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Crashing Down

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:/ My Friend cried for 15 minutes over this :/

so just a warning x)

If i think this is too short i will write another chapter and put it on later :P



Jasmine :

After we finally made sense of what the fuck was going on i was actually quite liking being here, Unperfect Disguise and MC are really dead on and Dr. Death Defying is like a father figure in a way and Show Pony basically helps the killjoys out in different ways.
"Pizza anyone?" Ray asked coming in with 3 boxes filled with pizza goodness.
"YES!" Everyone shouted running over to Ray, Gerard took a box, Mikey took a box and Swan grabbed the last box. Gerard came over and sat down beside me.
"Pizza?" He asked opening the box. In a way i felt guilty when i was around him, i dont know why, but a part of me wanted me to be happy and cointent while the other part wanted tpo slow down and the last part of me felt like a slut in a way because i had only just met Gerard and then straight away we were pretty much dating, i don't know why these feelings suddently came over me and i hoped to God that they were not showing.
"No im fine" I said standing up and going into the bathroom and locking the door.
"Jasmine you need to sort yourself out" I said walking over to the mirror and pointing at my reflection. I ran my hands through my hair and closed my eyes taking a deep breath. Did i not want to be in a relationship? Was i paranoid? What would i be paranoid over? Why all these feelings? Then suddently i broke down in tears.

Gerard :

"GIMME!" MC pounced on my back
"LEARN TO SHARE POISON!" MC shot back and grabbed a slice of my ham and pineapple pizza.
"HEY!" I shouted taking a bite out of the slice i was holding.
"Gerard" Swan said
"What?" I asked
"Come here" Swan then walked outside, i placed the pizza on the sofa knowing with MC around it isn't going to stay there.
"Whats up?" I asked.
"Jasmine" She replied.
"Shes been different" Swan said, i thought i was the only one who noticed.
"WHat do you mean by different?" I asked
"Have you not noticed?" She said shocked
"I have but i want to know which ways you seem are different" I said
"Oh, have you noticed you and her have becoming distant?" She said
"A little yeah" I said scratching the back of my head, i needed to wash my black hair.
"Do you know why?" Swan said
"No, do you?" I asked
"Nope, its so unlike her, im starting to worry a litte, can you try to talk to her and see why? I dont want to get paranoid" Swan said folding her arms.
"Sure" I said
"Thanks" She then hugged me and we walked back inside and as i expected the pizza box had disappeared into the bottemless pit we call MC's stomach. Walking past the bathroom i heard crying and then knocked on the door.
"Everything okay?" I asked concerned. Jasmine then opene dthe door a little.
"Jasmine ? WHats wrong?" I asked. She opene dthe door fully and i stepped in closing the door ebhind me and locking it.
"So much-" Then she threw up due to all the crying, i ran over and started to rub her back
"Its okay, everything is fine!" I said clearly confused. Once she had finsihed vomiting i handed her a towel and she cleaned herself.
"Thanks" She muttered.
"Whats going on?" I asked. Her eyes became distant. She took my hands in hers and looked up at me keeping eye conatct.
"I feel like we. us" She said stopping,
"What about us?" I asked getting worried inside.
"I feel as if we have rushed into a relationship before getting to know eachother a little better, know what has been going on in eachothers lives" She said keeping full eyecontact, but deep down i was confused but i knew she was right.
"How come this hasn't annoyed you before?" I asked trying to make a little more sense of this inside my head.
"I don't know" SHe then let go of my hands "It all came crashing down on to me and its messing with me, i love you but i feel as if we just rushed into it" She said
"I think its best if we break up" She said. Thats when it hit, i lost control and i couldn't move, this was it it was going to be like Rachel again, im going to- NO IM NOT GOING BACK INTO THAT AGIAIN, IM NOT GOING TO LOSE JASMINE LIKE I DID WITH RACHEL.
"JASMINE WHAT DID I DO?" I asked trying to keep the tears from pouring, Jasmines already were.
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