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Training For The Dark Side

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Well we are finally at the 30 chapter mark :3

Sorry for keep you waiting im a bad little author >.<
The reason being is because i sort of got into a fight with my best friend


So enough with my life lets get back to this


Bria :

Hugo didn't say much, he just left me at my place in the darkness, a candle as my only light, my back was in so much pain, my hands were numb and my legs were about to give in, my bones were getting weaker and my face was becoming older and older, my bones were starting to be visible and my skin was a pale gray, dead colour. My eyes were bloodshot and my hair was tangled, i have only been here for 3 days. Noone talks, Draculoids walk around whipping people who were not doing a good job, others got raped, some even murdered, some who got raped fell preganant it was not a nice place down here to be honest, noone liked eachother, talked to eachother, communicated it was desserted. Screams, moans, begging, crying, pleading, shock, distortion, alarm bells, rotten language filled the atmosphere. It smelled like rocks and a small stench lingered. My knee's was the weakest part of my body and it wouldn't surprise me if i broke them. There were medical people down here incase one of the Draculoids got hurt, if one of the workers got hurt they wouldn't care, we were down here for a reason and when ever we appraoch them they just ignore us, we only get water and a crust of bread a day. If we asked for more we would be called ungratefull sluts and jerks who does not care for anyone else other than themselves. It was pure torture.
"WORK FASTER!" I heard one of the Draculoids shout and screams or pure terror come out of that Angels pale, dried, begging for water and freedom lips. I shivered and then got back to my pain and endless starvation and regret.

Hozzie :

"Now, do you understand clearly?" My teacher Korse smiled at me.
"Yes, i have to try and eliminate these Killjoys who are trying to end BLI which is a good thing that the world needs, without BLI our lives will be disastrous and pointless living and if these Killjoys keep doing this the company will end and we will all not survive" I said keeping eye contact, BLI seemed sucha good place to have.
"Good girl Hozzie" Korse smiled.
"So when can i kill them?" I asked
"Only when you learn defensive and attack" He said.
"You are progressing fast, better than anyone else" He smiled. I felt good working for the good side, Korse said depending on how well i do in my Defense and Attack lesson he might let me led the Draculoids and help them destroy the Killjoys.
"Im a fast learner, people put me down because im only 12" I said.
"Age is just a number, your agility level has to be good to work for BLI" He smiled again.
"My agaility level will be perfect i promise" I said.
"Good" Korse smiled then opened the door.
"Im ready for my next lesson" I smiled.
"Then lets get started" Korse said, we walked down the hallway, some people jumped back a bit form Korse, others gave him glares and apologetic looks at me.
"Korse?" I asked
"Yes, Hozzie?" He replied
"Why do they give you those looks?" I said gesturing to the Angels who walked past.
"They dispise the good work that we do at BLI, your helping me to exterminate them when you complete this lesson and the final one" Korse said.
"Okay" I smiled and we walked into a large room where 4 different draculoids were.
"Now Hozzie you have completeed 3 out of 5 tasks, this is your second last one Defense and Attack" Korse said.
"Yep" I replied.
"In front of you you can obviously see 4 of my trusted Draculoids, they are well trained and well help you to complete your training" Korse said pointing to each of them.
"Im aware of their presence" I said.
"Now this is a Ray Gun, used for Attack and Defense, 2 of these Draculoids will attack you and you will attack the other two" Korse explained.
"I understand" I said. Korse handed me the Ray Gun.
"Now im not going-" I shot down two of the Draculoids while suddently the other two began to attack, i done a tumble and got away and shot them both down but one got up and shot me but i managed to dodge and shot the draculoid back down.
"Hey this is easy" I smiled,
"Incredible process!" Korse smiled widely.
"So, can i keep the ray gun?" I examined the design on it and found it pretty aqesome.
"Later" He took it off me .
"So what happens now?" I asked
"Well you already sort of know your defense and attacks but i will show you more attacks and when the timing is just right you can help me to exterminate the fucking Killjoys" Korse smiled, i smiled back and we continued on with the lesson.
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