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Deciding & Secrets

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Chapter 22 xD

I thought of YET another idea xD

You can sort of guess what it is, i have left a clue at the end !!!!

Also can you guess who Sir might be? I have decided who he will finally be xD

Let the story continue :3


Frank :

"Well?" Swan asked getting impatient and frustrated.
"She is on her way, you can relax now Swan" I smiled
"Great!" She smiled and sat down on the armchair.
"Bria, our Bria is an Angel or fairy" Bob was still trying to get that statement into his head and it was proving to be difficult for him to accept.
"Yes Bob, our Bria, our Brianna is an angel or fairy" Jasmine said.
"Well we dont know, hopefully Electrica can bring some light into the situation" Gerard said.
"Yeah" Mikey smiled. We all waited patiently for Electrica to arrive, Bria never mentions her but it is clear that Bria is a big part of Electrica's life.
"Where is she?" Swan asked.
"Be patient!" Mikey and Gerard said.
"Im trying!" She argued.
"Good girl" I clapped sarcastically
"Where's my reward" Swan laughed
"Wait" I then made my way into the kitchen and opened the cupboard and took a digestive biscuit from the packet then walked back into the others.
"Here" I walked over to Swan and gave her the digestive biscuit. Gerard, Mikey and Jasmine began to laugh.
"Good doggy!" Gerard smiled.
"WHERRE IS THE DOGGY!" Jenny smiled wlaking in.
"Frank got a dog?" Hozzie said her eyes growing wide.
"Yeah me" Swan smiled.
"Oh" Jenny said her smile dropping.
"Hey that is sort of offensive!" Swan said pretending to be offended.
"I love you really" Jenny said walking over and hugging her.
"Where's Bria?" Hozzie asked.
"She's out" Gerard said
"Out where?" Jenny asked
"A place" Gerard said
"What place?" Jenny said
"What about the place?" Gerard said
"I want to know" Jenny said
"Want to know what?" Gerard said
"JENNY!" Gerard then began to laugh and then my sister full on attacked him when the door knocked.
"That must be Electrica" I walked out of the room and was greeted with a girl with short black hair.
"Hey" She smiled
"Are you Electrica?" I asked
"Yes, yes i am" She smiled
"Im Frank come in" I stepped aside and she walked in without hesitating. We walked into the front room where Jenny ahd finally finished beating up Gerard.
"Guys this is Electrica, Electrica this is Mikey, Bob, Ray, Gerard, Swan, Jasmine, my sister Jenny and my sisters friend Hozzie" I said pointing to each person.
"Hello" Swan replied, she got waves and hi's from everyone else.
"Jenny, Hozzie can you leave the room we need to discuss something important okay?" I told the two younger girls, they nodded their heads and left the room.
"Jenny looks like you" Electrica commented.
"No she really does not" I laughed
"What happened to Bree?" Electrica said
"Dont think im crazy" I said
"I doubt i will because if i told you some stories you would have me out of here" Electrica smiled.
"Okay, me and Bria had an arguement and she walked into the woods and i chased after her but i seen her transform into a angel or fairy of some description" I said
"YOU WHAT?" Electrica freaked out
"Calm down" I said pulling her into a hug.
"Oh my what else happened?" She asked her voice was weak.
"A black vine wrapped around her body and drug her down to the ground" I concluded. That was when Electrica broke down. Everyone in the room was just as confused as i was.
"This is so bad, this is very bad" She said inbetween cries.
"How bad is it?" Swan said
"I cant tell you" She cried
"Why not?" I questioned
"I would get killed" She said
"No exceptions" She said.
"Is there anyway of her coming back?" Swan asked. Electrica shook her head
"Really doubt it, depends what punishment Trace and Skylar have given her" Electrica managed to calm a bit.
"So i will never see my best friend again?!" Swana nd Jasmine busted out. They began to cry and Swan ran upstiars and Jasmine just fell to the ground and Gerard began to comfort her.
"Oh my" Bob said. Ray was speechless, i was frozen and Electrica said nothing.
"I have questions" Bob asked
"Go ahead" Electrica replied
"What is Bria?" Bob asked
"Bree is a special kind of Angel called a Dark Angel" Electrica replied
"Is she evil?" Gerard asked
"No, she is very good spirited" Electrica replied.
"There has to be a way to save her" Mikey said
"Not that i know of, but im going to do everything even if it means i have to face Skylar and Trace myself" Electrica replied
"Im going with you" Swan said appearing at the door
"Me too" Jasmine said
"You cant" Electrica said
"Why??" Jasmine and Swan questioned
"No human has ever been in the place before" Electrica said.
"I dont care" Jasmine said
"You will be risking alot" Electrica said
"She is my fucking best friend and i dont care im coming with you even if i am putting my life on the line" Jasmine said
"Think about this for a minute Jay" Gerard said
"There is nothing to think about, im going and thats it!" Jasmine decided.
"No buts Gee, i have made my decision, im going with Electrica and that is final" Jasmine said.
"I dont want you to get hurt" Gerard said
"I wont Gerard"
"Shush" Jasmine said.
"I have made my decision" Jasmine said confidently. I saw sadness and worry in Gerard's eyes. She was going to get killed and we all knew that. Me and Ray is better off going but we sort of cant spill it, can we? can we finally say? Can we do it alone? Is there anymore of US? I have heard rumours that there is another 2. But im sure we would have known by now. But there was something about Mikey and Gerard.

Is Mikey and Gerard the other 2 of US?

Who has Bria held captive?

Oh My God.


What if he does?




^.^ WIN!

There is just

So many questions,

So many discoveries,

So many secrets

So much drama.
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