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Opening Up

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We are officially at the 20 chapter mark :D
Gerardwayiscute thanks for sticking with me through out this :D You have reviewed since i irst started this and i thankyou. You will probably be here until the end xD
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There will be more chapters to come that is a promise xD


Swan :

"Ooh i got a message" I smiled at Mikey who was paying for his new bass strings.
"Who from?" He smiled
"Frank" I said then my smile dropped

heeeey, you and mikey need to get home its important and its about bria dnt want 2 tell group wifout you k?

"What does it say?" Mikey asked
"We have to get home fast" I was getting more concerned. Mikey's face soon became confused.
"What happened?" He asked
"Its about Bria" I said. We ran out of the shop and got into the car.
"God, i hope she isnt hurt or anything" Mikey said
"Jesus, that is the last thing we fucking need!" I shouted.
"Calm down Swan, your just overreacting" Mikey tried to calm me as he started the car.
"Your right" I then closed my eyes and began to take deep breaths.
"Thats it" Mikey smiled
"Yeah" I smiled feeling a little more relaxed.
"Im glad Frank is okay" Mikey smiled
"Yeah" I said. Mikey was always so concerned when it came to Frank, thats what i like about him he is very caring for his friends even though i have only known him for a little over 3 weeks.
"Your very concerning when it comes to Frank" I smiled. His face thyen turned a small colour of red.
"Is it that obvious?" I heard him mutter under his breath
"Is what so obvious?" I asked raising my eyebrow at him.
"Swan can i be honest" Mikey pulled the car over to the curb.
"What?" I asked
"Swan im gay" My eyes grew wide, that was unexpected. Very VERY unexpected.
"YES!" I then smiled. Mieky was now confused
"Oh" Mikey laughed
"WAIT!" I said
"What?" Mikey replied
"Do you like Frank?" I was getting excited and it was very noticeable my eyes were filled with joy, my hands and legs were shaking with excitement, i was hyper and my voice was extremley happy.
"Well-i-uh" Mikey tried to find the right words
"OH MY GOD!" I screamed.
"GOD DONT DEAFEN ME!" Mikey shouted putting his hands over his ears.
"SORRY IM JUST SO HAPPY FOR YOU!" Then i gave him a giant hug, well as far as i could go because of the seatbelt.
"Thanks, your the only one who pretty much knows, your the first one i have opened up to" Mikey smiled
"Does Gerard know?"
"No, iam a little too embarressed and what if he thinks im a creep or something?" Mikey said
"You should open up, but dont admit your feelings for Frank yet, spend time with Frank and maybe just maybe he will like you too" I said with honesty, Frank was bi, i THINK. He had a boyfriend before but that only lasted a little under a week, but that was about 3 years ago.
"You really think they wont see me differently?" His eyes were filled with worry, trust and fear.
"No they wont see or treat you differently, if anyone does i will whip their ass!" I laughed at the end
"Thanks Swan" He lent over and kissed my cheek.
"Safe those for Frank" I winked.
"SWAN!" He laughed
"What?" I said
"Stoppit!" He whined
"Okay" I laughed and we drove home.
"Should i admit straight away?" Mikey asked stepping out of the car
"No no no wait until a little later we just need to see what has happened to Bria first" I smiled and hugged Mikey again. Mikey opened the door and we both stepped in and everyone was sitting on the sofa's. Frank was sitting on the armchair and Gerard, Jasmine, Ray and Bob took up the 3 seater. Me and Mikey sat on the two seater.
"What has happened?" I asked.
"Is it about Bria?" Ray asked
"Yeah" Frank said looking at the ground.
"Is she hurt?" Mikey asked
"Is she in hospital?" Bob asked
"Why is she not here?" Gerard asked
"Guys give him time, dont over load him with questions!" Jasmine said.
"Continue" I said.
"Okay well first we got into an arguement as you know and then i chased her into the forest" Frank said not making eye contact with anyone.
"Kay" Gerard said
"Guys dont think im crazy" Frank said
"We wont" Boba nd Ray said
"Dont send me away to the mental place" Frank said
"Frank the mental palce wont even accept you because of how crazy you are" I laughed
"True but seriously im not kidding" Frank said
"Tell us!" Mikey begged.
"I saw Bria transform into a fairy or angel or something" Frank's voice was serious and i automatically looked at Gerard, Ray and Bob.
"Dude" Gerard said
"She did!" Frank said
"She tranformed?" Bob was confused
"Yes and then a black vine wrapped around her body and pulled her down to the ground" Frank concluded. A part of me thought he was making this up and another part believed him. The seriousness, the straight face, the steadyness, the fact that Bria was not here with us, the fact that Frank was shocked last night infact he was so shocked he couldnt even speak.
"Okay" Gerard said
"That explains alot if you think about it" Jasmine said
"How?" Bob asked "There is no such thing as fucking fairies!" He said
"Bria disappears at night, be's alone in her room, isn't sitting right here, has a strange connection with Jenny" Jasmine said
"True" Gerard agreed.
"Wait" Mikey ran upstiars.
"Where's Mikey going?" I asked
"Dont know" Gerard replied.
"Guys" Frank said
"Yeah" Ray, Gerard, Me and Jasmine replied.
"So you believe me?" He asked
"I do because it explains alot" I said
"Same" Jasmine agreed.
"I really dont know" Bob and Ray said
"Maybe because it does explain alot and when ever she gets angry she just sort of disappears so pretty much yeah" Gerard smiled
"So im not crazy?" Frank's voice was turning a little brighter
"No your not crazy, well you are in your hyper way" I laughed. Mikey came back downstairs with Bria's phone.
"Is that Bria's?" Jasmine asked.
"Yeah i hear her talking to a person called Electrica" Mikey replied
"Maybe Electrica is one of these Angel or fairies" Gerard said
"Am i seriously hearing this? I feel like im in a fucking fairytale!" Bob said
"Think about it, Bria has been acting very strangely" Jasmine said
"Why wouldnt she tell us if it is true" Bob said
"Okay to sort this out we get in contact with Electrica and maybe she can explain a few things" Frank said taking the phone off Mikey and dialling Electrica's number.
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