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First Kiss Of Kings & Queens

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27 ;)

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I think im sliiightly obsessed with this story xD
But im sure im not the only one xD
This is chapter 27


Gerard :

So much was to still be done, so much was happening, i dont know which way to turn, your probably sick of hearing the same thing out of everyone but thats the vibe at the minute, everyone is confused and wanting to help out in some way. Mikey finally got hold of Frank and he is coming up to meet us in the abandoned park, we are then going to the zones in California and then get Bria.
"How long will it take to get to California?" Electrica asked.
"Depends which way you travel but we are travelling by van so it should take us ruffly 5 days or so" Ray said.
"So who is all coming?" I asked.
"Us, Frank, i think we should bring Jenny, Swan and Jasmine and they can stay with Show Pony and Dr. Death" Electrica said.
"Yeah, we cant leave Jenny alone" I agreed.
"Well it should be fun doing this" Electrica was trying to think on the positive side of all this.
"We are finally going back to California" Mikey said.
"Hey" Frank appeared.
"Hey man, what happened back in the house?" Ray asked.
"Im not too worried about that" Frank said.
"Okay" Electrica smiled.
"So whats happening now?" Frank asked lighting another cigarette.
"We are heading off to california in the van" Mikey said.
"Awesome!" Frank smiled
"Swan, Jasmine and Jenny is coming too, Bob is heading back to Chicago and plus it's half term at school so we don't have to worry about that" Ray said.
"Even better" Frank smiled. This si the first time in about 3 days we have all been properly smiling.
"Now lets head back to the house and tell the guys we are heading out tomorrow, the sooner the better i guess" Electrica smiled.
"We can tell mum and dad Dr. D wants to see us" i said to Mikey.
"Yeah" Mikey smiled.
"Do you guys like 30 Seconds To Mars?" Electrica asked
"Fuck yeah!" Mikey smiled.
"Good" She got out her iPod and her speakers and blasted 30 Seconds To Mars Kings And Queens.
"Into the night, desperate and broken" Frank and Electrica sang along. I happily joined in and Ray and Mikey airguitared.
"We were the kings and queens of promise!" We shouted.
"We are the phantoms of ourselves!" Electrica sang, She had a really strong voice.
"WE ARE THE KINGS!" Frank sang.
"WE ARE THE QUEENS!" Electrica sang, then the song ended. We then began to laugh and reached the house, we walked in and found that Bob had gone home.
"Frank" Swan pulled Frank into a hug then Jenny walked over to him and he picked her up.
"Guess where we azre going Jenny?" He smiled at the delicate girl.
"Where Frank?" She asked
"We are going to California" Frank smiled.
"REALLY!" Her face lit up.
"CALIFORNIA?" Swan and Jasmine said.
"You guys are coming to" Electrica smiled.
"Good!" Swan said.
"I dont want to be the only girl there!" Electrica laughed.
"I have to tell mum" Swan said grabbing her phone.
"I will have to tell my parents too, when are we leaving?" Jasmine asked taking my hand and kissing my cheek.
"We are leaving tomorrow Jazz" I smiled at her and kissed her lips softly, i felt her smile during it.
"Great" She kissed my nose then rang her parents skipping off into the kitchen.
"You guys are so cute together" Electrica smiled.
"Are you with anyone Electrica?" Frank asked. I seen her tense up a little.
"We sort of are not allowed" She said lowering her head.
"Oh, how come?" Frank pulled her into a hug.
"If a Dark Angel falls in love with a human, that human will die" She said. Frank looked at her.
"So you have never been kissed or close to anyone in that way?" He said.
"Never" She said, keeping her head down low.
"Hey" Frank then suddently grabbed her chin and kissed her lips softly.
"Since you don't love me in that way i won't get harmed" Frank said.
"Thanks Frank" She smiled.
"Aw" Jenny looked at Frank walkign back intot he room, she followed Jasmine into the kitchen.
"Aww" Electrica repeated. Jenny laughed
"You better pack" Frank said to her.
"Can Electrica your new girlfriend help me?" She pleaded.
"She isn't my girlfriend Jen" Frank smiled.
"Oh, but can she?" Jenny asked.
"Can she what?" Frank asked
"Be your grilfriend, look shes pretty, just like Bria!" She smiled.
"So innocent" Electrica smiled.
"Maybe" Frank said.
"I will go and help you pack now" Electrica walked out of the room with Jenny and she lead her upstairs into her room.
"This is technically going to be our first holiday together" Swan said to Frank.
"I know!" Frank smiled
"It is going to be fun i can tell" Mikey smiled
"Yeah, i just hope Show Pony is okay with Jenny staying" Frank smiled.
"Show Pony?" Swan was confused
"One of our friends in California" Frank said.
"Ah, is that like a nickname?" Swan asked. Her and Jasmine have so much to learn.
"Sort of" Mieky answered.
"What do you mean sort of?" Jasmine asked.
"Okay save the questions until we reach California" Frank said.
"Why are we going to California?, pure curiousity" Swan asked
"You will find out when we get there" Frank said.
"Awesome" Jasmine smiled
"Let's go pack" Swan said, we all agreed and went to pack our things for the trip to the zones in California.

If this turns out short i will scream -_- i have been trying to get back into writing long chapters like i did at the start.

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