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Feelings For The Same Sex

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The title sort of gives it....


But ahwell makes it more interesting xD

Sorry for the delay but im back :D I had to do my Art coursework -_____- but sure Life's not fair ? but you have me back and i want you to possess me for a while xD


Mikey :

Strangely i was getting used to this new place, used to the new friends i have made and im already practically living with them for about a week now (Today is Friday ? Isnt it?) Well at least it is finally the fucking weekend but one more day at school wont kill me.
"Mikey" Frank said appearing at the doorway
"Y-yeah?" I stuttered (WHY THE FUCK DID I JUST STUTTER?)
"You okay?" Frank's expression turned from tired to confusion in an instant
"Yeah, what is it?" I asked trying to move off the awkward moment
"Is there any coffee left?" He asked.
"Yeah me, Gerard and Bria pretty much fought over the last spoonfull yesterday" I said
"God, you and Gerard are obsessed with coffee too? Dammit" Frank moaned
"Fucking drug man" I said
"Well do you want to come with me to Starbucks because its 6 AM" Frank said getting his jacket on.
"Sure" Im glad i got changed a little earlier than usual.
"Kay" He grabbed the keys and we walked out and into the car. I felt strange around Frank, i really dont know why.
"Do you need to go anywhere else since we are already in the car?" Frank asked
"N-no do you?" He looked at me with his eyes, i felt a slight blush appear on my cheeks i was literally just staring at them
"Mikey" He said
"Wh-what?" I snapped out and looked out the window i knew i was as red as a fucking balloon now
"You seem starnge and off" Frank said
"Sorry" I said
"Lets just go" Frank didnt say much after that, i couldnt look at him anymore and i was also embarressed. I just don't know why? I had never been attracted to a guy before was i atracted to Frank?

No Mikey Your Defintly Straight

But what happens if i do LIKE Frank in that way?

Would he make fun of me?

Does he feel the same?

So many fucking questions



"MIKEY" Frank shook me and i literally jumped out of pure fear, i was debating in my head and Frank gave me daggers now.
"Come on" He said and got out of the car. After my heart rate slowed i undid my seatbelt and gently got out of the car.

Bria :

"You go"
"NO FUCKING BUTS" Electrica shouted at me, i had been upset and i tell her everything and i had told her that i dont want to go to school it was getting hard for me to stop exposing myself.
"If i expose its your fucking fault!" I shouted
"CALM DOWN!" Electrica said
"Okay" I whispered and took a deep breath
"Now you are still going to school that will make people suspicious especially Swan and Jasmine" Electrica said
"5 minutes Electrica!" I heard HIM call out to her
"Why are you with Him?" I said
"I really dont want to talk about it Bree" Electrica said
"Okay and im honestly surprised i haven't unleashed yet to Swan and Jasmine"
"Will power-"
"ELECTRICA" He shouted
"I have to go" Electrica quickly hung up and i listened to the dead end of the phone. Electrica was the one that i was most worried about. That was not the only problem i had though. I took a deep breath and got changed and went down stairs.
"I love you" I heard Gerard say to Jasmine
"I love you too" Then she kissed him, i was standing outside the door. It was defintly love at first sight with them, i was dort of jealous because i couldnt say that to anyone and it hurt inside, i was only allowed to love a Dark Angel nothing more. But human's facinated me and are so loving, friendly and kind. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and i went inside. Swan was sitting at the table with Ray
"Morning" Jasmine and Swan smiled
"Hey" I said
"Sleep well?" Gerard asked
"Alright not the best though"
"Same" Ray said
"I would have slept better if SOMEONE was not in my fucking bed cough cough Gerard" I said. Not that i din't want to spend the night with Frank.
"Sorry" Gerard smiled
"Its okay just ask"
"No problem"
"Good Boy" I laughed. I walked into the kitchen and turned the kettle on and opened the coffee container
"WHERE THE FUCK IS THE COFFEE?" I shouteed running out
"None left" Swan said
"NOOO" I cried
"Its okay Mikey and Frank is bringing back Starbucks" Gerard said
"Ooh Starbucks" I smiled
"Yeah you cant beat Starbucks" Gerard said.
"Its just impossible" i smiled.

I Just hoped today was going to be a good day

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