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17 :D

this story is going good so far i think :)

this is basically the others and what they are thinking :)


Sorry if it is short but i will make it up to you me promises!

Mikey :

"No answer" Ray said dialling his phone again
"It goes straight to voice mail" Swan said
"Its my fault" Jasmine said rolling up into a ball on the sofa beside Gerard.
"Its not!" Swan said, she was stressing out.
"No it is mine" I said
"It wasn't anyones!" Swan said turning her attention to me
"Its both ours!" Jasmine said inbetween sobs and sniffs
"I know it is" I said
"It wasnt" Gerard said
"Me and Mikey were the ones that told Frank to go after Bria, me and Mikey were the ones that didn't stop Bria from leaving the car. me and Mikey were the ones that threw a fit at Frank" Jasmine said
"You guys didn't know this was going to happen" Bob said
"Why is everyone shouting?" Hozzie asked appearing at the doorway with Jenny
"We are discussing who has the loudest shout" I smiled, we didn't want to tell Jenny or Hozzie that both frankk and Bria had gone missing, we didn't want to deal with emotional 10 or 12 or how old they are year olds.
"Awesome! but i have the loudest out of you all" Hozzie smiled
"Okay but maybe you two should head upstairs now" Bob said
"Wait why is Jasmine crying?" Jenny asked her voice turning serious
"Her doggy died" Gerard said, i forgot he was even in the room.
"Oh!" Jenny then rushed over and hugged Jasmine after Gerard let her go
"Its okay" Jasmine chocked
"What was his name?" Jenny asked. Silence filled the room for a minute
"Gee!" Gerard smiled. We all looked at Gerard
"Yeah you are my puppy" Jasmine smiled
"Guys come on" Bob said
"Okay Bobbert" Hozzie laughed
"Now dont-"
"Dont what?"
"Let me finish Jenny"
"Finsih what?"
"My sentance"
"What sentance?" Hozzie laughed
"Dont annoy Bob Jen" Swan smiled
"Now come on Bobberta" Hozzie smiled
"THATS IT!" Bob then chased the now screaming girls upstairs
"I just hope they are okay" Jasmine said
"Same because its almost 8" I said
"Just try and relax Jazzy okay?" Gerard said kissing Jasmine's forehead. She nodded and went closer into Gerard
"Just give them some time" Swan said
"Im going" Ray put his jacket on
"Where?" I asked
"To finf them" Ray said
"Sont its getting dark and they could come home" Swan said
"They have been missing since 8 this morning" Ray said
"But just leave it they could come back at any time" Swan said
"Fine" Ray sat back down again
"Thankyou i just dont want you to get hurt being out there" Swan said hugging Ray.
"Guys Jasmine is asleep" Gerard said. Jasmine was lying with puffy cheeks and wet eyes.
"Yeah shes better off sleeping" Ray said. Gerard kissed her forehead and stood up gently placing Jasmine back onto the sofa and grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around her fragile body.
"Now im going to try and call Frank again" Gerard said leaving the room.
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