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Meet The Crash Queens & Motorbabies

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Number 31 x3

I feel like i have left you guys hanging :/



Swan :

I awoke to a bright light beaming through the windows of the cramped, suffocated, shortage of oxygen van. Me, Jasmine and Jenny were the only ones sitting in the van, Jenny and Jasmine were still asleep. I looked out the window and squinted at the light, i then realized we were in a desert and there was a hut outside with graffiti all over the walls.
"What the fuck?" I said outloud. I changed into a white vest top and denim shorts and pulled on a black pair of ankle boots and finally pulled my hair into a messy ponytail with strands hanging out all over the place and got out of the van. I could hear laughs coming from inside the hut, i looked through the window and seen Electrica, Mikey, Gerard, Frank and Ray laughing and having fun and i noticed 4 other people in there. Electrica smiled widely catching my eye and ran out to me.
"Come on" She smiled and grabbed my wrist dragging me into the little hut.
"Swan" Frank attacked me in a hug.
"Swan i want you to meet Dr. Death Defying and ShowPony" She gestured to 2 of the people.
"Question" I said
"Yes?" Ray said
"Where the fuck are we?" I said.
"Battery City my friend" Gerard smiled pulling me into a hug.
"Where?" I was just as confused.
"Battery City" One of the girls said, she had bright purple hair.
"Oh and you are?" I asked.
"Im Unperfect Disguise" The girl with bright purple hair spoke, she had green eyes and a skinny body.
"Nice to meet you" I smiled.
"Im Music Catostraphe" The girl with bright blue hair and brown eyes stepped forward.
"Um why is your names like that? Nicknames?" I asked. The two girls began to laugh.
"Clearly you guys have not explained to them" Dr. Death Defying said.
"No no we have not" Mikey smiled.
"Better wait for the others to come then wont we" Show Pony said.
"Yeah" Gerard said.
"Okay" I said.
"WHY ARE WE IN A DESSERT!" Jenny shouted excited and confused.
"Jenny!" Frank smiled and hugged her.
"Frank where are we?" She asked.
"Battery City" Frank answered.
"Oh" Jenny said
"I want yout o meet Unperfect Disguise, Music Catostraphe, Show Pony and finally Dr. Death Defying" Frank said
"Nicknames?" Jenny said having the same common sense as myself.
"A DESSERT?" Jasmine said.
"No Battery City" Unperfect Disguise said.
"Wah?" Jasmine said
"Your in Battery City" Mikey said
"I thought we were going to California" Jasmine said
"You are in California, your in the zones of Battery City in California" Dr. Death Defying said.
"Okay who are you?" Jasmine said
"Im Unperfect Disguise" This girl loved making new friends.
"Im Music Catostraphe"
"Im SHow Pony"
"And im Dr. Death Defying"
"Oh Nickanmes!" Jasmine said.
"They are far more important than nicknames" Music Catostraphe said.
"Oh" Jasmine said clearly confused.
"Guys we hae been keeping a secret from you" Gerard said.
"What?" Jasmine said
"Yes we all have" Electrica said
"What do you mean?" Jenny asked
"We are killjoys, trying to stop a corporation called BLI which stands for Better Living Industries from taking over the world" Frank said simply. At first i felt like i was in a comic book but the seriousness on Frank's face and in his voice showed otherwise.
"The nicknames are our killjoy names" Unperfect Disguise said.
"Ah" Me and Jasmine said in understanding.
"Now can i talk with Dr. Death Defying with just Jenny and then these guys will explain to you further" Frank said
"Sure" We all left Frank, Jenny and Dr. Death Defying alone.
"Can i call you MC" Jasmine asked Music Catastrophe
"Yeah!" She smiled.
"Poison wheres my iPod?" Unperfect Disguise said to Gerard.
"You guys have names too?" Jasmine said
"Yeah" Mikey said
"Really?" I asked
"Im Kobra Kid, Gerard is Party Poison, Ray is Jet Star and Frank is Fun Ghoul" Mikey said
"Wow" Jamsine said
"So why are we here?" I asked
"Frank has to train Jenny to be a killjoy and we have to save Hozzie and Bria but Korse is with Bria and Hozzie" Mikey said
"Which means Draculoids will be there" MC continued
"Which means we all have to go down" Unperfect Disguise said
"Which means BLI goes against trhe Fabulous Killjoys" MC continued
"Which means we will all have to work together" Ray said
"Which means-"
"Okay i get it!" Jasmine said interrupting Mikey.
"Good! MC smiled.
"So what do we do then?" I asked
"You guys are also going to train" Ray smiled
"Oh let the fun begin" Jasmine said.
"You have only 3 days" Electrica said.
"3 DAYS!" Me and Jasmine shouted
"Yes" Gerard said kissing Jasmines head.
"Aww" MC and Unperfect Disguise laughed
"What?" Jasmine said
"You guys are cute" Unperfect Disguise said
"So whats your real names?" I asked
"We dont even know that" Electrica said
"So does Dark Angels have a connection with the killjoys?" Jasmine asked
"Yes, The Dark Angels will probably also help us" Electrica said taking a drink of water.
"Awesome" I smiled.
"We need to help you create killjoy names!" MC said
"How?" Jasmine asked
"Whats the things you love?" Unperfect Disguise asked
"Dragons, vampires, reading and hello kitty and i love roses" Jasmine listed only a few of them.
"Hmm dislikes?" MC asked
"needles, bullies, sluts and fakes" She simply said
"Do you like BVB?" MC asked
"FALLEN ROSE!" I exclaimed.
"hmm" Jamsine thought for a moment
"We will give you sometime to come up with your own" MC suggested
"Yeah" Jasmine smiled
"What about you Swan?" MC said
"Huh?" I asked
"Have you thought about yours?" Electrica asked
"I have actually" I said
"Well?" Electrica said
"Sarcastic Innocence" I smiled
"That is so cool" MC smiled
"I know!" I smiled, proud of myself
"WEll thats your new killjoy name" Electrica said
"Yes" I smiled.
"Sarcastic Innocence" Gerard thought "I like it" He smiled. I smiled ta myself, this proves that i can be creative.

Gerardwayiscute you have to give me your killjoy name xD just letting you know :P
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