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7. Bite

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Warning: Contains biting.

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Disclaimer: Random idea is random. Also, I own shit.

Biting was something that Josh had never really gotten into. To him, the idea of pain when it wasn’t necessary just didn’t sound appealing. In past relationships, he’d enjoyed the occasional scratches on his hips and back in the throes of passion, but those didn’t count as pain, since they barely even made him flinch.

It was purely by accident that he discovered his newfound fetish for biting. He and Robin had just finished watching a movie—a rom-com this time instead of the usual zombie flick, at Robin’s request. Damn those puppy dog eyes, because they always worked on Josh. But he didn’t really mind, and when the redhead went from nipping Josh’s neck to biting, he froze. Robin hadn’t bitten him hard, but it was new, as none of his other lovers had even bothered to put forth that extra little bit of effort to signify that their relationship was about more than just sex. And when Robin bit him, Josh felt something inside of him scream out—not in pain, but in pleasure, obviously. Robin could sense this, and she smirked as she continued biting along his neck and throat, laughing when a pair of strong hands came up to rest on either side of her head, ensuring that she wasn’t going anywhere just yet.

“Robin,” Josh’s voice was rough and hoarse, as he struggled to speak. “Don’t stop…please. God, don’t stop.”

He couldn’t express to his girlfriend how fucking amazing it felt, so Josh just simply relaxed his body and whimpered, his lips parting as he panted, urging Robin on. Through the lust-filled haze of his mind, Josh wondered stupidly why he hadn’t suggested doing this sooner. As soon as Robin was finished, Josh had every intention of paying her back—tenfold.
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