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Just Like Sisters

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Bria :

Jamia and Alicia i am sick of them, both of them. They just annoy the shit out of me. If they begin to stay in Frank's house i will literally break down. I never got along with them anyway it wasnt as if i has beffers witht hem and im glad im not, they were posh, listened to completly different music and i really dont know what Frank seen in Jamia.
"Meh" I threw my pen on to the sheet and crossed my arms
"You okay?" Ray asked looking up from his chemistry booklet.
"No" I said
"Want to talk about it?" Ray was amazing, i was always really close to Ray anyway, when ever i was upset he would be the first person i would turn to for advice, he was like my brother, i was an only child and Ray sort of filled the sibling place i needed.
"Jamia and Alicia have been annoying the fuck out of me, Jamia follows Frank around like a little puppy and I hate girls that do that and to be honest they are the two most annoying people on earth"
"I can see what you mean, have you noticed that Alicia is suddently really attached to Mikey lately?" Ray said
"Yeah, i thought i was imagining things" I said.
"I doubt that really" Ray laughed.
"Yeah, come on lets get home and if Jamia and Alicia is staying in Frank's im literally going to break down" I said. I heard Ray laugh. We walked out of the library and Swan was standing with Frank, Mikey and Bob.
"Hey" Swan smiled
"Rawr" I said
"FUCK A FUCKING DINOSAUR!" Frank played along and hid behind Bob.
"GRRRR" I said.
"NOO TAKE HIM!" He pushed Bob over to me and crouching into a ball.
"No this dino does not eat short teenagers" Mikey, Swan, Bob and Ray began to laugh and Frank gave me a deathglare
"Im joking" I jugged him
"No i dont want a hug from people who do not accept me for who iam" He said turning his head and putting his hand up to my face. I put my puppydog face on
"DONT USE THAT FACE ON ME" Frank said. i sniffed.
"FINE" He then pulled me into a hug.
"Hey, Frank is Jamia and Alicia staying in your house with us?" Mikey decided to ask. PLEAE SAY NO PLEASE SAY NO FOR THE LOVE OF-
"Yep, they couldnt stay on saturday or sunday ebcause they were at Jamia's all weekend" Frank said.

Im now doomed.

Gerard :

"Come on, its freezing its late and everyone will be wondering where we are" Jasmine said standing up remvoing her warm hand from mine.
"Effort" I said
"Come on" She poked my head. I rolled my eyes and stood up putting my bag on and wrapping my arm around Jasmine's waist and kissing her cheek.
"What time is it?" I asked. She pulled out her phone and looked at it
"half 5" She said
"Lets go" We then walked to Frank's house talking about random shit.
"Are we going to tell them or?" Jasmine asked
"Wait until later to tell them" I said
"Kay" She smiled and i kissed her then opened the door.
"THERE YOU ARE!" Mikey and Bria shouted
"We fell asleep" I lied
"Fell asleep where?" Frank said
"We went to the park and fell asleep under a tree" Jasmine said
"Okay" Mikey said. We walked into the front room and everyone else was watching ghostbusters. Then the door knocked
"Ill get it" I offered getting up and opening the door
"Hey Gerard" Jamia smiled walking in with Alicia
"Hey" I said
"Hi guys" Jamia and Alicia smiled. I seen Bria roll her eyes and stand up
"Im away to listen to music and relax to myself" Bria smiled leaving the room and walking upstairs.
"Someone is a little antisocial" Alicia said. It was different about Bria, i may nto ahev knwon her long but she seeed really different.
Bria :

Calm down. CALM FUCKING DOWN. I closed mye eys and put in my ipod blocking out my surroundings while Bullet For My Valentine played. I needed to calm otherwise there would be serious consequences. I felt my muscles relax and i soon felt better. I heard a kncok on the door and ignored it soon Jenny stepped in
"Bria?" She asked
"Hey Jenny" I said taking out my ipod
"Why are you not downstairs with everyone else?" She asked sitting beside me
"I wanted to have some time to myself" I lied.
"Can i sit with you for a while?" She asked
"Why do you not want to stay downstairs?" I asked her
"It isnt fun when your not there" She said. I smiled, Me and Jenny always had this type of bond that would always be there no matter what happened.
"Thanks" I smiled
"What are you listening to?"
"Bullet For My Valentine" I put the earphone into her ear
"Awesome" She smiled.
"Do you want to know the real reason im not down there wiht everyone else?"
"I really don get along with Jamia and Alicia. I honestly think that im better off going home before i kill the both of them" I said
"Why do you not like them?"
"They are just bitches honey"
"Ah" She smiled. "Bria?"
"I wish you were dating Frank so that if Frank ever marries you will be my sister" Jenny said
"Aw, thanks Jenny" I hugged her
"I mean it"
"If i got the chance i would force my mum and dad to adopt you" I laughed
"I would actually liek that very much"
"I know, i know"
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