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Time to Roll

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Everything was a bright white when he opened his eyes. As he blinked his gummy eyelids it took him a moment to realize that someone was asking him a question. The image of a hideous, white plastic face flashed in his mind and he struggled to focus on an answer. “Umbrella,” his voice sounded like rusty machinery to his ears, “The card says umbrella.”

The blonde doctor with the name tag that read “Clark” beamed at him, her smile was full of teeth as white as everything else in the room. “Excellent!” She exclaimed. “Now let's get you boys out of here!”

He blinked once at the word “here” and finally took stock of his surroundings. “Blind...” he whispered, remembering his past fears. “What's going on?” He looked her over and saw the uncertainty in her movements as she detached him from the monitors. “You're not a doctor.”

She jumped a little at his words and glanced cautiously at him while she removed the IV from his arm causing him to flinch. “Yes I am... and no I'm not,” she handed him a pile of white clothing and a rubber drac mask. “But I am the one who's going to get you out of here, now put these on.”

He immediately did so as she turned away to yank back one of the curtains that surrounded his bed. He looked up at the sound of the metal rings sliding along the rod and saw another man lying unconscious in the bed. It to him a moment to recognize Mikey because of his washed out appearance and shaved head. Gerard reached up to check if he had been shaved as well, he was.

He rubbed his head in disbelief that his red hair was now gone. “Holy hell...” he muttered and sat back down on the bed. He watched the supposed doctor as she injected Mikey's IV with adrenaline before sweeping back the next curtain to reveal Frank in a similar position.

Mikey's eyes flickered open and he glanced around him. Gerard glanced from him to the the doctor in confusion as she seemed to ignore Mikey and focus instead on Frank. “Aren't you gonna check his eye sight too?” Gerard asked in confusion while Mikey stared in shock at his brother's bald head before tentatively touching his own scalp.

“Don't need to, he wasn't shot in the head,” she replied while sweeping yet another curtain back to reveal Ray. Gerard was at once relieved that they all survived but also confused at her answer. His memories started coming back to him and he felt again the fear when he stared into Korse's eyes before the SCARECROW pulled the trigger and shot him in the...

His hand touched the burn scar under his jaw and he finally understood her answer. Yet... he was not bothered by the scar or by any other complications that he might have to worry about from his injury. Yes, they occurred to him, but he just wasn't bothered... or at all emotional about it.He shrugged it off and directed the still shocked (and almost crying) Mikey to get dressed like he did.

While the rest of the group adjusted to being awake again and to their current situation, Dr. Clark bustled about putting their files into a bag and grabbing a laundry bin and wheeling it over to them. They all stood ready for her directions with the drac masks in hand. They all had questions and a deep sense of mistrust for her but they choose instead to remain silent and watchful.

“Um... So I guess you already figured out that we're going to break out tonight...” she bit her lip and tried not to feel nervous in this impossibly awkward situation. Where does one even start in explanations?

Frank felt the same as her and was the first to speak, “What... happened?” He fingered the rubber drac mask in agitation, more than a little afraid to be talking so openly in the very center of BLInd headquarters. He noticed Mikey and Ray was also glancing nervously about and he felt a little bit more at ease now that he wasn't alone. Gerard was the only one of the group who seemed absolutely stoic.

The blonde woman took a deep breath and tried her best to keep it short and sweet, “BLInd recycles corpses if they're fresh enough by refurbishing, a restoration process really, and rebooting you as a new drac.”

“So like, fixing our injuries and just shocking us back to life?” Ray asked.

Dr. Clark looked uncertain for a moment before she answered, “Yes, something like that.” She noticed Gerard absentmindedly fingering the scar under his jaw, “Though there were some complications with your group that made this a special case.”

“So why are you helping us?” Ray eyed her cautiously. “And why should you trust me?” She supplied his unspoken question and the four killjoys nodded.

“Well, here,” she handed over a long distance radio after she switched the frequency, “Dr. D is on the other end.”

Frank looked skeptically at her before taking the radio and pressing down on the button, “Dr. D, this is Fun Ghoul, over.”

“Heeeey motor baby! Great to hear your voice again! Are we all a go?” Frank looked up in question at Dr. Clark who nodded her head in reply. “We're a go,” he answered.

In answer a substantial explosion rocked the building from somewhere on the far side of the complex. Bright red lights filled the room and sirens echoed around them followed by short commands to the various units. “Alright motor babies, we are a go!” Dr. Clark shouted in excitement and led the way to the doors of the medical lab.

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