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Give me what you don't want and I'll have your heart

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The Corpses attack, they run, but the boys ran further than planned, what will become of them?

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I might be dead, but I still have a heart Chapter 2 

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'Darn darn darn darn darn' was going through Jay's head, 'Unicorns unicorns unicorns' Wyn chanted in her head, "You two, what are you doing, the man was pointing towards the way they ran out from, luckily not on them. "Run run!" Wyn whispered to Jay, "Bunny run!" Jay laughed as she ran out, Wyn following closely behind. 

"That was c- the hell?" Jay's eyes widened then narrowed then she sighed. "Wyn, what were you thinking?" she interrogated, "um, I might have been thinking about unicorns?" she whispered the last part. Jay laughed, "Allie might be the childish one, but your Unicorn love is just too much!" Wyn pouted and folded her arms, "I can't help it if I'm an awesome Hunicorn!" 

"Yeah, yeah, c'mon, keep Coffee, I doubt we can get to the barrier now, but we can at lease squeeze in through the side." Jay dragged Wyn towards the side walk, walking straight towards the front. There was a security guard standing there, blocking the entrance to the Red Zone. "Passes m'ladies." He flashed a smile. The showed their passes, the guard tore one side of it then let them through. "Hunky eh?" Jay wiggled her eyebrows at Wyn. "Oh shut up." 

The concert went on normally, no sight of D's, Wyn and Jay managed to squeeze to the front of the barrier for a few minutes before being pushed behind and to the back. 

Jay sighed, "I give up." She slumped her shoulders. 

"That's okay, we've still got the back stage passes, we could just walk around, look at the band merch, maybe get some too." 

"Ya know-" Jay was cut off by the guard from earlier tapping her shoulder. "Ladies? Are you the ones with the back stage passes?" 

"Yeah, how'd you know?" Wyn turned around to face him. "I saw it when I tore the side of the ticket, you guys can go back stage now, you just have to wait a little for them to get down from stage." 

"Thank you then." They headed towards the back stage door, having to squeeze through some of the roadies who are busy carrying things in and out. "I'm so excited, I've never went to a concert when I was alive." Wyn sighed. "Me too, but with the things that are happening in our lives, I wouldn't say it's our fault." Jay made a knowing look.

"Yeah, we are so lucky." She smiled. They reached the meeting point, the boys weren't here yet so they were just leaning against the wall playing 'I Spy'. 

"I spy with my little eyes, something black." Jay smiled. 

"The floor?" Wyn sighed. 

"Yup, how'd you guess?" 

"Oh stop pretending Jay." 

"Fine fine, jeez, such a party pooper." 

"Wow, that was one of the most extreme concerts I've ever had!" Ray said. 

"Yeah, did you see how the people at the barrier were always switching and pushing?" Mikey laughed(not really).

ya know, I'm spending 3 hours before new years writing this. Oh and when I typed in Mikey, the autocorrect turned it to Miley, gross.

Jay and Wyn immediately straightened and gave each other a nervous glance.

I have no social life, just kidding, I turned them down when they asked me to go for the countdown in waterfront, too many people, not my type of atmosphere.

"Oh hey, you the ones with the backstage passes?" Gerard said. 

"Y-Yeah." Wyn stuttered out. "Chill, it's just us." Frank said.

"Well, it's because it you guys, it's so much difference seeing you in Dieview and in real life." Jay was starstruck. 

"Die view?" Gerard questioned. "Oh uh, it's a-a website for videos, yeah videos." Wyn quickly added in. Dieview is like YouTube but it's in the underworld.

"Oh, okay, I guess it is." Gerard said. 

"what's your name?" Frank hyped up. "I'm-" Wynter was cut off by Jay, "I'm Jay, she's Wyn." psh, nicknames.

"Oh okay, so- OW!" Frank screamed as he placed his left hand over his right elbow. "What's wrong?" Wyn quickly asked. 

"I'm bleeding." Mikey, Gerard and Ray laughed, "Hey! That's mean!" Frank complained. 

"Yeah, but you trash around so much it wouldn't be anything surprising." Gerard chuckled. 

"Here, let me see." Wyn held out her right palm, Frank placed the injured elbow on her hand. 

"Jay." Wyn said seriously as she looked at Jay with a worried look. "Huh?" Jay took a look and gasped a little. 

"What's wrong?" Frank asked. Wyn snapped out of it, "U-uh, nothing serious, I'll apply some cream, it might sting a little." Wyn let go of Frank hand and reached for her coffin necklace. "More like stings alot." Jay mumbled. 

"That's a cool necklace." Gerard was fascinated with the way it was carved. "Thanks, it's one of a kind." Wyn said as she snapped open the lid, a neon-green cream was shown, "Are you sure that's safe?" Mikey asked, "It looks like nuclear waste." 

Wyn laughed a little, "It's okay, I made it that colour cuz I love it." She dipped two fingers inside and scooped some cream out. 

"You mean it's like homemade Healing Cream?" Gerard asked. "Something like that." Wyn mumbled. 

"Could you hold out your hand higher?" Wyn put her right palm out to support Frank's injured arm. "Sure." 

"Brace yourself," Wyn said, "For a lot of pain." she mumbled the last part. 

She smudged the neon green cream onto the bleeding spot and immediately frank screamed. "jay!" Wyn said. "Got it." Jay clasped a hand around Frank's mouth, muffling his screams.

When Wyn removed her fingers, Frank visibly relaxed and slumped. "What the hell is that?" Frank demanded, he wouldn't usually be that demanding but when he was gonna be put through that much pain he would usually like a warning first.

"Homemade healing cream." Wyn smirked. "Oh wait, it feels nice now, the bleeding's stopped, wow, that's some awesome cream." Frank smiled again. 

"I know." Wyn smiled. "Can we get some pictures with you guys please?" Jay pleaded. "Sure!" Gerard said, he waved some roadie to help them take a picture. 

"This is so awesome." Jay said. "Wait till you-" Frank was cut off by a blood curling screech. "The hell?" Ray shouted suddenly.

"Crap!" Wyn muttered, she started weighing things in her head, if they fight, the boys might get hurt, if they run, the rest of the crew might get hurt, this was hard to decide. 

"Wyn! there's more than one!" Wyn already knew, "Jay! Take the boys back to the apartment! I'll meet you there!" She took off before Jay could protest.  She found an empty corner and hope that the spell could last long enough for her to finish catching the 'Corpses' that were present.

"Upon the Dark Heavens, The Moon Glows. The Moon brings Night as Night Brings Slumber, Night has begun, Yue Dai Sui Mian, Sleep." She clapped her hands together infront of her chest. 

A fearful yet calming wave of energy swept over the venue as people started falling asleep, this spell though, did not effect the Corpses. They were all headed towards Wyn, because Frank's smell was stuck onto her when she was treating him. 

"Hello my hellbounds." She smiled evilly at the Corpses, they screeched and attacked her, all at once. Wyn was ready, already had her bow and arrows at bay.

She quickly equipped on her bow and stuck 5 fire arrows onto her bow, she aimed for the middle and shot. The Corpses burst into flames, but it did not kill them, nothing could kill them, except for the Royal Executions, where they are executed and reborn into the human world. Wynter and Jay's job was just to capture and put them all back in hell. 

Wyn ran out of the corner and went a distance away, she ran, looking for the best spot to perform the Judgement, all the while hoping that Jay got back safely with the boys.


Enter Jay and the boys

"C'mon, hurry in!" Jay called the boys in quickly to their apartment. They boys ran in, huffing and panting from all the running. Jay, in the midst of all the 'excitement' had forgotten they had driven a car to the venue.

"Sit down first, let me settle some things." Jay turned to the door, "Someone pass me the slips of papers on the coffee table." Gerard quickly handed her the slips of rectangular paper. Jay quickly mumbled a thanks.

She brought her razor sharp teeth onto her right hand fingers, freeing the blood. She quickly wrote down some words with her blood onto the slips of paper, then attaching it to the door, windows and walls. She sat in the middle of the living room, facing the door. 

"Angel locks, demon magic, Bind these spells, hear my voice, for it be Thy's blood that Thou Consumed." She finished the spell. 

A few minutes of silence later, the door opened and Wyn stumbled through with a few scratches here and there, she walked straight to the couch and collapsed onto it. 

"Wyn..." Jay sound saddened. She took out her whip handle. "Shine like the stars in the Moonlight, Extend into a snake's body, luz de la luna látigo." A white glowing whip extended from the handle, the white light was soft and comforting. "Heal, my dear moonlight." The whip spiraled around Wyn's body, not really touching her body but close. When she was done healing, she kept the whip and sat down beside Gerard. 

"Okay, you need to start explaining things, what the hell just happened??" Gerard fumed. "It- it is not my place to explain." Jay sighed. "Well if you're not explaining, we're leaving!" Ray said as he stood up with the rest of the guys. 

"No! Don't! You aren't safe-" before Jay could finish the sentence, They were already out the door. 

"I'm SO dead when Wyn wakes up," Jay sighed, it was a tiring day, using magic that much didn't help either, it tires out the body, she slowly slipped into a slumber, slumber full of nightmares.


"-ay! Jay! Wake up!" Wyn shook a sleeping Jay until she screamed as she awoken, squirming. "Calm down Jay calm down!!" Wyn hugged her sobbing and quivering friend. 

"Wyn! Wyn.. The kids... They're- They're dead..." Jay muttered as she hung on to Wynter's arm. 

"It's okay, it's okay, they'll be okay, c'mon, come back." She whispered to smaller girl. "Uh huh." Jay nodded. 

"C'mon, get up, we gotta go find the boys, they probably left when we were asleep." Wyn pulled Jay up and went to grab her coat when to door bell rang.

"I'll get it." She opens the door only to gasp and gasp harder at what she saw.

"D-Damien? Sam? What are you guys doing here, and you brought the twins too, oh and Little Allie too, wait, why're you here?" 

"We-"Damien was cut off by Jay, "The fuck is that behind you?"

Yeah, not much of a cliffhanger, but still, I'm learning.
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