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Beach Fun

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Really?? -.-

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-Katari P.O.V-

Me and Storm bumped into twins...Well storm did....she seems to be a really bad walker....

I felt weird, until Andy slid his arm around my neck, onto my shoulder.

I always feel safe around him.

"Are these two your boyfriends?"the one that keeps trying to seduce me says.

"That's none of your business, and we don't even know you two!"I say with pride.

We ran to Hot Topic before anything else bad happened.

Me and Andy were looking at the bows to see which one is the biggest and cutest one on me.

All I got was,"They all look good on you, and any other guy to be with you would be lucky to know that you look good in anything."

Every time he said that to me, I would blush.

I look over at Storm and Ryan who we looking at the shirts.

Then I look at the entrance...the twins.

I look back at Andy who was wearing the bow I had in my hand.

He was turned around trying to look for the mirror.

I took out my phone waiting for him to turn around to get a picture.


I got it, and saved it before he would notice.

Andy did notice.

But it wasn't the fact I got a picture of him.

It was the twins.

Andy and Ryan Glanced over at the same time.

The twins we checking us out again.

Before we would bump into them, we got out stuff.

I got two big bows, one if neon green, the other one was white with red splats like blood.

Andy spray and war paint.

Storm looked like she got a Paramore shirt.

Ryan got a Beatles band tee.

We got out of the store just in time.

We ended up not getting kicked out because we didn't want to run into "them" again.

So we went to me and Storm's house.

"Sooooooo." Storm said.

"Sleep over?" I suggest.

It was a Monday and we didn't care, we didnt have any homework.

"Later, it's only...4:50" Ryan said.

For a time like 4:50, it is really hot.

"BEACH!"Me and Storm yell jumping up and down.

"Sure." Andy says with a cocky smile.

"Oh great, my boyfriend is a perv."I say walking upstairs to get ready for the beach.

"No I'm not!"

"Really Andy?"Storm says.

"You Just got told." Ryan says smirking.

-30 minutes later-

I was wearing a bikini that was black with neon splats on them.

Storm was wearing a red bikini that has black plaid prints on it.

But we were wearing large shirts and shorts ontop of our bikinis

We were walking down stairs when the bell rang.

"Why is it when we go down stairs, the boys are at the door?"I ask.

"LOL, I don't know."

We open the door to see Ryan and Andy in swimming trunks.

Me and Storm were staring at them like 0.0

That made Ryan and Andy go all cocky mode and smirk.

"Wait till we get to the beach..."Storm said.

"Or parking lot."I finish for her.

Me and Storm wink at each other for a dirty plan.

"Ok hurry up, it's getting hot outside."I say while me and storm unbutton our shirts three times.

"O-Ok-k-ay"Andy and Ryan manage to say


Me and storm always go to places prepared.

So we brought water bottles.

10 water bottles.

Me and Storm got out of the car and took out our water bottles.

We wink at each other again.

So while we were drinking, we acted like we didn't know where we were going.

And we ended up bumping into each other, spilling the water over our chests.

We were dripping in water.

"Can out help us dry out shirts?"we ask Ryan and Andy.

"S-Sure"They say.

We hand them a towel.

They started helping dry our chests by softly dabbing our shirt top.

I wink at Storm.

"This isnt helping." I say.

"Oh yea, we should undress already."Storm said..

She obviously understands where I was going with this.

So me and Storm take off out shirts and shorts.

"Ready?"Me and Storm say.

"Yes." Andy and Ryan say very quickly.

When we turn, we see......the twins.
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