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So Long & Goodnight

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Chapter 24 :)

Sorry if it is short -_-, i remember when i first started this story the chapters were long and now they are short -___- i need to make these longer :/

But I will sort that out ^.^


Electrica :

I remember the first time i felt the pain that Hozzie is going through, it feels as if someone was attempting to rip you in half or squeezing you so hard your arm breaks, it is a pain a little hard to explain.
"Am i g-going to die?" Hozzie asked her eyes pleading as we walked to BLI, well the underground close to hell BLI.
"No no no, your just transforming dont worry" I smiled at her, she managed a weak smile as we reached the reception desk.
"Is Skylar or Trace available?" I ask the receptionist.
"Yes, Skylar is available in his room i will let him know that you are arriving Electrica" The recetionist smiled having barely any teeth.
"Thanks" I smiled halfly and took Hozzie's hand and we walked down the hallway. There was a slight draft that made both me and Hozzie shiver, i felt her confidence grow low due to the dead bodies being dragged away, they have obviously really broken the commitment or worse disobyed orders or refused to do tasks set by Skylar and Trace. I just hope i don't see Korse down here, the last thing i want is to see him. When we reached Skylar's door. Hozzie looked at me then the door and took a stronger grip on my hand.
"You ready?" I asked her. She nodded her head and i opened the door.
"Hello Electrica" Skylar smiled, he must be in a good mood.
"Hi" I smiled.
"Who is this?" He asked pointing to Hozzie.
"This is Hozzie and she is showing symptoms of tranformation" I said.
"Ah, is she in any pain?" He asked.
"Hozzie are you hurting, is there anywhere that is hurting you?" I asked her.
"Yeah" She muttered
"Where?" Skylar asked her appraoching her and lowering down to her level.
"My back, my arms and my legs" Hozzie said not making eye contact with Skylar.
"Your wings must be growing, your arms and legs must be developing" Skylar smiled.
"Wings?" Hozzie asked
"Your a Dark Angel" I smiled at her.
"Are you Electrica?" She looked up at me.
"Yes, yes i am" I smiled.
"Can you show me your wings?" Hozzie asked.
"Sure" I let go of her hand and turned around, closed my eyes and let my wings free. They were a bright blood red with black splats all over them (sort of like paint splashes ina way) with a white victorian style rim.
"They are beautiful" Hozzie smiled touching the bottom of them
"Thankyou, im sure yours will be evn prettier" I smiled.
"Am i allowed to choose the colour?" She asked
"You cant, it will be your personality colour" Skylar said
"Do you have wings?" She asked
"No boy Dark Angel's dont im afraid" He smiled at her.
"When will her wings arrive?" I asked
"Very soon, she is better off staying here, because she will have to get trained and learn the commitment like you had too" Skylar said.
"So i have to leave her here?" I asked
"Yes, but she is in good hands" Skylar said.
"Hozzie leave the room, i want to talk to Skylar alone" I said. The young girl didn't resist she walked out of the room, not a single word escaping from her closed lips.
"I cant leave her here" I said
"Why not?" Skylar said
"Because i know what happens" I said.
"I want her to know who i am" I said seriously, you know im serious when i cut off the person who is able to kill you's sentance.
"Electrica this is what happens and depending which way she turns out will depend if she is able to go back to earth or not" Skylar said.
"She is good hearted, loved by each and everyone around her, if she does not remember them, shit is going to go down" I said
"Electrica you cant change what happens, if Hozzie has to stay here she has to, If she has to not remember everyone then she does not, it has been like that for many many many years" Skylar said. I felt a tear coming to my eye. What if Hozzie has to loose her memory? What will happen if she isn't allowed back to earth? Her parents are going to be devestated.
"Do you know what you are doing? Jenny is going to literally break down" I said.
"I will see, but the chances of her going to earth, i dont know"

Great another problem

"Okay, just let me know" I said leaving Skylar's office, Hozzie smiled at me. I walked over to her and leant down to her level.
"You have to stay here for a while" I said to her.
"Why?" She asked
"Until your wings arrive" I smiled
"I cant wait to show Jenny them!" She said excited.
"Your not allowed to show Jenny your wings because then i will get into trouble and then i wont be allowed to see you again" I said to her.
"Oh" Her voice lost the excitement and she lowered her head.
"It will be our little secret" I said to her. She smiled and i pulled her into a hug.
"So i will see you soon then?" She smiled
"Yeah, i will be right back when i can" I said making sure the sadness was hidden.
"Okay" She smiled again. I waved and left the room. As soon as i left and reached Earth again.

I broke down in tears.
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