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Californian Highway

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Chap. 28 :D

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Chapter 28 my friends xD

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Frank :

"Where's the fucking van keys?" I shout, we sort of cant leave if we don't have the keys to drive the van to California.
"Guys where the fuck is my other black converse?" Mikey shouted from upstairs.
"I cant find my eyeliner" Jasmine said walking into the room holding her hairbrush and a Sum 41 top,
"Where is Jenny?" Ray asked.
"I need fucking Starbucks" Gerard moaned.
"Where is my Bullet For My Valentine top?" Swan shouted.
"Your black converse is here, here is your eyeliner, we can get strabucks at a later date now is not the time and your BFMV top is in the second drawer and the van keys is in Ray's coat pocket" Electrica smiled.
"THANKS!" Everyone shouted.
"Frank have you ever been to California?" Jenny asked holding a Hello Kitty pair of sunglasses.
"Yeah, but this time your coming with me" I smile down at her.
"Good" She smiled.
"Okay has everyone got everything?" Ray shouted
"Yeah" Everyone called back.
"Lets go" I ruffled Jenny's hair and we all walked out to the van.
"Now who is sitting with who" I ask
"Us are together!" Gerard grabbed Jasmines hand pulling her towards him.
"No, i want my best friend for this journey!" Swan grabbed Jasmines arm.
"SHES MY GIRLFRIEND!" Gerard shouted
"SHES MY BEST FRIEND!" Swan shouted
"I LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU!" Gerard shouted
"Guys do I not get a say in this?" Jasmine asked
"NO!" Gerard and Swan said
"OKAY IM SITTING WITH FRANK IN THE FRONT" SHe then made her way over to the van and got in beside Jenny.
"Fine" Gerard and Swan said stubbornly and climbed into the van. Me, Mikey and Ray finished putting the suitcases into the van and climbed in aswell, i put the key into the ignition and pulled out of the driveway. In the front there was myself, Jasmine and Jenny, in the middle there was Gerard, Ray and Mikey and Swan and Electrica took up the back seat being sprawled all over it. It was obvious that Jenny was excited, you can see it in her face, her smile, her bright eyes they just said it all. She has never been out of New Jersey and she was always constantly asking mum and dad to take her out of New Jersey and go on holiday to Spain or England or somewhere not New Jersey, but they were always busy with tasks set by Dr. Death Defying or Show Pony, they had their work to do and didn't have time to take Jenny away. BLI may be a small company for now but it could spread worldwide if we dont stop it so i think taking down BLI was a little more important but to be honest Jenny found out Santa wasn't real at 6 years old, she never knew who the tooth fairy was or who the easter bunny was because mum and dad was so caught up in work, she missed out alot of her childhood, but now that i have to take care of her i will make sure she lives her life to the fullest, not letting anyone tell her who to be and who to not be, be herself and not change a thing for anyone because if they can't accept you for who you are you are clearly better off without them no matter how much you love them they are altering you, changing your personality to suit them, i dont want Jenny to grow up and people using her as a doormat. Noone will walk over her and Gerard, Mikey and Ray will help me take care of her, because she will be a teenager soon even though i am a teenager myself i sort of cant take care of myself in a way but i will raise Jenny as long as someone is there to help me, Plus Dr. Death Defying and Show Pony can help me turn her into a little Killjoy making her even more individual and different. Another thing i want her to do is to be different andnot follow the crowd. She is my sister and i will make sure she lives her life the way she wants to. I wouldn't change her for anything or anyone else and everyone knows how much Jenny means to me and she will always be a big part of my life no matter what, through bad times and good times, she is my sister, i will never disown her because she is the only sibling i have and i thank god for her ebcause she looks up to me and even corrects me when im wrong.
"Frank put some music on" Electrica smiled.
"SMASHING PUMPKINS!" Gerard shouted
"NO MISFITS!" Mikey shouted
"GUNS N' ROSES!" Swan yelled
"QUEEN!" Ray added
"NO 30 SECONDS TO MARS!" Jenny shouted turning and facing the crowd in the back.
"Frank you have taught her to listen to some good music" Electrica said nodding in approval.
"Yes, yes i have" I smiled.
"Okay we put on 30 Seconds To Mars then Smashing Pumpins, Then Queen, then Misfits, then Guns N' Roses and to top it off some Black Flag and Iron Maiden, sound good?" Jasmine smiled
"Very good" Everyone agreed.
"Now where is the CD's?" I asked
"Shit" Jasmine said
"YOU FORGOT THE CDS?!" Mieky, Electrica and Swan shouted
"They are in the boot of the van" Jasmine said.
"Frank pull over" Mikey said
"Okay" I pulled over about 5 minutes later and Mikey jumped out of the van and grabbed Jasmine's CD case from the back and handed them to her.
"Thanks Mikey" Jasmine smiled and put on her 30 Seconds To Mars CD.
"Now lets continue this hourney because we have a long journey" I said
"Are we pulling over soon?" Ray asked
"We have only started the journey so wait a while" Gerard said pulling out his sketch pad.
"Fair enough" Ray smiled. Jenny was humming along to the music and Swan was getting to know Electrica a little better
"When is your birthday?" Eelctrica asked Swan.
"A date" SHe smiled
"What date?" Electrica said
"The date for what?" Swan smiled
"Your birthday" Electrica said
"What about it?" Swan laughed.
"Very funny Swan" Electrica smiled then looked out the window.
"What are you drawing Gerard?" Jenny asked
"Im finishing a drawing actually" Gerard said looking up at Jenny.
"Oh" Jenny smiled sitting down again. The van was filled with laughs and jokes, but when we reach the zones so much questions are going to be coming out of Jasmine and Swan's mouths.
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