told that she would be back after the Halloween break but boom here she is.
"Wait i got a text" I fish out my phone and it was a text from Frank
"Who was it?" Jasmine asked
"Frank,we are staying in Frank's house tonight and he is going to literally squeeze you to death when you arrive with us" I smiled.
"Tell them" Swan's mum had a giant smile on her face
"Swan" Jasmine stepped forward
"Yeah" Swan said. Jasmine pulled out from behind the sofa her Nightmare Before Christmas suitcase.
"I am going to be staying with you for a while"
"Yeah" Swan pulled Jasmine into a hug
"How long?" Swan said
"I don't know how long yet but i am staying" Jasmine smiled.
"Epic" I smiled.
"So how is Belleville High been without moi?" Jasmine asked.
"Boring but we made 2 new friends who is also staying in Frank's house" I smiled
"Boy or gal?"
"Cute or eugh"
"Jasmine is happy and looking forward to later" She smiled
"Okay i am going to go pack my things, then we are going to Bria's until she gets her things and then we are going to surprise the guys with you Jasmine" Swan smiled.
"Epic" I smile.

Jasmine home + 2 new friends + staying in Frank's = 1 hell of a weekend.
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