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The Hangover

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Chapter 6 :DD

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Chapter 6 :DD

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Bria :

Popcorn, skittles, sprite cans, coke cans, beer cans, crisp packets, pizza boxes, marshmallows, plastic cups, forks, spoons, pillows, feathers from the pillows, smashed lightbulbs, chicken, chips, destroyed comic books, empty coffee cups from starbucks, bracelts, clothes, MY clothes, emptied suitcases, cellotape, streamers, party poppers, confetti, cds, dvds, action figures, wine bottles, vodka bottles, shot glasses, wine glasses, paper plates, china plates smashed to pieces, perfume bottles, lipstick, mascara and bras surrounded the floor around me, written in eyeliner on the left wall said
' TEAM FRANK, BOB, BRIA, SWAN' and on the right wall it said
' TEAM JASMINE, RAY, MIKEY, GERARD' and in the middle of the floor looked like a wall made of about 100 tubs of playdoh which stretched from one side of the room to the other it was covered in feathers and i realised i was on the side which said my name and i was lying beside a snoring Swan and above me on the ceiling was a piece of pizza which looked like it was cellotaped to it. My head was banging, my eyes were watering, my throat was dry and i was wearing one of Frank's shirts and my zebra pyjama bottoms. I strood up and behind me Bob was sleeping with VFrank on top of him I looked over the playdoh barrier and Mikey was lying on top of the barrier and Gerard and Jasmine were sleeping beside eachother, Gerards arm under neath Jasmine's head and Jasmine's arm was stretched across Gerard's stomach.

They looked so cute together.

I went upstairs and found Hozzie and Jenny sitting at the table talking and playing cards.
"So one of you deiced to finally get up" Jenny said.
"What time is it Jen?" I asked putting my hand against my head.
"Half 2" Jenny said
"WHAT" I shouted.
"FUCK UP" I hear Frank's voice from downstairs. I walked back down and Frank was standing up and clutching his head.
"Frank shush" I said placing my hand over his mouth.
"What happened?" Frank said observing the room
"I dont have a fucking clue but look" I then pointed at Gerard and Jasmine. I heard Frank laugh
"Aww" Frank then got out his phone
"No" I took it off him
"Why not" Frank whined
"Wait until they wake up then capture their reaction" I said handing him the phone back
"AWESOME A PLAYDOH BARRIER" He then walked over to the destroyed playdoh barrier
"Did we play wars last night because look at the walls" Frank looked at the two walls and laughed
"We must have had fun last night" He stretched
"What time is it?" He asked scratching behind his neck
"Half 2"
"REALLY?" He shouted.
"Guys i have a headache- WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?" Swan said standing up and also observing the room.
"We dont know" Me and Frank said
"Woah, this place is trashed and what the fuck is up witht he playdoh barriert splitting the room in half?" Swan asked
"we must have played wars or something" Frank said
"Ah" Swan said
"Look" Frank pointed to Gerard and Jasmine again
"Awww" Swan laughed
"I want to se their reactions when they wake up" Frank said.
"Jasmine is a whore, she only met him last night and she is sleeping with him" I said
"I know" Frank laughed.
"Lets wake up Bob, Ray and Mikey" Frank said. Jenny and Hozzie then came down to us
"WOAH" Their faces lit up
"Such an example Frank" Swan said
"Shut up"
"You guys had fun" Hozzie said
"Yes, yes we did Hozzie but soon it will be you" Frank said lifting Hozzie up and setting her down again.
"No, if i have a party it would be much funner" Hozzie said
"You got told" Swan said I laughed
"See" Hozzie said
"Okay thats enough now go upstiars as we have to wake the others up and find out what we did last night" Frank said
"We know what you guys did" Jenny said. We all looked at her our eyes wide.
"Tell us" Frank said
"Wake everyone up first" Jenny said taking Hozzie's hand and running up stairs.
"Lets wake them" Frank said.
"Leave Gerard and Jasmine to last" I suggested
"Yeah" Frank and Swan agreed. I poked Bob hard in the stomach and he rolled over onto his side. Frank umped on top of him and his eyes opened wide.
"FRA-" Frank put his hand over his mouth and put his finger to his lips.
"i have a headache" Bob said when Frank finally got off him,
"Stand up" Swan said.
"Okay" Bob stood up "WHAT HAPPENED?"
"We are going to find that out but look" Me, Swana nd Frank pointed to Gerard and Jasmine, they were the ones that was getting all the attention at the moment.
"Strangely i thought you were going to do that" Swan said.
"Now lets wake up the fro'" I said walking over to Ray. I flicked his ear and he woke up.
"Meh" He said
"Get up now Toro" Bob said pulling Ray to his feet
"What ti- WHAT HAPPENED" Ray said
"Everyone has been saying that" Frank said
"Well i wonder why" Ray said sarcastically and observing the room
"Did Jasmine and Gerard get together last night?" He asked pointing to them
"We dont know yet but Jenny is going to tell us" I said.
"Mikey" Bob ventured over to Mikey
"What" Mikey muttered
"Stand up and look there is a unicorn" Bob said
"UNICORN" Mikey smiled widely and stood up but his smile faded
"Dont lie to me about Unicorns Bryar" Mikey gave Bob a deathglare
"It was the onyl way i knew would wake you up"Bob said
"We must have had fun" Mikey said
"Yeah i know" Frank said
"Aww" Mikey pointed at well guess who.
"Yeah do you want to wake them or leave them?" Ray asked
"Wake" Me, Swan, Frank, Mikey and Bob said. We all made a circle around them and i nipped Jasmine's arm and Mikey woke Gerard up.
"WHAT THE FUCK" They both screamed then faced eachother. We all busted out laughing and a small blush made its way to Gerard's face.
"Awkward moment" Swan laughed. Jasmine stood up and helped Gerard up
"Guys" Jamine said. We calmed down
"Okay i want to know WHGAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?" Gerard screamed ruffling his black hair. Jasmine was standing in her bra and black pyjama bottoms and Gerard was shirtless and wearing Batman pyjama bottoms.
"I want to know why was i sleeping with you" Jasmine said.
"You think i don't?" Gerard said. Me and Bob laughed silently
"WE CAN HEAR YOU" Jasmine and Gerard said. I could imagine the awkwardness between them both.
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