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True Identities

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sorree if it is a little short :/ i whad writers block once again -_- but came up with this ... the title sort of in a way gies it but sure.

Also i have an idea for Hozzie ;)

hee hee

but that wont be in it for a few more chapters xDDD

it may be sad

no make it good


but still


Jasmine :

"Come on lets get to school shall we?" I asked getting my Panic! At The Disco school bag and brushing my hair.
"Yeah may aswell" Bria muttered.
"Now come on, we all hate school but we unfortunatly have to" I said hugging her
"That's not whats on my mind" She muttered and walked away. I was confused for a minute but decided to leave it until a little later
"Mikey pass me my keys" Frank said grabbing his jacket
"K-kay" Mikey smile3d and handed him the keys. Frank gave him a confused look and walked out to the car
"Ready?" Gerard asked appearing at the doorway
"Yes" Me and Swan said. We all walked out to the car. Ray had finally got a new car.
"So who is with who?" He asked.
"Me, Swan, Mikey and Bria and you, Gerard, Jasmine and Bob" Frank said getting into his car. I took a quick look at Mikey who was slightly .... blushing?
"Mikey do you want to go with Ray and i will go with Frank you dont seem .... comfterble" I said
"Wh-what? Oh i will be fine Jasmine" He smiled and got in beside Frank. Bria and Swan looked at eachother then got into the car. Gerard took my hand and led me into Ray's car.
"Lets go" Ray smiled
"Guys" I said
"Yes?" Bob said
"Mikey seems a little.... different" I said
"Its Mikey, you will get used to it!" Gerard smiled kissing my forehead
"No buts he is just awkward but dont worry about it" Gerard smiled. I smiled back and decided to drop the subject but it kept bothering me. Everytime GFrank talks or mentions Mikey, Mikey blushes and stutters sometimes zones out..


Was Mikey ... gay?

Did Mikey like Frank in that way?

That was not the only thing that was bothering me, Bria. Ever since i have gotten back she has been off. VERY off, she keeps sitting upstairs by herself saying shes either "Studying" Or wants to "Be left alone". Things have defintly changed.

I could just sense it.

Bria :

"STOP IT" I shouted
"Stop what?" Frank yelled back
"Bria calm-"
"I am calm Swan, Frank is just being fucking awkward, do you like seeing me ill and about to throw up?" I shouted
"Stop shouting!" Mikey said
"FINE" Frank stopped the car.
"Why have we stopped?" Swan aasked
"You can fuckign walk, if you dont like my driving!" He shouted directly at Bria
"FINE, MAYBE I DONT WANT TO BE IN THE PRESENCE OF A FUCKING OVER REACTIVE DICKHEAD! MAYBE ITS BETETR IF I WASNT FUCKING HERE? HUH? WOULD ANYONE MISS ME? I DONT FUCKING THINK SO" My anger had officially boiled over the top. Between keeping a giant secret from your close friends, a bad stomach, your friend practically telling you to get out of their life, i had given up, i was so close to changing but i didn't. I got out of the car ignoring Mikey and Swan calling me back, i eventually walked fast into the woods, deeper and deeper and then i realized my wings were showing, my dark blue wings with black sparkly rims that was placed in the centre of my back, my clothes changed into a strapless dress that came 5 cm abve the knee that flounced out at the bottom, it was a lighter blue with silver rims, my ahir fell down as i previously had it up and my eyes were a deep ocean blue, this was my Dark Angel form, something that humands could never see or should see.

Something that was destroying my life

Something that made me wonder

Why The Fuck Am I Here?

I tripped over a tree root and fell to the ground with a loud thud which made the birds fly out of the trees away from the danger. I then coughed and stood up and turned around to find Frank staring at me with wide eyes and shock written all oveer his face.

I was busted.
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