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Late Nights & Cigarettes

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Chapter 13 :D


Bria :

Midnight darkness engulfed the Jersey streets. The tears slid down my face i dont know why but for some reason i felt ashamed. I dont knmow why i felt ashamed i never feel ashamed after doing my job, but maybe its all got to me now i was being blackmailed into doing this.
"Its going to be okay" Electrica pulled me into a hug. We were standing outside.
"I dont know why i feel like this, i never usually do" I hugged her closer.
"Dont worry im in the same boat as you"
"But he is blackmailing us into doing things" I said
"I know but its far better than breaking the Commitment, i almost broke the commitment but i didnt and you know the consequences" Electrica said. Each of the rules has a different consequence. If you break rule 1, yu will be forced into slavery and hardwork for eternity. If you break rule 2 your wings will be destroyed and you will never get them back.If you break rule 3 your powers will vanish. If you break rule 4 your family will be killed but if you break rule 5 the person who you fall in love with will die. But if you break more than one rule you will also die yourself.
"Okay im going to calm down now" I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.
"Better?" Electrica smiled.
"Very" I said.
"Now its getting late lets go home" She patted my shoulder and we got into her car and she drove me home. We drove in silence with the radio playing, Electrica was humming along with the music as if she was in her own world, Electrica's family is all Dark Angel's she almost broke the 5th rule but managed not to.
"Okay so i will see you tomorrow?" She smiled
"Yeah in thatshit hole" I muttered
" know i dont like being a pole dancer either" She said
"Someone would treat my body better than the way i have been treating it" I said
"Now dont say that"
"Its true but" I then got out of the car and walked into Frank's house. I locked the door quietly and went into the kitchen and got myself a glass of water.
"Why me?" I whispered to myself
"What did you do?" Frank's voice made me jump and turn around
"Dont do that" I said placing my hand over my chest
"Relax" Frank pulled me into a hug
"I cant" I said
"Where were you Bria?" Frank asked his voice slow and serious
"Out where?"
"A Place"
"What place"
"A place i regret ever going to" I then walked up the stairs with Frank close behind me.
"Okay you dont have to tell me just dont stay out this late you know how dangerous it is" Frank said.
"I know" I said
"Aas long as your okay thats what matters"
"And Bria?"
"Yeah Frank?"
"If you need to talk im here okay?" Frank smiled before going into his room. Frank was just an amzing person. I went into my room and found Gerard asleep on my bed. I shared a room with Jasmine and my bed was next to hers, she was lucky to fall in love she was lucky to have someone. I knew that i wouldnt be allowed to. I sighed and went into Frank's room
"So you want to talk?" He asked
"No Gerard's asleep in my bed beside Jasmine" I said
"Ah" Frank said. Frank was sitting on the side of his bed smoking a cigarette and only wearing his plain red pyjama bottoms exposing his tattooed torso.
"Im tired" I said sitting beside him
"Then go to sleep" He laughed
"I am now" I said getting up and taking my jacket off. "Why are you up so late when we have school tomorrow?" I asked
"Waiting for you incase you got hurt" Frank said
"Really? You didnt have to you know" I said
"Maybe i wanted to" Frank said
"At least someone cares for me" I smiled
"Bria we have been friends since forever"
"I know Frank ill be back in aminute im going to get changed" I said
"Okay" He smileed and i went into my room and quickly grabbed my zebra print pajama shorts and black vest top and got changed and brushed my teeth. I took another deep breathn and walked back into Frank's room. He smiled at me, he must tell that something is going on and to be honest i would get suspicious to if your friend alwaays went out then arrived home after midnight. I lay down in Gerard's bed which of course smelt like coffee and cigarettes
"Wouldnt you know" I said
"Know what?" Frank asked
"Gerards bed stinks of coffee and cigarettes" I said. I heard Frank laugh
"What do you expect? Its Gerard" He said
"Now i wont sleep" I said
"Do you want me to take Gerard's bed and you can take my bed?" Frank offered
"No its your bed and its freezing" I said
"Well your the one wearing the shorts and vest top" Frank laughed
"Hey my other pyjama bottoms is in the wash" I said
"Now im going to go to sleep now are you sure you dont want to swap beds?" He said
"No ill be fine but wheres the blanket?"
"Gerard took it"
"Oh for fuck sake, Frank?"
"Can i sleep with you tonight?" I asked
"Sure" He said. I smiled and walked over to the bed and got in.
"You sure nothing is bothering you?" Frank asked
"Yeah ill be fine i promise if anything is wrong i will tell you okay?" I said looking at his hazel eyes
"Okay" He hugged me and i snuggled down falling slowly into a deep sleep beside Frank.
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