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Chapter 19 ! xD

Hope this is as long as i think it is xD

If not i will write double as much for the next chapter :3 since i love you all xD


Frank :

I felt the sun come through the blinds hitting against my body. It's warmth calming mew and relaxing me but not taking away the pain deep down. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times to get rid of the blurryness. I didn't sleep well last night because all i seen was Bria's face. A face i didn't want to believe was Bria's. It was filled with pain, anger, hurt, distrust and above all Fear. Her eyes were pleading, Her arms were fighting with all the strength left in them, Her legs kicked and crashed trying to escape. Her voice was pleading for me to help, pleading that hopefully i didnt see her, pleading for mercy, pleading to be freed from the black vine that covered half her body.

A body that i have never seen before.
A body that seemed so fragile.
So weak.
So easily broken.

I watched it crash into a million pieces like glass. I shook my head and sat up on the bed and rubbed my temples, i had a bad headache probably from lack of food and sleep. I stood up and fell down again.
"Ow" I muttered to myself. I stood up once more and managed to keep my blance, i caught a glance of myself in the mirror and noticed my eyes were blood shot, my skin was paler and i had bags under my eyes and my lips were dry and unmoisturized. I sighed and grabbed a Misfits shirt and still kept my pyjama bottoms on then walked down stairs into the living room.
"Do you think Frank is okay?" I heard Jasmine ask.
"Im sure he is fine, he might know where Bria is" That was Gerard.
"Why did Bria not come home with him?" Jasmine asked. She didn't come home because i allowed black vines to suck her down into the fucking ground.
"I dont know, i hope she is safe" Gerard said. It was quiet then i entered the kitchen where they were standing.
"Morning" I managed a smile.
"You okay? You seemed as if you seen a ghost or something last night" Gerard said pouring himself coffee.
"I am fine i just need the group together" I said.
"Do you know what happened to Bria?" Jasmine asked. The mention of her name even made me shiver.
"I want to tell the group so i dont have to repeat myself Jasmine" I stated pouring myself a glass of milk. I like milk.
"Okay, Mikey and Swan is out in town, Mikey broke one of bass strings and Swan went with him and i think Ray is still asleep and Bob is too" Jasmine said
"Wheres Jenny and Hozzie?" Hozzie was like my other sister she was never out of the house.
"Jenny went over to Hozzie's house a half hour ago" Gerard smiled.
"Awesome, im going to go and wake Ray and Bob" I said finishing my milk.
"Alright" Jasmine gave me a warm and friendly smile. I yawned and walked upstairs and opened Ray's door luckily he was awake.
"Morning" I said
"Hey" Ray smiled
"I was sent to wake you and Bob up" I laughed
"Awesome" Ray said
"Get down stairs as soon as you can i need to talk to the entire group okay man?" I said
"Sure thing" Ray smiled. I waved and closed the door and walked into Bob's room and noone was there. Then someone tackled me to the ground.
"FUCK!" I shouted
"MORNING!" Bob laughed
"BOBBERTA!" I screamed
"HEY!" Bob said sadly
"Dont mess with the Ieronator!" I said
"Your playing with the TransformaBob!" Bob laughed
"Haha" I laughed and he helped me up
"Im going to head downstairs again and come down as soon as you can" I tapped his shoulder and headed downstairs.

They are going to think i have gone fucking out of my mind.

Bria :

I was certain this is what i wanted to do. I was never really liked and i will probably see Electrica.
"What are you here for?" A girl sitting beside me smiled, she looked about no older than eight years old.
"I need to sort some things out with Trace, what about you?" I smiled
"Im new here, how long have you been a Dark Angel for?" She asked curiously swinging her legs back and forth. Reminding me of when i arrived.

"Hello" I looked at the receptionist. She could clearly tell i was a newbee well wouldnt you if a 7 year old walked into the office?
"Hello, how can i help you?" She smiled
"Im new and i was told to go and see Skylar and Trace" I smiled
"Ah you just walk down that hall and you will see a room with a bright red door" She smiled and she had yellow teeth. She looked really old.
"Okay" I smiled and skipped off down the corridor. As i eventually stopped skipping i seen Angels with their head low and in handcuffs, others shouting and being dragged away. I seen another girl the same age as me and i walked over to her
"Hi!" I smile. She looked at me
"Hello" She said less confident than myself.
"Im Brianna, whats your name?" I smiled
"Im Electrica" She smiled

Thats how i met Electrica. I smiled at the memory and forgot that the young girl was sitting beside me
"Hello?" She asked looking at me confused.
"Oh sorry, flashback mode" I laughed
"How old were you?" She smiled
"I was 7 when i arrived here, when i stepped through those doors" I pointed to the now rusted and unpainted doors.
"Awesome, how old are you now?" She seemed so curious and willing to make a friend.
"Im 16 and My name is Bria whats yours?" I asked
"Im Kitty" Kitty smiled. Then Trace came out of the room
"Bria" He called. I stood up and faced Kitty
"Ill talk to you a little later yeah?" I smiled
"Yep" She laughed. I waved and walked into Trace's room
"So no harm will come to Frank?" I had to make sure that frank will be perfectly fine.
"None whatsoever" Trace smiled pulling a chair out for me and sat down on his own.
"Good" I smiled
"Now, just sign your name and then in a few hours you will get to work" Trace smiled again. I took the black fountain pen and pressed it against the crisp beige coloured paper and signed my name without second thoughts. I was sure Frank was traumatized but he will probably think what happened was just some crazy dream. If he was to tell the guys they will think he has gone insane and finally send him to the mental institution. Plus anyway i would be no hassle if i wasn't there. Jenny would eventually forget about me. Swan and Jasmine will move on. I was never that close with Gerard and Mikey and Frank will come to his senses.
"Done" I said
"Good" Trace then left the room. I was a little confused but then he came back into the room with

Oh My God

Im sort of evil in a way :/


And no its not Skylar i showed this chapter to my friend and she thought it was Skylar. I was like NO! THINK BACK A FEW CHAPTERS Shit i gave you a hint >.<
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