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Staircase To Hell

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WARNING : this chapter could be sad as my friend began to cry at this :/

Just a warning xD

This is basically what is so far happening to Bria :P

Sorry if its short in a rush and didnt want to leave you waiting because i love each and everyone of yew :3


Bria :

My eyes grew wide, my stomach turned, i had lost my voice, my skin became paler when i seen that face, that face that has caused me so much pain since day 1, but how? why? no. This is not happening, but what if it is? what is going to fucking happen to me now? he told me time and time again not to get exposed or do something stupid. He is going to so hold this against me, what if he? No. No. No.
"Sir?" i asked, making sure my head wasn't playing me.
"Brianna, how many times have i told you not to do something careless which will end up you being in this position?" He said, serious, tense and angry.
"Alot, sir" I replied, keeping my voice low.
"Trace had called me, he knows that you work for me, he also knows that i know about your kind because well im his twin brother im supposed too" WAIT WHAT? Sir was Trace's TWIN FUCKING BROTHER?
"Your Trace's twin?" I asked with shock, surprise and confusion.
"Yes" He replied.
"No buts let me finish"
"Sorry Sir"
"Thankyou, You will be working in the mines where others are, You will be down there for the remainder of your life which is forever basically unless something dreadfull happens in the mine" Sir concluded and left the room not wanting to hear my reply. I just nodded and took a deep breath.
"You coming?" Trace said
"Yes" I stood up and followed Trace outside.
"Probably one of the worst options you could pick Bria" He said
"What do you mean?" I asked, slightly worried.
"When your down here, you will never see light again, i probabaly wont even hear from you again" He said
"So it will be like im forgotton or never even exsisted?" I said
"Pretty much yes"
"There is no second chances down here, that was one of the biggest decisions of your life, how you would spend the rest of yourt life, most Angels dont get that oppurtunity Bria, say goodbye to basically everything you have ever had and all you can do is wish for the things you wanted to have in the future, things that you will never hold, people that you will never see, that Angel that you will never love" Dark Angel's were only allowed to loev Dark Angel's, i immediantly regretted picking Option A. But this is what i get, each option always has its own twist and my life came crashing down to nothing, to dust, to air, to nothing.
"Trace" I said
"Yes Bria?"
"Nothing" I said shaking my head and continuing forward. The twist to this Option, i wouldn't even be allowed out of the mines, i will be living in pure darkness with probably others depending on where i worked and where i would be sleeping.
"Now down this staircase you will meet Hugo, he owns these mines and is waiting upon your arrival to the mines" Trace said.
"Thanks for everything Trace" I smiled. Trace was the one who raised me up into the Angel i am now. He pulled me into a hug and i walked down to basically my very death. The door shut closed and candles were the only light surrounding me, this was defintly the staircase to hell.

Electrica :

All Time Low, Break Your Little Heart sounded from my phone. I picked it up and Bree's name flashed on the screen.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Is this Electrica?" A male voice which i didn't know replied
"Yes and who is this and why do you have Bree's phone?" I asked concerned incase she had gotten into trouble or something.
"Im Brianna's friend Frank and it's important i want you to come round to the house as soon as you can" Frank replied
"Where's Bree?" I asked
"Thats what we need to talk to you about" Frank said
"Is she in trouble?" I asked
"No time for questions will you come over to the house?" Frank asked.
"Yes" I replied, Frank gave me the address and i hung up saying i will be no more than 10 minutes. I jumped into my car and sped off to Frank's house.
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