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Chapter 5 XD

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Chapter 5 :)
we meet Frank's little sister Jenny and her friend Hozzie in this chapter :D
and Jasmine meets Gerard and Mikey and almost gets killed by Frank XD



Swan :

Jasmine is home i am literally over the moon, the guys will not be expecting her coming home.
"Im so excited" Jasmine smiled
"I know! so are we" Bria laughed.
"This is going to be fun" I muttered and we left to go to Frank's house making sure we were around a half hour late and Frank was bombarding both me and Bria with texts.
"Frank is phoning me" I say
"Haha" Bria and Jasmine said
"Where are you two? everyone else is here already"
"We are on our way now we are literally round the corner"
"Kay i can see ytour house"
"Okay because we dont want to start without you guys because i have some stuff to say and i have to collect Jenny from Hozzie's soon"
"Is Jenny staying with you?"
"Yep, she wanted to"
"Awesome, you should let her friend stay over aswell yto keep her company because i think it would be awkward having a nine year old sit with us"
"Yeah that is a good idea!"
"See when you have me as a friend Frank"
"What will i do without you Swan?"
"I dont know"
"Okay i am going to go and tell the guys"
"Kay bye" The line then went dead.
"Hurry up" We then knocked on the door with Jasmine hiding behind us.
"There you guys are!" Mikey answered the door. Thank goodness Mikey answered because he does not know Jasmine yet.
"Shuhs, we have our friend with us but Frank, Ray and Bob don't know she is here" Bria smiled and stepped out of the way letting Jasmine come into full view.
"Hey" Jasmine waved
"Hi, im Mikey" Mikey said
"Nice to meet you" Mikey then stepped out of the way and we walked down stairs to Frank's basement where he always hold's his parties for some strange reason. I told Jasmine to wait at the top of the stairs then we will call her down unless she be's awkward and comes down before we tell her to.
"They arrive" Frank smiled.
"Yes, yes we did" Bria laughed
"Good, now we can get started"
"Forgetting someone?" Jasmine said appearing half way down stairs.
"JASMINE??????" Frank screamed and literally almost killed Jasmine.
"Dude, she is only out of hospital you don't want to put her in again do you?" Ray laughed
"FRANK" Jasmine smiled. When Frank almsot squished her she hugged Ray and Bob.
"Okay Jasmine this is Gerard and Mikey. Mikey, Gerard this is our other friend Jasmine who said she won't be back till AFTER Halloween" Frank said.
"Surprise!" Jasmine laughed and hugged Frank again.
"Hi" Gerard said hugging her.
"We already met" Mikey laughed.
"Yeah" Jasmine laughed.
"So good to have the group together again isn't it?" Bria smiled
"Yes, yes it is!" I smiled.
"Wait! I am being left alone for 4 weeks with Jenny of course because well she was being awkward and wanted to stay with ehr brother BUT my mum said that you guys are able to stay here with me!" Frank announced.
"4 WEEKS ALONE HERE WITH YOU??" We all shouted excitedly.
"EPIC!" We shouted
"YAAAAY" Frank jumped up and down.
"It will be like we are living together" Ray said.
"Yeah, ill text my mum" We all got our phones out and told our parents that we are going to live with Frank for the next four weeks.
"You guys are lucky that I can cook" Mikey laughed.
"You can cook?" Me and Bria said
"Coolio" I said. Jasmine and Gerard were in a big conversation about what i think was music.
"Now I have to go and collect Jenny and Hozzie, then we can start the party" Frank said.
"Okay having 2 10 year olds in a house with 8 15-16 year olds, isd that a good idea?" Bob asked.
"Okay if that is what you think is best" Bob said. Frank left to collect the girls and we blasted Iron Maiden and had fun for the next half hour. When we heard the door open again we knocked the sound system off Frank, Jenny and Hozzie walked down stairs.
"They wanted to say hi" Frank said.
"Hey" We all said.
"Hi" Hozzie smiled. She had bluey-black wavey hair, pale skin and blue eyes. She was pretty much a younger version of Bria in a way,
"Jenny this is Gerard and Mikey" Frank said introducing her to Gerard and Mikey.
"Hi, this is my friend Hozzie" SHe said pointing to Hozzie.
"Hey" Gerard and Mikey smiled
"Hi" Hozzie said.
"Coem on" Jenny and Hozzie then bolted upstairs leaving us alone int he basement.
"Now lets get this party started!" Frank said blasting the music system again.
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