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Take Me Away From This Place

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25 chapter mark :D

so much more to still come!!! Frank's ex is to still arrive and do you remember WAYYYY back int he first chapter a girl called Rachel? yeah i may make her appear xD SHIT IS GOING TO GO DOWN BETWEEN HER AND JASMINE XDDDD

maybe not i have not written those chapters yet :3 we still have to save Bria and maybe Hozzie and maybe a certain younger girl called Grace should appear


Well anyway

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Frank :

So much was happening this weekend, we found out that Bria was a Dark Angel, Gerard and Mikey are the other 2 Fabulous Killjoys it should be easier to take down Korse and BLI, Hozzie is also a Dark Angel, i wonder what the next surprise is going to be?
"This weekend has been eventful" Swan stated
"Very eventful" Bob agreed.
"What do we do now?" Jasmine asked
"We just have to wait on Electrica and Hozzie to come home i guess" Gerard said kissing Jasmine's forehead which made her smile, Jasmine and Gerard were just in a way perfect for eachother.They never fight they just sit and smile at eachother, telling eachother everything, i dont know why but deep deep deep deep DEEP down i wanted someone to share that with.
"Frank" Jenny appeared at the door.
"Yeah, what is it Jen Jen?" I smile. The younger girl laughed and i picked her up in my arms and sat down.
"When is mum and dad coming home?" She asked tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear. I felt a pang of pain go through me, i had told her that they were on a business trip (which was the truth, they were on a business trip to BLI) Then i remembered what happened a few days ago.

The clock read 6AMand it was a dry day outside, i dont know why we have to go to school, why I had to go to school it was completly pointless to me because i technically already have a jobas a killjoy (does that count as a job?). I stood up and walked downstairs making sure not to wake anyone else in the house.
"Morning" Mikey smiled at me, i thought i was the only one awake in the house, obviously not.
"Hey" I said my voice still groggy and tired.
"When was the last time you checked the mail? This morning i seenthe mailman try to fit a parcel or something into the mailbox, but he somehow managed" Mikey said
"It must be Jenny's art set" I said. I had never checked the mail, infact the mail had actually went out of my head. I stood up and opened the front door and made my way to the mailboz, it was cold and there was a slight breeze. I just wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep but unfortunatly when your me you cant. I opened the mailbox and Mikey was right it was filledwith a bunch of letters and a parcel, i lifted the parcel out first and i was right it was addressed to Jenny. I then took a look at the letters Bills, advertisements, deals and shit like that. But the last one, a small rectangular envelope was addressed to me, it was white and had paint splattered all over it. I raised an eyebrow at it and then decided to open it out of pure curiousity of what it could be.

Fun Ghoul,
This is a letter from myself, Dr.Death Defying and i know it may seem strange that i am writing to you but i have some tragic news that has just reached us, your mother and father was caught by BLI and were kidnapped by we believe to be 3 Draculoids. They have taken them to the BLI Scarecrow unit, we know this information thanks to Show Pony, Show Pony was able to get that far without getting caught and was unable to save them. We don't know if they are dead or alive or changed into Draculoids, we don't know if they are being used as experiments or even worse being tortured to get to know any classifyed information, but i know your mother and father a little too well and wont crack. We just want you to take care of Jenny and raise her up as a killjoy, it will be so much easier for you and since your a killjoy we want you to find a Dark Angel, they are special and can help resurrect killjoys if needed, if you find one they can help ressurect your parents if the worse has happened. We think BLI has kidnapped them because they knew that they were your parents and our informers have told us they are after you, dont fall for any tricks. We send you are deepest condolences and we are doing everything to try and find your parents.
This has been a letter from myself Dr. Death Defying.
[/A piece of myself has broken away./]

"Frank" Jenny looked at me, every one had a confused face.
"Frank, your crying" Jasmine said handing me a tissue. I set Jenny down off my knee.
"Sorry, excuse me" I then opened the cupboard door and lifted the letter out and put it safely and securely into my pocket, i opned the front door and stepped outside, a gust of wind over took my body but i didn't care i took out a cigarette and lit it and inhaled the chemicals which slowly was killing me. I closed my eyes and exhaled feeling a little relaxed. I couldnt tell Jenny what has happened, i personally don't think they are dead, they are trying to escape which i know wont happen. But everytime i look at Jenny i can see my mother's image which makes the pain even worse. If i had to bring Jenny up as a killjoy there is going to be alot of hard work, but at least i wont do it alone. I didn't realize but my feet were walking and i was letting them, i was allowing them to take me away, whereever they lead me is where i will go, i will go where ever they want me to and im not looking back. While i was walking i was thining was i being punished for somehting that happened in probably in a past life? One of my best friends was pulled into the ground, my parents have been kidnapped by BLI.

WHat did i do to deserve it?
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