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"I Might Be Dead, But I Still Have A Heart."

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A group of 'nobles' are sent to earth to hunt down 'D's, the 'Damned Corpes' seem to target 1 particular band, and only unicorns know how to keep this band out of death's hands. *Story you audition...

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I know the story name is horrid, anyone has any suggestion for names? Oh and the 'lesser', I changed their name to 'Damned Corpses' aka 'D'

“Hurry Up Wyn Wyn!!” Jay shouted while putting on her shoes. “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming! And don’t call me that, you know I hate it!!”  Wynter said as she strutted out to the door and putting on her converse buckle boots, tucking her black skinny jeans inside the boot.  “I can’t help it, I love MCR, even before I was dead!” She jumped excitedly. They both walked out of hotel room and locked it, going to the elevator and down to the lobby.
“You drive or I drive?” Wynter asked the other girl. “You drive, I’m lazy.”
They drove towards the venue of the concert, Jay’s constant hyperness causing Wynter to pop a nerve. But it was alright, they were going to a concert, not just any concert, a MCR concert. My Chemical Romance, their favourite band of all times, dead or alive, the band had always stayed in their black little hearts. see what I did there ;)
They were supposed to be hunting for ‘Damned corpses’ , but a break once in a while wouldn’t hurt. The parking lot of the venue was empty. Yes, empty, because they were both crazy enough to come at 8 in the morning when the concert starts at 6 in the evening. Not like time mattered much to them, they didn’t age, didn’t eat, their existence was like nothing, they were just, there.
“Come on, let’s get to the barrier!” Jay dragged her friend towards the gates. “Hello security guard, can we go in?” Jay smiled brightly.
“I’m afraid you can’t go in yet, it’s like freakin’ 8 in the morning ya’ know.” The guard told them.
Jay turned and looked at Wynter with puppy dog eyes. Wynter sighed and muttered, “See the lady, sleep like a baby.” And her eyes turned blood red for an instant, then the guard fell asleep, conveniently onto the ‘Open’ button, causing the gate to slide open. “Thank You my lovely!!” Jay hugged the other girl tightly before running into the big empty space, towards the front of the stage.
“You owe me one!” Wynter shouted back at the other girl.

"I love this big space, we never have space down there, do we?" Jay was spinning with her arms open and talking at the same time. "We do, it's just that you don't have access to it." Wynter walked to the barrier and sat down on the concrete floor. 

"Really? Damn, now I wish I was you." Jay sat down beside Wynter. "No, you don't wish to be me, being royalty is no fun n' games, it'd fucking annoying, there is a reason I chose this job instead of fighting with my brother for the throne."

"But it's not fair, why would you want to work this job when you can do other things?" Jay punched Wynter on the shoulder lightly. 

"Because I love to see people's reactions when they get judged to one place, especially that one guy who got sent to hell, he thought he was dreaming and kept trying to pinch himself awake, crazy fella." Wynter laughed. 

"Really? I didn't see that one, I think I was on vacation, damn, I miss all the fun stuff." Jay mumbled. "It's okay, as long as you don't miss this concert, all is well, my dear." Wynter lied down on the floor, putting her hands behind her head and watching the clouds go by.

"Yeah, I'm bored now." Jay said.

"Me too, but you were the one who wanted to come so early, you're the freak." 

"Yeah, I'm the freak, freak." Jay told Wynter.

"So technically you're calling me a freak too, not that I mind, but, if I'm the freak then what are you?" 

"Why can't we both be freaks? We're best friends, no difference what we are right?" Jay smiled brightly.

"Meh, guess so." Wynter shrugged.

"What do we do now, I'm seriously bored."  Jay complained. "Well, who was the idiot who wanted to come here damn early in the morning?" Wynter stood up and did a bunny sort of jump to bring back feelings to her leg.

"but I thought there would be something entertaining here, or maybe some 'D's to cut." The yellow eyed girl whined.

Wynter sighed, "I give up, wanna go back stage?" 

Jay's face lighted up, "We can we can we can? Oh my Gee, we have to, we can plant some hidden cameras in there and-" Jay was cut off by Wynter smacking her upside the head. "We are not becoming creepy stalker fans, just one camera will do." She muttered the last part while blushing and looking away.

Jay beamed "I knew you would give in! Come on, I got the perfect brand of camera right here." She waved a small camera in front of Wynter's face.

Wynter stared at Jay with a dumbfounded face and shook her head and jumped onstage with Jay following closely. They passed the mic stands and amps, through the side stage and into to underground-ish rooms thingy. After a few minutes walk, they finally found the door with the card 'MCR' on the door.

Jay went to open the door, "Damn it's locked!" She narrowed her eye at the lock as if it would magically open for her. "That's not gonna happen anytime soon ya know." Jay sighed. "Here, watch and learn from the master." Wynter took out a hairpin from her pocket and started picking at the lock. After a few tries, the lock gave up and gave a click, indicating the door was unlocked. Jay smiled.

"I'm excited!" Jay jumped into the room with Wynter following closely. "Where do you want to put it?" The room was quite simple, a long makeup table against the wall, the long mirror that came with the table, chairs, a Plasma TV, 2 long couches, pots of plants at the side, air conditioning, fans. "Let's do it the old school style," Jay smiled, "The plant?" Wynter raised an eyebrow, "Yup!" Jay walked to the plant on the far left corner of the square room. 

"Of we put it here, you can see the entire room." She pushed aside some of the leaf and tied the camera onto the bark (stem?) of the plant, pushing the leafs back. "The camera is connected to a screen," Jay raised something that looked like a slightly oversized IPod, "We'll be able to see whatever they do while they're doing it." Jay grinned. 

"Ew, seriously, do you want to see them jack off that much? Cuz that's how you sound to me." Wynter laughed. "Hey!" Jay punched Wyn in the arm, "Don't act like you don't want to see it too!" Jay smirked as Wyn blushed. "W-Whatever, just hurry up, I'm going somewhere else, this room is stuffy." She walked out, leaving Jay in the room. 

"When I was, a young boy..." Wyn hummed the lyrics to 'Welcome To The Black Parade' as she walked along the corridor, twirling a black and red arrow she pulled out of thin air, looking left and right into the rooms, trying to find something interesting. Suddenly, something flashed in the corner of her eye, she stopped for a while before advancing forward, her concentration pointed at the corner where she saw the flash. The 'thing' moved again, she threw the arrow in hand at it, emitting a sickening crunching of bones. She turned and went toward the 'D' that was stuck to the wall with her arrow pinning it on the head. 

Crap, I'm typing this while painting the flower sculpture outside my house, I got some paint on my phone

The thing growled lowly, as it's hand went towards the arrow, aiming to pull it out. "Bad boy, no touching things that aren't yours." Wyn said in a playful but strict voice. The 'D' immediately froze, but it quickly regained it's power and pulled out the arrow and threw it back towards the owner. "Lake Mirror, reflect!" Wyn held out her left palm as a mirror materialized in front of it, the arrow went straight into the mirror, "Copy and Paste!" she shouted again as the mirror spat out thousands of arrow at the 'D' being. 

"AAAOGGGHHHHG!!" It howled out in pain as thousands of arrow penetrate its body and pin it against the wall again. "Shut up!" Wynter was mad now, how dare a 'D' being touch her arrows, no one was to touch her arrows except her. 

"Judgement has begun, send this being through hell, for it deem not be in heaven, on the blood of Princess Wynter Oh Leo Xaviero Sin The 1st, I judge Thee to Hell." She slashed her palm in one swift movement, the blood flowing freely,  she flanged her bleeding right palm across the floor, making a line before her coffin necklace shined a black glow and lifted off her neck and out her head. 

As the necklace floated toward the blood line, it glowed a blinding black light as the coffin expanded, wind around Wyn and the coffin hurled and twirled, Wyn had a hue of neon green and black surround her body, her hair whipping around her face, the Lesser being was being sucked into the coffin. When the 'D' was finally in the coffin and devoured by it darkness, the coffin closed and returned to it's necklace state, the black light still surrounding it. Wyn reached to the small coffin and held it to heart with both hands clutching the coffin. "Judgement has been enforced." She spoke out in a dark voice before the hue of black and green leaving both her and the coffin necklace. 

She gave a sigh as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "Hey Wyn- damn! There was a 'D' here wasn't there? You never include me for the fun." Jay huffed and pouted. Wyn gave a surprised jump at Jay's entrance, "Don't sneak up on me like that, my heart might not beat anymore but I still have emotions ya know." She said as she placed the necklace back over her head and onto her neck.

"Anyway, clean this place up." She told Jay. "Hey! I'm not your maid!" "Well, I don't know to, unless you want people to see the splatters of blood when they arrive, you better clean it up." Wyn grinned. "Damn you and your destructive nature." Jay huffed again. "Lick, Spray, disperse." Jay swiped her hand over the mess and in a second it was shining like brand new. "And Thank YOU for your caring nature." Wynter smirked.

"That reminds me, what time is it?" At this statement Jay smirked. "Wha-Oh please tell me you didn't." Wyn face palmed, "you did didn't you?" Jay smirked some more. "You know you shouldn't recklessly use magic like that, it's gonna mess something up!" Wynter sighed, no matter how many times she told her, she would never understand. "Whatever, so what time is it now actually?" Jay checked her watch, " 5 minutes to 6." Jay simply shrugged. 

"Oh- wait, the fuck?!! We need to get out of here, you're lucky no one walked through here during judgment!" Wyn pulled Jay's hand dragging her, trying to find an exit, she spotted an exit sign, but the there were lots of people running around the exit door, and if Wyn and Jay got caught, they'd be kicked out of the concert venue and their backstage passes will go to waste. 

"On the count of 3 run straight to the exit." Wynter chose when there were only a few busy people around before she started counting, "3," 2 people were walking pass carrying guitars, "2," a guy that looked like the security guard walked towards them, the ducked and waited until the guard was gone, "1!" they both shot straight for the exit, "Hey you 2! Hold it right there!" A voice called. 

Wyn and Jay immediately stopped and looked around. 

Well, not much of a cliffhanger, but it'll do I guess, I don't know how to write cliffhangers, I wish I could get lessons, oh and just something in my life, my mom tried to get me to use eyeliner, a brown one no less, I tried it on, it looked like I got punched in both eyes, and not lightly either.

Anyway please review :) all you writers out there, you know how much a review means, so please do take some time to leave one for me, thank you in advance :)
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