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Sorry i have not updated!

i had sliight writers block and if you guys have any ideas let me know please because i dont know what to do next!

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i know you guys will have somehting in your head xD

Frank :

We watched the end of Ghostbusters then Bria and Jenny came down stairs.
"Hey" Swan smiled
"Hi" Bria replied smiling, Jenny was holding her hand, they always had this close bond as if they were some how connected in a way.
"You missed the end of Ghostbusters" Jasmine said
"Ahwell" Bria plopped down beside me pulling Jenny down too.
"Frank can Hozzie come over?" Jenny said her eyes sparkling.
"Okay" Frank said.
"yay! Bria will you come with me to get Hozzie?" Her eyes filled with hope and excitement
"Okay" Bria smiled standing up and walking out with the 10 year old.
"She is a weirdo" Alicia said
"She is not" Mikey snapped
"Yeah she is" Alicia said
"How the fuck is Bria a weirdo?" Mikey turned around.
"1. she just randomly walks off and bes antisocial and 2. she is so strange"
"How?" Mikey asked
"She is fucking phsyco" Jamia joined in.
"JAY SHE ISNT!" I said
"Frankie she is" Jamia said
"See Jamia agrees with me" Alicia said
"Something is obviously fucking wrong with both your heads" Swan said
"Oh fuck up and mind your own buisness" Alicia started
"Well at least im not some cheap fucking whore" Swan stood up
"Excuse me?" Alicia stood up
"GUYS" Jasmine shouted
"No let her talk" Alicia said
"I know you too well Alicia you sleep with anyone you can get" Swan spat and Alicia slapped her across the face sending Swan flying on to the couch.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Mikey shouted also standing up
"HER" Alicia pointed to Swan
"WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU?" Mikey asked
"SHE IS CLEARLY JEALOUS OF THE CLOSE FRIENDSHIP WE HAVE MIKEY" Alicia said. I heard cries obviously coming from Swan.
"I see the way you lookat Mikey" Alicia lowered her voice.
"What?" Swan said confused
"I knwo you like him, but honey he isnt interested" Alicia smirked. Swan's face went a little red then small tears began to roll down her cheeks
"See, you cant even hide it anymore" Alicia smirked again then Swan ran out of the room and upstairs.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Jasmine shouted before running upstairs after Swan. We were all shellshocked.
"Move" Mikey then went upstairs aswell clearly confused as the rest of us.
"You are such a bitch Alicia" Gerard said
"Huh at least im not some greasy haired emo". I heard Jamia laugh
"Jamia that is not fucking funny and Alicia if your going to continue insulting and embarressing my friends feel free to fucking leave" I shouted
"Hey if you throw my best friend out its bye bye Jamia" Jamia stood up.
"Its my fucking house and to be honest i dont know why im dating a fucking low life, black hearted bitch anyway" I said confidently but I dont wnat to date someone who clearly hates my friends and is a total bitch.
"Is this your way of breaking up with me?" Jamia said
"Yes, yes it fucking is now get out!" I shouted. Jamia and Alcia both gave me a deathglare before storming out.
"Wow" Gerard said.
"What did i see in that girl?"

But seriously what did i see?

Bria :

"Can we please?" The two hyper 10 year old girls asked once again.
"WHY" Hozzie gave me a puppy dog face. I don't knwo why these grils are so obsessed with cookies.
"Because Framnk will get hyper and set the huse on fire!" I said
"But we really wanna bake cookies!" Jenny said
"Im sorry" I said
"This is known as cookie abortion" Jenny said. For a 10 year old they knew alot. We reached the house and opened the door i heard cries from upstairs but i walked on into the living room witht he 2 10year old holding both my hands.
"What is going on?" I asked GErard Frank was on the sofa with his ipod plugged in blasting i think was the Misfits.
"You missed it" Gerard said
"What happened?" I asked
"Jamia and Alcia were insulting you then they insulted Swan then Frank broke up with Jamia" Gerard said

Suddently i felt a pang of happiness flow through me
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