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Prompt: Shiver

“Baby,” Josh panted, his breathing ragged in his girlfriend’s ear, “I’m close…” He meant to continue speaking, but his voice hitched in his throat and all words were lost as he felt his body tighten. Robin shivered beneath him, and dug her fingernails deep into the firm skin of Josh’s ass, pulling him impossibly deeper inside of her, and arched to meet his frantic thrusts.

“Joshua…” And just like that, Robin felt her body collapse back into the mattress. She gazed up at Josh, recognizing the hazy, lust filled look in Josh’s eyes as the same one her own eyes held. The redhead smiled as she reached up to stroke Josh’s matted hair, and purring in pleasure when she felt him nuzzle her hand. He truly was infectious, and she couldn’t get enough of him. She never wanted to get enough of him.
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