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The Thin Line Between Life Or Death

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Frank :

The blood ran out of my face, i had eventually caught up with Bria but she somehow changed shape or form you could say, right before my eyes a pair of blue and black wings emerged from her back, her hair became loose, her skin became much paler and her shoes transformed into black ballet shoes. This is not happenning. Her nails also grew and her clothes just disappeared and was replaced with a dress. She had tripped up and i am staring in shock, i had decided to go after her because i had just lost my temper and Mikey and Swan were pissed off. Then she falls and stands up and looks at me, her eyes were a deep rich blue and her lips were a bright rose red. She looked at me and i looked back
"Frank" She said. I still stood still.
"Frank.. I-i" She then put her hands over her mouth. Then black vines emerged from the ground
"GOD NO PLEASE- FRANK HELP ME" She was struggling as the vines took over every part of her body they could find. I wanted to help but my legs were just frozen not moving as much as i told my brain to move them. The vines wrapped around her arms and the veins were showing from her arms. A ginat one wrapped around her face and legs then suddently she looked at me and a tear fell to the ground, her eyes were now a bright red and her teeth had became fangs as if a demon was being freed from the fairy or angel form.
"Bria" I whispered.
"Fr-frank" She was still struggling then suddently the vines pulled her down into the earth in an instant. My head was filled with alot of questions answering themselves, Some still remained unanswered. I just fell losing feeling of my legs, my eyes still wide and i was unable to blink. One of my best friends, CLOSE best freinds had just been sucked down into the earth unable to be freed.

What just happened?

Why was i feeling guilty?

Was that my fault?

Such a best friend i have been. I just sat there and ignored the calls i was getting, i didnt even glance at my phone to see who was concerened. I was just concerned about Bria, she took a giant fit, maybe thats the reason she disappears each night, Was she a type of angel? Or a fairy? Was there a demon trapped inside of her CONTROLLING her? I had to find out what was happening or maybe she would die? Why did ginat black vines spine up around her? so many fucking questions. I then closed my eyes and took a deep breath and before i knew it i fell asleep on the forest floor where Bria previously was.

Bria :

The blood had eventually given up, i had lost feeling with my arms and legs which were clasped tight below a thick black vine, that dragged me down into the earth, the tears were spilling out of my eyes and i kept thinking about Frank, he had discovered who i really was and now i probably wont even see them again. What about Electrica? She will probably worry and HE will probnably know what has happened. That fucker is the last thing on my mind. I was just scared for my life right now. I was suddently freed from the vines and i was in a black, dark small room, i was on my hands and knees and the only source of light was a flickering candle in the corner. I didnt realize but my body was shaking and my legs and arms were in pure agony due to the blood loss. A wind was in the room and it whistled, the only noise i could hear. I stood up and looked around barely seing anything. Then the door opened and Skylar the leader of the Dark Angels came in with Trace and two other Angels. It also let alot more light in and i fully examined my body, Purple and Blue bruises surrounded my body and my wings were crushed but still alive.
"You were caught" Skylar's deep voice echoed through the room
"I-i-i" I stuttered with fear and disbelief at the same time
"You were caught" He repeated louder
"Skylar i apologize, i didnt know that i was being followed"
"You were being careless" Trace said, he was the executer and very serious when it cam to exposure or accidently being caught.
"I know-"
"Do you know what this means" Trace continued
"What?" There was numerous things running through my mind
"I think you should give her the choice, she is still young and maybe this decision will maybe let her you know realize her mistakes" Skylar said
"Choice of what?" I asked rubbing my nose
"What your punsihment will be" Skylar smirked evilly but curiously
"Whats my choices" I said keeping my voice straight, steady and fear free
"A. Work hard, being a slave and never return to earth, B. Be left in the dungeon to starve and lose your wings C. Return to earth and we will kill that person that caught you or D. Train" Trace said keeping eye contact
"What do you mean by train?" I asked
"Training younger generations" Skylar said
"Be evil" Trace smirked. Trace and Skylar knew every Dark Angel like the back of their hand, they knew that i ahted children being on the dark side and being evil rather than being good.
"Can it think about it?" I asked
"Yes" Trace said. I turned around. A. I really didn't want that B. Starvation no, i could live without the wings but i dont wnat to be starved. C. I did not want Frank to die! It was in a way my own fault, i let the anger bubble and bubble and bubble until death point and i eventually unleashed it and causing myself to be careless. D. I did not want to teach children to be evil. I tried to think on the good sides aswell. A. The guys wouldnt have to worry about me anymore and anyway they probably wouldnt even notice that i was gone. B. .... There really is no good side to being starved for eternity. C. I would want to be returned to earth and be given a second chance but then Frank would die which was something he didn't deserve and i dont want that. D. Frank will still be alive
"See if i choose D. Will i still be able to go to earth?" I asked
"Yes, you will train the child in earth" Trace said
"Would i be training the child 24/7?" I asked
"No, you will only spend the night training the child, we will tell you what you will be training the child if you choose option D." Trace said
"Then i thought about it, D. was basically the only one where noone would get hurt, But A. would mean that the guys wouldnt have to put up with me anymore

What the fuck will I do?


What do you think Bria should do? A, B, C or D? Will Frank die? Will Bria be alive? Will Mikey confess his feelings for Frank? or does Frank love someone else ;)

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