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Fucking twins -.-

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-Storm's POV-

"Well... This seems like a coincidence." I whisper, seeing Katari noticed the twins too.

"Or maybe they're stalking us." Katari replied in the same hushed tone.

"What did we do to make them stalk us?" I ask quietly.

"Well, we did run off to Hot Topic. We saw them there too. Oh, don't forget that they checked us out when you 'accidentally' bumped into them."

"I have a theory."

"What is your theory?"

"Maybe it wasn't an accident that he bumped into me. I mean, I saw them up ahead on our way to Hot Topic. I moved slightly to the right before they came. I'm sure of it."

"Probably." Katari whispers back.

We look over to Ryan and Andy, but they were already having a splashing war in the water.

"I don't think we should mention this to them. I mean, it could all be a coincidence. If things get too creepy, then we'll tell them." Katari said.

"Fine. We'd better watch our backs then." I say, cautiously.

I snuck up behind Ryan while Katari snuck up behind Andy.

' Three, two, one, GO!' I mouthed to Katari. When I said go, we both splashed Ryan and Andy from behind them.

The look of surprise on their faces was PRICELESS. Me and Katari start laughing. After they find it was us, they laugh along with us.

"Your... Faces... Were..... Fucking...... Priceless!" I exclaim between laughs.

"Oh, we are soooo gonna get you guys back!" Andy vows.

"Good luck!" Katari says.

"This means war!" Ryan says.

We all laugh and splash each other in the water.

My head whips around behind be to the sands of the beach, and there I see the twins checking me and Katari out, again. Or maybe I was paranoid, but I'm pretty sure they were looking at us...


Me and Ryan were sitting next to Katari and Andy in second period. Yeah, we all have the same class in second and fifth period, and its awesome.

Anyway, the bell rang warning the students still outside in the hallways that they were late.

The teacher walks in with two guys. I couldn't tell who they were because their backs were turned away.

"Ok, class, we have two new students today. Jake and Blake Garcia. Jake and Blake, tell us about youselves." She says in a bored tone.

"Uh, I'm Jake, and I'm 16." One of the figues says.

"Ans as you can guess, I'm Blake, and I'm 16." the other figure says.

They turn and face the class, the new student 'Blake's' eyes staring into mine.

My jaw drops.

Me, Andy, Ryan, and Katari stand up.

"Aw, hell no!" Katari exclaimed.

We walk out of the classrooms, the students staring with curiosity and bewilderment while the teacher was surprised, but fuming mad.

We went to the tree we climbed on our first day here.

"Well, looks like those creepy stalker twins finally found out where we go to school." I say.

"Yeah, but now we know their names." Katari says.

"This is starting to seem like the episode of 'Stalked' me and Katari watched with our friends in Jersey when we were about 12..." I say.

"Oh yeah! I remember that! Mikey got creeped out so you had to take him upstairs to show him a drawing you made for him that was a unicorn! That drawing was pretty good." Katari says.

"Thanks, I'm glad you think it was good, but he's like 17 now, just like us. What kind of grown ass man still has a drawing of a unicorn hanging on his fucking door?" I ask Katari.

"Well, at least it's better than Gerard, sulking in his room all day drawing superheroes and zombies and shit like that."

"True. But lets get back to our discussion. How the hell do they know what we do, where our school is, fuck, I even saw them outside our house last night when I woke up at midnight!" I say.

"Wait, so they've been stalking you for a while and you never told us?" Ryan asked.

"Well, kind of, but we had a reason."

"Go on, what is your reasoning." Andy says.

"Well, we were thinking it was a coincidence and let it be. If it got too creepy, then we would tell you. It really is getting freaky now..." Katari explains.

My phone suddenly blares out 'Astro Zombies' by The Misfits.

I pick it up.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Guess who?" Says a familiar voice.

"Hey, what's up?" I ask.

"Well, we have good news." Mikey says.

"What is it?" I ask eagerly, Katari, Andy, and Ryan looking up.

"Me, Gerard, Ray, and Frank are coming to California! Turns out, me and Gerard's parents have to move to California for their jobs, so they brought us, Ray and Frank are moving in with us beause their parents told them it was time for them to move out anyway!" Mikey explains.

"Eeeek!" I squeal happily.

"I know, right! Oh, and FYI: I'm bringing Mr. Fluffy with me!" He says. I laugh at the childish nickname he gave that drawing of the unicorn. To this day I still don't know why he named it that, but the name stuck.

"Awesome, now you can meet our childhood friends! They're awesome, but they haven't replaced you guys... Anyway, when you guys coming?"

"About sunday."

"Cool, that's in like three days!"

"Yeah, I know, I'm excited! And I can't wait to meet your childhood friends there too! They seem nice."

"Yeah, they're a little protective of us, but they're awesome once you get to know them. How long are you staying?"

"Well, we're moving for good. I'll miss Belleville, but we'll visit sometime."

"Awesome! Call me when you get here so we can show you around. Andy and Ryan, our childhood friends here will definitley help."

"Cool! See you in two days!"

"See you!"

The other line went dead.

"Soooooo.....?" Katari asks.

"Mikey, Gerard, Ray, and Frank are coming! Moving here for good! Frank and Ray's parent said they could move and Mikey and Gerard's parents are moving here for good for their jobs!" I squeak.

"Holy shit! Seriously?" Katari asks, excitedly.

"Yeah! They're coming in two days!"

"On saturday?"


"So they're coming with us to mom's funeral."

"I guess."

"Don't worry Ryan! They're nice!" Katari says, seeing the jealous look on his face.

"Don't be jealous of Mikey, he's a 17 year old guy, and he's 90% Coffee, 8% Unicorn loving, 1% Music loving, and 1% poker face. He's not much to worry about." I say, playfully poking Ryan's cheek.

He smiles and hugs me. I hug back.

"Awwwww!" Andy and Katari say in unison.

Me and Ryan blush and let go.

"So... What shall we do about the stalker problem?" Andy asks.

"WHAT IN THE WORLD...? SHOULDN'T YOU BE IN CLASS?" a teacher, namely Mrs. Bullen (in which we nicknamed Mrs. Bullshit) shouts across the field, making her way to us.

"Shit! Run!" Katari shouts.

We all jump off the tree and run for our lives. We jump the fence of the school and keep running, too freaked out to look back to see if Mrs. Bullshit was following us.

We end up collapsing on sets of swings at a park that looked vaguely familiar.

Me and Ryan sat on a set of swings on one side of the park, and Andy and Katari sat on a set of swings on the other side of the park, all of us panting.

"Well, we managed to escape Mrs. Bullshit." Ryan says.

"Yeah, but I don't know if we lost the twins."

"Well, they are supposed to be in class, and since they're new, they need to be introduced to their other classes so they can't cut."

"Good point."

I look down at my hand where the ring Ryan gave me when we were 4 was.

"So, this is the park, huh."

"What?"  Ryan asks, confused.

"This was the park we went to when you gave me this ring."

"Yeah, you remember?"

"Yeah. These are the exact same swings too."

"You have a really good memory."

"It's weird, I forget things a lot, but I remember certain things."

"Well, some people are like that."


"So tell me about Mikey and your friends from Jersey."

"Well, they're funny, nice, crazy hyper and weird in general.

Mikey practically lives on coffee, loves unicorns, and is obsessed with hair straighteners. Don't ever, and I mean EVER, say anything offensive about unicorns or that unicorns aren't real because he will kill you. And don't take away his hair straightener, he will kill whoever did that too. He plays bass guitar.

Gerard, his brother, is vampire-like. Pale, long-ish black hair and red eyeliner. Wears black a lot. He loves to draw and loves the classic horror movies. He is really good at drawing and singing, I am telling you. He, like Mikey, breathes coffee.

Frank, one word for him, and that word is crazy. He loves skittles and is a vegetarian. He is short, about 4'9, and if you ever make fun of his height, he'll fuck you up. You should've seen him with that first year who made fun of his height. He plays rhythm guitar.

Ray, he's pretty tall and has an awseome 'fro. He's kind and funny, but is also a klutz, like me. He loves heavy metal and classic horror movies. He plays lead guitar.

Bob, well he dosen't hang out with us a lot because he lives pretty far, but he hangs with us at school. He is tall and looks intimidating, but he's actually like a life-sized teddy bear. He plays drums.

All in all, they are really awesome and crazy, but they are really good friends. They actually formed a band called 'My Chemical Romance' and me and Katari think they're pretty good. I think you and Andy will be very good friends with them too." I inform him.

"Cool." He says.

"Yeah, they'll be here for the funeral too."

"I wonder how Katari and Andy are doing..." Ryan says
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