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Explainations & Awkwardness

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heh some things get explained xD

but i aint gonna wreck it so get readin!

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Gerard :

Awkwardness has fallen over both me and Jasmine. We were both confused at why we woke up sleeping together. I only met her last night and i can't remember a thing. We haven't spoken but everytime i catch her looking at me a light red blush appears on her cheeks.
"Before things get explained do you want to tidy this place up a bit?" Ray suggested
"Yeah" Frank agreed
"FRANK WANTS TO CLEAN?" Swan and Bria shouted
"My mum told me if i don't keep this place clean then i would be in BIG trouble" Frank said beginning to clear the pizza boxes.
"Okay" Swan said beginning to also clear up. Bob walked over to the Playdoh defense wall.
"LEAVE THE PLAYDOH BARRIER" Frank said dropping the pizza boxes
"OKAY" Bob said putting his hands up in the air. Jasmine, Bria and Swan began to laugh
"Hey" Bob said
"No we are not laughing at you its the fact that Frank got over protective over a wall made of playdoh" Swan said inbetween laughs.
"Thanks for stating the obvious" Swan joked
"Not funny!" Frank laughed.
"Okay all the time that you guys have been arguing, me and mikey have managed to clean the eyeliner off the wall so DO SOMETHING!" Ray said. WE then cleaned the place up, some laughs, some jokes, some arguments about the playdoh wall.
"Keep it" Frank said
"Get rid of it, if i am staying in this house i dont want a playdoh wall" Bria said
"Its my house"
"Im the one staying in it"
"i decide what stays and goes"
"What about making the person staying over comfterble?"
"I decide whats best and this is best!"
"How is a playdoh barrier worth keeping?"
"Guys" Hozzie said coming downstairs
"Yeah" We all responded
"Come on and we will tell you because you have the place cleaned and you are arguing over a playdoh wall" She laughed at the end.
"Kay" Bria said. We all walked upstairs and sat around the table with Jenny and Hozzie at the front.
"Well?" Frank said impatient. The two girls looked at eachother and laughed.
"You guys had a wild night" Jenny started.
"Well we could see that from looking around the basement" I said.
"First you got drunk" Hozzie said.
"Oh god" Mikey said.
"Then you played Truth Or Dare" Jenny said. All our eyes went wide.
"WHAT HAPPENED" Bria, Swan, Ray, Jasmine and Mikey screamed.
"Well first Frank dared Mikey to make out with Bob" Hozzie laughed. Mikey and Bob looked at eachother and Mikey wuickly looked at the table while the rest of us laughed.
"Then Bob got Swan to say who she had a crush on" Jenny said.
"Tell us" Me, Mikey and Frank said.
"Nah you will work it out eventually, me and Hozzie worked out in one guess last night we sat at the top of the stairs all night watching you guys party and woah she was flirting-"
"You dont have to finsih that sentance Jen" Swan said.
"Anyway what happened next?" Jasmine asked.
"You ended the game of Truth Or Dare and played 7 minutes in heaven" Hozzie said. The girls were clearly loving having to explain what exactly happened and i looked at everyones faces everyone went red.
"Did we all do it?" Bob asked
"Everyone went in with someone" Jenny said.
"WHO WENT IN WITH WHO?" Jasmine shouted a little loudly
"Ow my fucking ear!" Frank said covering his ear.
"Sorry" Jasmine said.
"Well Frank went in it with Bria" Hozzie said
"Hey Bria" Frank said seductively to Bria
"Im officially scared of what happened.. i need to get a pregnancy test" Bria said and everyone laughed.
"Ray went in with Bob" Jenny said. Bob's face went red and Ray headbutted the table.
"Swan went in with Mikey" Hozzie said. Swana nd Mikey just looked at eachother and smiled.
"Then Gerard and Jasmine went in" Jenny and Hozzie said together.
"That explains so much" Frank said. I looked over at Jasmine and she looked at me from the corner of her eye and i seen a smile play on her lips. I smiled at myself because she was smiling too.
"Then Gerard and Jasmine told eachother that they -"
"I really dont want to know" Me and Jasmine cut Hozzie off.
"I DO!" Bob, Ray, Mikey, Frank, Bria and Swan shouted
"They told eachother that they loved eachother" Jenny said. The awkwardness in this room grew by an inch.
"AWKWARD!" Frank shouted
"Shut up" Jasmine said and slapped Franks arm.
"Jasmine" I speak. Everyone's head turned to face me as if i had just gotten a winning lottery ticket.
"Yeah" She said weakly
"Can i talk to you outside for a minute?" I asked her
"Sure" She stood up and so did i and walked outside.
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