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Killjoys Make Some Noise!

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The title sort of gives it away :/ ah well xD

Enjoy and i had to [post it because I LOVE THIS STORY SO FAR!!! xDDDD


Gerard :

"Gerard can i talk to you for a second?" Mikey said.
"Yeah" I said walking out of the room with Mikey.
"We cant let Jasmine go with Electrica she will get killed" Mikey said
"I know that, but we sort of cant say y'know that we are y'know"
"I know, but it would be better if we went than Jasmine" Mikey said.
"I know now come on back inside" We walked back inside.
"Jasmine you cnat come only a certain group can come with me!" Electrica shouted.
"What group?" Jasmine asked.
"They are a group of 4 called the Fabulous Killjoys, they are the only ones that can come with me only i have a fucking problem i dont know where the fuck they are!" Electrica said. I froze a little because she did not know she was technically in the presence of 2 of them.
"Electrica can we talk to you?" Me and Frank sdaid at the same time. We both looked at eachother.
"ARE YOU?" We both pointed to eachother.
"Gerard come here" Frank then grabeed my arm and yanked me outside, why does people contantly do this to me?
"Your a Killjoy aren't you?" Frank asked
"I KNEW IT!" Frank happy jumped and pulled me into a hug.
"Wait wait wait are you one?"
"Im Fun Ghoul!" Frank smiled
"Wait we?"
"Is Ray?"
"After so many years we finally found one another" I was happy now that i have finally found the other 2 killjoys.
"Come on we need to tell Electrica"
"Swan, Jasmine, Bob can you please leave for a minute" Frank asked when we walked back into the room.
"Sure" Swan, Jasmine and Bob kindly left the room.
"Okay?" Electrica asked
"Hi, Im Party Poison" I smiled at Electrica
"YOUR A KILLJOY?!" Ray sounded surprised.
"Yeah" I smiled.
"Well that was so easy!" Electrica smiled.
"Why do we have to go?" Mikey asked Electrica.
"The person that is probably down there with Bree is Korse" Electrica said
"What?" I said
"You heard me, Im the only one that know's his real name, Bree does not know that he is actually Sir, KKorse knew about us and is Trace's twin brother i think he knew that Frank and Ray was friends with Bree because yout wo are killjoys so that is why he has Bree" Electrica said
"But im the one that caused her to blow up" Frank said
"Fun Ghoul now she has been holding all that anger in and didn't realize that she was going to get exposed" Electrica said.
"If i hadn't have made her blow up she would still be here" I said
"You wouldn't have found out that Gerard and Mikeywere the other Killjoys" Electrica said
"Now we have to get ready to find Bree and hopefully bring her home"
"Fr-frank" Hozzie appeared at the doorway, her face was pale, her hair was long and tangled, she had a smaller figure, she looked like death had taken over her.
"OH MY GOD!" Electrica screamed
"What?" Frank shouted
"HOZZIE!" Electrica ran over to the deathly pale girl.
"Wh-whats happening t-to me El-electrica" Hozzie asked, the tears were coming out of her eyes
"It is going to be okay i promise!"
"T-tell me i-it hurts" Hozzie said.
"Your a Dark Angel" Electrica said
"SHE IS?" Frank said
"Wow" Mikey said
"Yeah" Ray said.
"It hurts!" Hozzie cried.
"Im going to have to take her to Skylar and Trace, we will go get Bree soon but first i need to sort out Hozzie" Electrica said.
"Am i g-going t-to die?" Hozzie asked
"No no no your wings will arrive soon, it will only hurt for a little while and then it will go away" Electrica smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind Hozzie's ear.
"Now try a smile" Frank said to her. The young girl lifted her head up and smiled a small smile that made you melt inside.
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