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Into the Dark

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Of fences and blasts.

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They all stopped for a moment, their eyes searching the chain link fence that surrounded the edge of the compound fifty yards away. They didn't need the white warning signs to know that the fence had an electric charge that would moderately toast them on impact. “Uh guys...” Ray started to fall behind because of his worry of the fence, the others slowed down as well by automatic reaction. It was this hesitation that allowed the oncoming draculoids to catch up.

“Doctor, I hope you have this part planned!” Frank looked back behind him at all of the white clad bodies that now poured out from the building. She hesitated for a moment and ducked behind a delivery truck, pulled the white messenger bag she had with her over her should and dug around inside. She pulled out a white metal ball and tossed it to Ray, “I can't throw far enough!” She jerked her head towards the oncoming draculoids and he nodded in understanding. As he lugged the grenade back towards the building she dropped to her knees and continued rummaging through the bag.

Frank glanced back as he ran and noticed her falling behind and ran back to cover her. “What are you doing!” He yelled. Her rummaging increased in speed and she looked back towards one of the upper floors of the building behind. “Just a few more seconds!” The others by now rejoined to help give her cover as she continued searching, pulling out random objects from the back in fevered desperation. She finally found what she was looking for and stood up with the palm sized object in hand.

“Ready?” To Frank's increasing annoyance she shook her head and glanced again back at the building. “Just wait!” She continued staring and they followed her gaze to the tenth floor where they saw a silhouette appear at one of the larger windows and wave down at them. She waved back in joy but her smile turned to an expression of horror when the figure raised its arm, what looked like a remote in hand, and the windows around him exploded into flames. Dr. Clark's mouth opened in an unreleased scream and she stared in shock at the now burning building at the draculoids before them also turned in confusion.

“We gotta go!” Ray was the first to recover his senses and rally the group. At this point he had ripped off his draculoid mask to get a better look around him. It was then that he noticed a very familiar van pulling up to the fence at a screeching pace.

“Dr. D!” Mikey screamed successfully getting the attention of the other killjoys. They started to sprint towards the fence when one by one the realized they wouldn't be able to go over it. “Keep running!' Dr. Clark shouted. In confusion, Mikey turned to see her several yards behind, now holding the small object aloft. Before he could ask what she as doing, a streak of light hurtled forwards and drove the woman to her knees right as she hit the button of the palm-sized tech.

Everything went black after that.

A/N: AAAH! I'm so sorry for the crap short chapter! But as I was writing I thought "Hey a perfect opportunity for a cliffie!" And I rarely do cliffies (because I'm a nice person on normal days) so I took that chance and ran with it like Frank with Ray's beer, like Gerard with the last cup of coffee on earth, like Mikey being chased by vengeful unicorns... wow weird analogies but they still hold! Anyways, there will be a new chapter hopefully before the end of this week. I wuv you guys lots and please leave a rating and/or review to let me know how you like this.
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