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8 :DDD
[*Someone gets a little flirty ;D

anyway R&R!!
sorry if it is short, i dont want to skip on and leave you confused because i have big plans for future chapters and it is going to be filled with alot of Twists and heartbreaks thats why i called it the twisted and heartbreak moments due to the much drama and i might throw in a little ex soon enough ;D
anyway i havent written them yet XD but Franks ex and friends will turn up soon i promise!*]

Jasmine :

Shit, shit shit shit shit shit shit shit Gerard wants to talk about soemthing, i know it is going to involve what we woke up to this morning. I will admit that i think that Gerard is cute, REALLY cute. I may sound like i have a crush on him but i only met him last night and i barely remember half of it and i dont know anything about him. Such a coming home surprise sleep with a guy you just met the night before. I walk outside with Gerard behind me into the next room.
"So what do you want to talk about?" I asked, the awkwardness between us was still there. Suddently Gerard's lips met mine, at first i was confused then i decided what have i got to lose? and kissed him back but pulled away.
"I dont want to rush into things" I quickly said
"I wont rush you into things you dont want to do" Gerard said
"Wait, why did you kiss me? we met only last night and we can both barely remember half of it" I said
"I wanted to see if it would help me remeber but it didn't and to be honest your actually quite cute" Gerard said, i seen a little blush play on his cheeks and my own.
"Well i want to get to know eachother i dont like to be in a relationship with someone before i know them properly" I said.
"I understand that and we will get to know eachother a little better" He smiled and walked back into the room with me behind.
"You okay?" Bria asked
"We are perfect, friends" Gerard said
"Good!" Frank and Mikey said.
"Very good" I smiled and sat down.
"Hozzie told us that it was Swan and Frank that built the playdoh wall" Bob said.
"Yeah Jasmine was too busy making out with Gerard to realize" Jenny said. I felt a red blush appear and out of the corner of my eye i could see Gerard smiling like a mad man.

Frank :

"Say goodbye to it" Bria was still arguing with me
"No its my house!"
"Frank you can make another one"
"YESSS" Bria then got a garden shovel and split the Playdoh wall in half.
"Frank it isnt the end of the world" Jasmine said
"No Decmeber 21st 2012 is!" Swan said
"I know!" Swan said
"Done" Swan said and the Playdoh wall had been rolled into a giant playdoh ball by her, Gerard and Mikey.
"Whoa" I said
"Now" Gerard said
"I WANT TO KEEP THE BALL" i said jumping up an down excitedly a ball was so much funner than a wall.
"NO" Everyone shouted and begun to put the playdoh back into the tubs, by the time weere done we had the basement spotless.
"Now that was a really wild party" Swan said
"Yes yes it was"
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