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So Much To Do

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Okay because this is dead short i will post another chapter i will get on it immediantly :3


Electrica :

I decided to make my way back to Frank's house and let them know about Hozzie. A pang of guilt and pain went through me, i could have brought her with me, i could have trained her myself, i trained a few in the past. But no, i have to leave her with Skylar. It was colder and i don't know how long i have spent sitting heere in the meadow. It was relaxing and calming, takes away alot of stress and bad things that come to mind. The only bad things that have happened in my life are when i was younger, maybe that's why i always defend others, always put myself before others, I wouldn't be surprised it i got myself killed for another person, i wouldn't do that for just anyone. I would take a bullet, a knive, a rape for the likes of Bree or my sister Brona. I have not seen Brona in many many years and to be honest she probably wouldn't even know my name. She called me a freak when i first changed and i was only 7 when i changed. That cut off our relationship, we used to be extremley close, she told me everything and then when i come home im the fucking freak, she actually moved away from Jersey to get rid of me.

Shows how good a sister she fucking was.

Standing up, i took a deep breath and turned around and looked out at New Jersey. It may be small but that's the place where i was born and i was proud of that. I smiled and began to make my way back to Frank's house.

Jasmine :

"Do you think Frank's okay?" Swan asked
"What did he put in his pocket?" I asked
"Did something happen?" Bob asked
"I need coffee" Mikey said
"COFFEE" Gerard stood up
"NOT THE TIME!" Ray shouted
"BUT-" Gerard said
"No buts Gerard!" Ray pointed his finger
"Fine" Gerard said.
"GUYS" Jenny said. We shut up and turned to the younger girl.
"Yes?" We all said.
"You guys ramble" She stated shaking her head.
"We have been told" Ray said. Jeeny laughed and sat down beside Swan.
"Where's Electrica?" As soon as Mikey said that, Electrica came through the door.
"Hey" She smiled halfly.
"Hi" I smiled.
"Where's Hozzie?" Gerard asked, noticing her absence. Electrica's face turned dull, expressionless and she lowered her head.
"Is she..." I trailed off.
"Oh no shes still alive, she just has to get trained, but i don't know exactly where she will be put" Electrica said.
"Okay Ray, Mikey and Electrica come with me" Gerard said standing up, they all nodded and left the house probably going to look for Frank. I didn't question where they were going neither did Bob.

Gerard :

"We need to plan how and when we are going to get Bria" I said when we reached a small desert like playground.
"Well you guys are the Fabulous Killjoys so i don't see any problem and plus im a Dark Angel" Electrica smiled.
"I want her home" Mikey said.
"But we have a problem, see when your down in the place it goes 10 years into the future, i don't know why" Electrica explained.
"Maybe we should bring more killjoys" Ray suggested
"Thats a really good idea" Electrica smiled.
"We should go to the zones first, round up some killjoys and then head out" Ray said.
"First of all we have to find Frank" Mikey said.
"So mcuh to do" Electrica laughed.
"All involving effort" I said.
"Well you cant decide everything" Ray said.
"Now lets go and find Frank" I said.
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