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Midnight Hairdye

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Chapter 29 xD Im going to have to give you an update at what has been happening with Bria and Hozzie -_- maybe next chapter x)


Frank :

"Frank you look like your about to fall asleep" Electrica said. It was midnight and i had been driving since this morning and the onlt time i have stopped for when we had to get food or petrol for the van.
"Im fine really" I said rubbing my eyes and yawning.
"Come on i slept earlier let me drive" Electrica offered. Everyone else was asleep, Jenny was cuddled close into Jasmine while she was lying her head against the back of the seat. Gerard's head was pillowed against the window with a pillow pressed against it, Mikey was lying on Gerard and Ray was doing the same as Gerard on the other window and swan was curled into a ball snoring lightly.
"If your sure" I said pulling over and getting out of the van and swapping places with Electrica, Electrica was a nice girl, i wonder how long Bria has known her and i wonder why she never introduced us to her. I got into the van and lay down on the same spot as Electrica and fell into a deep sleep straight away.

Electrica :

Frank was exhausted and i knew he was, i had slept for about 6 hours during the drive because i knew noone would want to drive at night so i offered to take over which he gladly accepted and as soon as he got into the van he fell fast asleep. I smiled at the sleeping killjoys and turned my iPod onto my Green Day playlist and plugged both headphones in and began to drive. I have not been myself for the past couple of days due to Bree. She was finding it harder and hardder to not tell the guys that she was a Dark Angel, she is going to be shocked to find out that they are Killjoys and technically part of us in a way because we both want rid of BLI before it spreads, i mean they have taken over California and i sure hope they don't reconize me unless Sir well korse is thre but he never see's people into the city. The only way you get into California now is through those pay at the barrier things only you have to be very loyal to BLI, if they knew your a Dark Angel or a Killjoy you are automatically dead so i have a little idea of how we are going to get in and they dont reconize me. I found a stop and pulled into it. Stepping out of the van i walked in and luckily they had a chemist connected to it which means they will have hair dye and contact lenses.
"Hello, how can i help you tonight miss?" A young girl no older than about 23 smiled at me.
"Hi, im going on a roadtrip to my friends house as she is having a fancy dress party and i forgot to lift my hair dye and contact lenses" I smiled.
"Which colour would you like?" She asked beginning to walk to the hair dye aisle.
"Something different, i like this dark blue" It was a Royal Blue colour it was perfect.
"Yes, that is a very rare colour to get" She smiled.
"Thankyou" I smiled.
"Now i'll check what colour of eye contacts we have i will be right with you in a moment" She smiled again and hurried off, im sure she was bored shitless doing late night shifts, i know i would be. The hair dye was actually a preetty colour and i was getting a little bored of being black.
"We have red, orange, purple or white coloured contacts" She returned showing me the contacts.
"The red would be pretty" I smiled at the red contacts.
"Very nice" She smiled.
"Awesome" I smiled.
"Do you need anything else miss?" She asked.
"No no this is perfect" I smiled following her over to the register.
"How long have you been on the road?" She asked.
"Since early this morning with a few friends" I said.
"Ah, that will be a total of $25 please" She said. I pulled out my wallet and handed her the money.
"Thankyou" She smiled.
"See you later" I smiled before walking out. I was a hairdresser before so i knew how to do this. I opened the boot of the van and lifted out my mirror and light. I switched on the light and got to work with my hair. Once the hairdye was in i had to wait a while for it to set. The girl from the store looked out the window and came out.
"Im bored shitless" She admitted.
"I think i would be too" I smiled.
"Where are you originally from?" She smiled
"Jersey, yourself?" I smiled
"California" She said.
"Whats your name?" I asked
"Beth, you?"
"Electrica" I held out my hand and Beth shook it.
"So you know about BLI?" I asked her.
"Fuck BLI" She said. She would probably be a good killjoy.
"Good girl!" I smiled.
"My mum and brother were taken by BLI, goodness knows where they are ow, i don't even know if they are alive or not, my dad was shot by one of the workers wearing a mask" I knew she was talking about the Draculoids, we are going to be fucking attacked by those.
"Oh, im sorry" I said.
"Dont worry, im happy" SHe said with a small laugh i raised my eybrow.
"Okay i hate it here, i want my family back, i want it back to the days where BLI didn't exsist and i want Korse to fucking die" She said.
"So do i, so do i" I smiled.
"How long has your dye been in?" Beth asked.
"Oh sugar" I grabbed the water basin that Beth had filled with water for me and began to wash it out.
"Hey it looks pretty! you really suit it" Beth smiled.
"Thanks!" I shouted. I grabbed my towel and emptied the water basinw atching the dye wash away. I plugged in the hairdryer and removed the towel, the blue was a deep deep deep ocean blue and to be honest i think i suited it better than black.
"I think this is far nicer than the black" I smiled.
"You really suit it" Beth said. I turned on the hair dryer and began to dry my hair, it didn't take long as my hair is short.
"SHIT!" I shouted
"What?" Beth said
"I forgot my straightners, oh well" I said.
"Not the end of the world"
"Not yet" I laughed. Beth laughed too.
"Well i better hit the road" I stood up.
"Yeah, thanks for giving me someone to talk to" Beth smiled. I pulled her into a hug and waved bye and got into the front of the car and putting in the eye contacts, i looked like a completly different person. Beth stood there until i drove off, i beeped the horn and drove off.
An hour had passed since i stopped at the chemist where i met Beth and we were closer to California, i was literally about 5 minutes away. I looked out the window and seen the BLI advertisements 'The Aftermath Is Secondary' was all around it. I pulled up to the barrier where the attendant was wearing the smiley mask that i always found creepy.
"Where are you heading?" He said holding a gun.
"To serve BLI" I smiled.
"Brilliant, we welcome you with open arms" He then pressed the button and i entered BLI Land. That was basically what California has become. I managed to cover up Jasmine and Jenny's bodies. Once i was in California, Draculoids were everywhere. I looked straight ahead as the Birght Lights were beginning to close in. Businesses were shut down and BLI advertisements as i said they were lining the deep city streets. I turned out of the city into a desserted street which lead to the zones.
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