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Safe But Doomed

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Heyy :D
Well i have news :3

today is my birthday xD

completly forgot because i have been busy with the story :D.

but im not going into any detail in this chapter saving it for later :3

and the idea i have for Hozzie will be coming in soon see if you can try and guess it xD


Frank :

Stillness. Not a move. Not a twitch or a blink. The rain had began to pour and i was getting hungry. The shock had fully taken over my body and refused to move but nothing was going to happen with me sitting here just staring at the place she was. I stood up with a pain running through my leg from sitting in the same spot. I was just so confused. Then i looked at my phone

30 missed calls
Ray : 15 missed
Gerard : 20 missed
Swan : 5 missed

Then i got a call from Gerard.
"Frank?" His voice became surprised
"Yeah" I muttered
"Where are you? Are you hurt? Wheres Bria?" I then dropped my phone at the mention of Bria's name. It was my fault. She was in pain and she was a fairy or angel or um whats the word? I heard Gerard panic from the dropped phone. I knelt down and picked it up
"DUDE?" He shouted
"Im still here" I muttered
"Come home please" Gerard said
"I will" I said then hung up. I looked at the spot again and then slowly made my way back to the house.

Bria :

The choices still muggled around in my head. Each having a different effect on not only myself but the rest of the group.
"You have 5 minutes to make your decision" Trace said. One thing about Trace he is very impatient.
"Im stuck between two of the options im just trying to see which one will be best for both me and that one person" I stood up and began to pace.
Option ^ ment that it would be better Option * ment that it would be very awkward.
"I have made my decision" I said
"Okay and you have chosen?" Skylar stepped forward. I closed my eyes, looked down, took a deep breath then looked at Skylar directly into his purple shaded eyes.
"Option A" I spoke.

Gerard :

"FRANK IS OKAY!" I shouted going back into the room waking Jasmine up
"REALLY?" Mikey and Swan shouted
"How do you know?" Ray asked
"I am literally off the phone, he said he is on his way home!" I smiled
"THANK FUCK!" Jasmine said pulling Mikey into a hug.
"Is Bria with him?" Swan asked
"Yeah i think so" I said not to sure.
"Good, they will be home safe and sound then" Mikey smiled.
"I thought something bad had happened to them" Ray said
"I wonder why they were both out so late?" I asked sitting down.
"Hm" Swan said. The door then opened and we all ran out the door
"FRANK!" We all screamed and tackled him
"WHERE WERE YOU?" Ray shouted
"ARE YOU HURT?" Swan questioned
"WHY WERE YOU OUT SO LATE?" Jasmine said
"WHERES BRIA?" Bob asked
"GUYS" Mikey shouted. We all fell silent. "Give him a moment" Mikey said
"Bria" Frank whispered
"WHAT HAPPENED TO BRIA?" Swana nd Jasmine screamed, tears forming in their eyes
"I couldnt help her" Frank's voice was getting weaker and weaker
"WHERRE IS SHE?" I asked
"Vines" His voice was almost unhearable.
"What vines?" I asked. Frank then mouthed the word 'Trapped'
"Frank are you okay?" Bob asked
"Give him some food and water" Bob said
"Frank!" Jenny smiled hugging her brother
"Jen" Frank whispered
"Where were you?" Jenny asked
"I was" Frank said
"Come on maybe you should tell us in the morning okay?" I said taking Frank and leading him upstairs and laying him down, his facial expression never changed, he never said a word, he just closed his eyes and a tear left his eye.
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