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12 :)

The characters Electrica and Cassidy also appear in this chapter :D i had an idea and decided to use the auditons that didnt get the part to fill this position :)


Frank :

"What was I thinking Mikey? Jamia is just as bad as-" I cut off, i have no0t even thought about HER since that day about 3 years ago.
"No SHE is far worse" Mikey said putting his bass back down onto the bed
"What goes on in my head" I said lying down on my bed and covering my face with my hands
"I dont know to be honest but Amy was a fucking whore" Mikey never liked Amy, i remember the first time i introduced her to the guys, she was my first girlfriend and was a complete bitch. Amy almost got Gerard expelled form the school, threatened Ray and Bob and finally tormented Mikey. I never believed what the guys told me about Amy but when she admitted them i fucking became depressed for a few months because that was all going on while i was dating her. I was so blind. From that day on whatever the guys told me i believed them and noone was going to change that. Amy still goes to the school but never even takes a glance at us. Well i hope not.
"Whore? more like oh god there isnt even a word to describe her" I said. She was alright when we first met she listened to all the same music as uss but then she changed. She hangs about with Rosie and Hannah who are fucking pure fake. Fake hair, fake body just fakeness all over.
"Anyway just forget about her she was just a complete waste of time" Mikey said
"Jamia or Amy?" I laughed. Mikey laughed too
"Both" He smiled.
"It wont be the end of the world" I heard Jamine';s voice downstairs.
"SHUSH" I covered Mikey's mouth and we both pressed our ears against the door.
"I know but still" That sounded alot like Gerard.
"Still what? are you embarressed?"
"No!" What the fuck would Gerard be embarresed about?
"Then why not?"
"They will think we are both whores"
"We met like on Saturday-"
"Its Friday"
"Just tell them"
"Why do you want to so badly?"
"Because im not used to keeping secrets!"
"Dont start"
"Start what?"
"Your doing it again"
"Doing what?"
"Fine but please"
"Your not gpoing to leave me alone until we do"
"Fine tell them"
"YAAY" Jasmine sounded happy and i looked at Mikey confused
"Do you think that" He trailed off
"No, they are so not suited for eachother"
"But lets just say they are"
"No that wouldnt happen"
"Why not?"
"I dont know" I laughed.
"I think they think that they are alone in the house bcause it suddently became quiet"
"WANNA GO DOWN STAIRS?" I began to get excited
"I AM" I opened the door quietly and tiptoed downstairs, i loved scaring people. I pressed my ear up to the living room door and heard kissing noises. I smiled widely and opened the door loudly and fast
"RAWR!" Jamine full on freaked out
"DUDE DONT DO THAT!" Gerard shouted. I fell onto the floor laughing and Jasmine was clutching Gerard's shirt.
"No fucking funny Frank" She threw a pillow at me then mikey appeared at the doorway
"What the fuck did he do" Mikey asked
"Scared the fucking shit out of us" Jasmine answered
"YOU-YOUR FACE!" I said through laughs. I knew she would get me back.
"YOU ARE SO DEAD IERO!" She then jumped onto my stomach
"Now we dont want to make Gerard jealous now would we?" I laughed
"Oh for fuck sake" Jasmine said getting off me again
"So you guys are together" Mikey said still confused
"We were going to tell you later" Gerard said
"We thought we were alone in the house" Jasmine added
"Im happy for you guys" Mikey hugged them both and i was still on the floor in laughter.
"Jenny your brother is dying" Hozzie said appearing at the doorway
"WHAT" Jenny ran to the otherside "Oh hes not hes just being Frank" She added in relief
"Okay" Hozzie said and sat down beside Jasmine
"Okay Frank what happened?" Bria arrived with Swan
"He scared the shit out of Gerard and Jasmine" Mikey said. Bria and Swan then began to laugh
"Sorry" They shut up and i finalyl calmed down. Ray and Bob then arrived.
"Where were you two?" Swan asked
"Out" ray replied
"okay" Swan smiled
"Guys" Jasmine said
"What?" Bria, Jasmine, ray and Bob said
"CAN I TELL THEM??" I said excited
"No" Gerard answered
"Tell us what?" Bria asked
"WAIT" Swan said
"What?" Jasmine asked
"ARE YOU AND GERARD TOGETHER?" Swan got excited too.
"Maybe" Gerard muttered
"OMG IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!" Swan and Bria smiled.
"Epic!" Raya nd Bob smiled.
"Jasmine" I said
"What Frank?"
"RAWR" I laughed again
"Why is that so funny?" Ray asked
"Oh Ray its very hard to explain you should have been there" I said. I felt happy for Jasmine and Gerard at the same time.
"Ill be back in about an hour" Bria said
"Whwere are you going?" Jasmine asked
"I just have to go somewhere" Bria then left the house.
"Okay she has been doing that alot recently" Swan said
"I know" Bob said

Bria :

I was late. I managed to catch a taxi and i arrived at the bar. I walked to the back where I found Electrica and Cassidy.
"YOUR LATE!" Electrica pulled me into a hug
"I know im sorry!" I said
"He aint gonna be happy" Cassidy said
"I just hope it will be okay this is the first time in 2 months that i have been late"
"Yeah just go see him" Electrica smiled. I nodded slowly and headed to the back and opened the red door.
"Im sorry im late" I said
"Where were you Brianna?" He was the only one that called me by my full name.
"I didnt realize the time" I muttered
"Your lucky im in a good mood" He said
"Okay" I said
"Dont be late again and go and get to fucking work" He spat
"Yes sir" I said
"Now get" He said. I closed the door thankful that he was in a good mood then i went to the back
"Oh he is in a good mood" Electrica smiled pulling me into a hug.
"I know" I said and got changed.
"Why do you do this Bria?" Cassidy asked
"Why do you do it Cassidy?" I said almosgt crying
"I was forced to, i have to do anything i can to survive" Cassidy smiled.
"Cassidy it really isnt important" Electrica was the onyl one that knew the real reason i was here simply because she was one of my own kind.
"Okay" Cassidy left the back
"You dont have to" Electrica said
"You know why i have to"
"HOW CAN I" I pulled my knees to muy chest
"I want us to be safe aswell if we do get exposed its the end"
"We will break the Commitment" I said
"Forget about the commitment"
"If it gets broken we will all die"
"I know"
"Now i want that to not be broken so im going to go and get started" I said standing up. Electrica was the only person that knew my secret Swan, Jasmine, Frank, Mikey, raya nd Bob didnt know it but sometimes i get paranoid that they notice me acting a little differently you see im a Dark Angel. We are creatures that are half demon hlaf angel. Some of us are still on earth two pof us being me and Electrica. I didnt like what i have to do but i would do anything to not break the Commitment. The Commitment was the Dark Angel rules that we have to live by. There is 5 rules to the Commitment.
1. We must not get exposed
2. Our wings must never be shown to any human
3. We must not use our powers on Earth
4. We must not kill any humans
5. We must not fall in love with any of the humans.
HE, was the only one that knew about me and Electrica. We dont know how he knows or who told him and we were notr allowed to say or speak about it. I walked onto the stage and looked at the pole that stood before me and slowly i removed my clothes and got to work.
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