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Smooth Jazz

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“ZWAP—foosshhhh,” Gerard lowered his arm and placed the still smoking blaster back in its holster.

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The once white hallway outside of the lab was a flashing haze of red lights and smoke. Workers and dracs ran past the small group without so much as a brief glance of indifference. Frank had to actively fight the urge to run in the opposite direction as dracs ran in his direction, only to pass by. He knew the others felt the same way when they immediately started to raise their white standard issue blaster when the first of the patrols ran by. They all lacked a confident stride that was typical of a drac, except Gerard. Frank envied his team leader as he strode almost ahead of Dr. Clark, his head held high and an air of supreme calm about him.

Ray, he noticed, kept tugging down on the edge of his drac mask in an unconscious attempt to keep the already secure mask in place. Mikey was doing no better as he constantly glanced behind him every few seconds. Dr. Clark kept scanning the area around her as though frightened of being hunted by something.

Frank cursed under his breath when he almost ran into the back of Dr. Clark. She had stopped suddenly and her hand was pressed to her ear where he guessed that there was a radio ear piece. She tilted her head to side side as she listened and spat a very archaic curse word before looking back up at the killjoys. “Time to run!” She dashed down the corridor and they followed only after a brief hesitation.

They finally reached an elevator and she skidded to a stop in front of the retinal scan to the left of the door. She crouched a little to become level with the scanner and after a few agonizing moments the doors to the lift slid open. They rushed inside just as a different pattern of alarm started to blast over the speakers.

“Things just got complicated,” she said, while Mikey snorted at her choice of words, “They know about your escape, Be ready to fire when the doors open.” The doors slid shut and Dr. Clark punched in a straight code that would prevent any stops till they reached their intended floor. Frank noticed that they were on the 30th floor, it would be a long way till the doors would open again. Thankfully, they had some music to listen to.

Ray groaned from somewhere behind him and Frank grimaced as he too noticed that Kenny G was playing in the elevator. “Wow... even soulless BL/Ind listens to Kenny G. Just goes to show how evil that music is...” Frank was going to continue rambling about the music when he noticed Mikey was bobbing his head in time to the smooth jazz. Their eyes met from behind the rubber masks and Mikey stopped physically showing his appreciation for the music.

“It's supposed to help induce a calming environment,” Dr. Clark explained, talking over another sigh of frustration from Ray.

“Well this is ANYTHING but calming. It makes me want to scratch my ears off or burn down a saxophone factory or scream in agony or take this blaster and blow--”

“ZWAP—foosshhhh,” Gerard lowered his arm and placed the still smoking blaster back in its holster.

Frank raised his eyebrows in impressed appreciation at the now fizzling remains of the speaker, “...The speaker away.”

The elevator soon came to a stop and Dr. Clark reached to press in the “open” code. “Blasters ready,” Gerard commanded, withdrawing his own back from the holster. “Cover your ears!' Dr. Clark added.

The doors slid partially open to reveal a back hall filled with flashing red lights and a whole lot of dracs. At the end of the whole was a service exit that would supposedly culminate their escape. The doors didn't open more than two feet and Dr. Clark threw a small beeping object into the hall before throwing herself back away from the opening.

An ear-shattering bang and a bright flash filtered through the small opening and Dr. Clark opened the lift doors wider. The group ran out into a hall filled with moaning and unconscious dracs and just barely reached the service exist before they heard footsteps closing in behind them. Ray took the liberty to blast the doors open and they pushed out into the crisp night air.

a/N: Guess how much I love you readers? So much that I went a wrote a chapter even though I have a fever and am feeling like crap (the fever madness might have effected this story a wee bit). And I'm sorry if there are any Kenny G fans reading this, didn't mean to offend you and I'm sure his music didn't mean to offend me either =P As always, thank you so much for reading and please rate and/or review to let me know how you like (or dislike) it!
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