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Batman & Spiderman

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shit i wrecked this chapter >.<



Bria :

For some reason i am first awake on the Monday morning, shockingly. Jenny had begged Frank to allow Hozzie to stay over which Frank being vunerable to Jenny's puppy eyes allowed her too. SInce i was first up I went in and woke up Jenny and Hozzie, we all made a deal that first awake had to get Jenny and Hozzie up and ready for school.
"Wake up" I poked both the sleeping girls.
"Bria?" Jenny yawned she was eaily awoken.
"Yes, come on lets get ready for school" I said
"But its 6 AM" Jenny said
"I know but you are going to help me wake the others which means i give you permission to jump on the beds" I smiled. Jenny smiled too
"DEAL" She said running ou the door
"WAIT" She came back in.
"What?" Jenny asked
"Help me wake Hozzie" I said. Jenny then walked over and flicked Hozzie's ear and her eyes shot open.
"How did you so that?" I asked Jenny
"When you be friends with Hozzie for a while you learn some things" She laughed
"Now you guys go wake the others up" I let them into each of the rooms, they started with Gerard and Mikey who were sharing a room.
"WAKE UP!" Jenny screamed jumping on the bed.
"GET UP!" Hozzie screamed shaking Gerard's left shoulder. Mikey immediantly jumped up but Gerard just pulled the covers up closer to him.
"Why did you let those demons wake us?" Mikey said walking over to me
"I couldnt wake you guys" I said. Mikey rolled his eyes and went down stairs.
"ALRIGHT I AM AWAKE!" Gerard said standing up and went straight down stairs. I followed him down and let the girls do their magic. They had everyone awake by half 6 but Frank was last.
"YOU LITTLE" Frank chased them both downstairs and tickled Hozzie but Jenny jumped on Frank's back and Hozzie attackd Frank. We all watched Frank try to control the two younger girls.
"Who needs tv?" Ray laughed
"Yeah we know have the Frank show!" Bob laughed
"OH YEAH!" Jasmine laughed.
"NOT FUNNY!" Frank said
"YEAH IT IS" Me, Swan and Gerard said. After Frank had finished with the girls we left them at school and headed to school ourselves.
"I couldnt be fucking bothered" I said
"Same" Frank said. We were all split up i was walking with Frank, Ray was walking with Bob, Swana nd Mikey and Gerard was walking with Jasmine.
"Jasmine and GErard are getyting close by the looks of it" I said
"Yeah wouldnt it be awesome if they got together thatw ould be so cool!" Frank grinned like the chesire cat, he loved it when people were in relationships he found it cute and loving he was in a reationship Jamia and told me that if he lost Jamia he wuldn't know what he would do.
"Yeah it would, wheres Jamia and Alicia?" I asked
"Jamia and Alicia is ... i dont know" Frank laughed
"Ill text them" I texted them and got an immediate reply from Jamia.

on r way now :P sorta slept in and alicia came and woke me up XD we were planin on walken wif u guyz but we will c u in skool :P

"Jamia slept in" I said
"So her" Frank said. We made it to school and waited for Jamia and Alicia to arrive.
"Hey" Mikey said coming over
"Hey" Me and Frank said
"Waiting on Jamia and Alicia?" He asked
"Yep" Frank replied
"Why didnt she walk with us?" Mikey said
"She slept in" I laughed
"Lucky bitch" Mikey sighed
"Aww is Mikey tired" I said playfully
"Yes Mikey is" Mieky said doing the same voice
"We will let you sleep in a little later then" Frank said
"Yay!" Mikey clapped and Jamia and Alicia ran over to us
"Hey" Jamia said kissing Frank
"Hey" Jamia took his hand in her own
"Why are we split into 3?" Alicia asked looking at Gerard and Jasmine then Ray, Bob and Swan.
"GUYS" Mieky shouted. They came over
"BATMAN" Gerard and Jamine were arguing about which superhero is better
"SUPERMAN!" Frank joined in
"DONT GET INVOLVED IERO" Jasmine shouted
"Its like Bria and Mieky witht he dragons and the uncorns all over again" Swan said
"But we decided that they were both awesome" I said
"Yeah but good luck trying to get them to say both is best" Mikey said
"Yeah i know, Jamine loves spiderman alot" I said
"Yeah Gerard has an obsession with Batman" Mikey said.
"I am going to listen to my ipod all day" Swan said plugging in her earphones and turning her ipod on.
"Come on lets get to class" Alicia said
"Kay" We all took our seperate ways but unfortunatly Jamsine was also in me and Gerard's homeroom.
"GUYS" I said/ They shut up and looked at me
"What?" They replied
"FUCK UP ABOUT BATMAN AND SPIDERMAN!" I said entering the classroom.
"NO" They said.
"Text argue then" I said
"FINE" They then began spamming eachother. I rolled my eyes and doodled on my hand the entire time, neither of them looked up from their phones or said a word. Oddly i felt so left out and wanted to punch a wall.

Swan :

Mikey and Alicia were getting close. REALLY close. They were learning more about eachother as the day went on. I found it cute! REALLY cute! I would love it if they got together. Though Alicia does not normally hang out with us she would usually spend time with some of her other friends but i had a feeling that today she was going to spend alot of time with us. The bell rang for lunch and we sat in our normal table. Gerard was on his phone, Jasmine was on her phone, Mikey and Alicia were talking, Jamia and Frank were being Jamia and Frank, Bria was drawing, Ray and Bob were discussing Dragons&Dungeons. I sat down beside Bria who didnt notice as she had her iPod playing. It looked like she was drawing a girl sitting in a corner crying, her knees were pulled up to her chest, her head was hung low and covered by her fire engine red hair.
"So" I said. Noone said anything. Everyone was pretty much flirting, drawing, talking or discussing things. I went over to Bob and Ray
"Im bored" I said
"So are we" Ray said
"So whats up?" I asked
"Not much discussing Dragons & Dungeons" Bob said
"I could hear" I laughed
"Bria seems antisocial today" Ray said keeping his voice low.
"She has been very untalky" Bob said
"She is fine she was okay this morning, nothing has changed!" I said
"Why is Jasmine and gErard texting eachother even though they are like beside eachother?" Ray asked
"I think they are still having the arguement and to stop us getting pissed off they are text arguing" I said
"Good idea" Bob laughed
"Yeah it stops us from hearing them" Ray said.
"Haha" I said

Jasmine :

"Okay can we stop for a while?" I asked Gerard, we were walking home from school together Bria and Ray stayed behind to do homework, Frank and Bob was in detention, Jamia was already away home with Alicia and Swan was with Mikey.
"HA YOUR GIVNING UP!" Gerard said
"Nope, i ran out of free texts" i said
"Shitter" Gerard said
"I swear its like Bria and Mikey with the unicorns and dragons" Gerard laughed lighting a cigarette.
"Ha so Bria, Bria is fucking obsessed with dragons" I said
"I figured" Gerard had spent the whole day with me getting to know me. We were slowly becoming bestfriends/enemies in a way.
"S-P-I-D-E-R-M-A-N I-S B-E-T-T-E-R" I spelt it out
"N-O B-A-T-M-A-N I-S F-A-R B-E-T-T-E-R" He played me at my own game.
"W-E A-R-E S-L-O-W-L-Y B-E-C-O-M-I-N-G B-E-S-T F-R-I-E-N-D-S"
"M-A-Y-B-E M-O-R-E" Gerard smiled
"High percentage" I didnt realize it but we were inches apart.
"not impossible"
"or the end of the world if it did happen" Then he kissed me again, he must have really likeed me and to be honest

i fucking liked him too.
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