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The Blood along my sword

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The fic you auditioned for, ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES, will they surive,

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The blood along my sword.

The zombie fic you auditioned for.

Chapter 1 Cassie pov

i fixed it up for you guys so it is easier for you to read it and i will try and get another chapter on soon as i have been kind of busy.... sorry if you thought this was the next chapter

"No offence Cassie why are we going to see a concert at the start of zombie outbreak said the long black haired girl with blue highlights."

"Well Storm, were there’s loud music, there would be zombies" I said as I continued on driving the black BMW.

"You didn’t fully answer her question" Cassie said a girl with shoulder length hair.

"Fine holly, to save the band of course" I said as I was losing my patience.

Two girls were getting on her nerves one who had long black hair with a fringe covering her right eye (Wynter oh) and the other had short black and green choppy hair (Sarah Johnstone).

I finely lost it 5 minutes later as we stopped at a red light, I turned and shouted "WYNTER, SARAH PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP THIS IS STRESSING ME OUT AS IT IS AND ALL YOU ARE DOING IS LAUGHING IN MY EAR."

Silence filled the car, I heard them apologize, "No I’m sorry, I just freaking out about this, and also that Tony is going to kill us when we get back."

"Its ok we will get through this and survive." Said Sarah as she smiled a sweet smile giving me comfort.

Gerard’s pov


"Why?" said Mikey clearly amused


Mikey just laughed "Frank probably got it drawing x’s over his eyes."


In the middle of playing I’m not ok screams were heard coming from the back of the crowd, not crazy fan screams like someone dying screams. This made us stop and looks, it looks like a fight broke out. A couple of minutes later the fight was bigger nearly everyone was fighting.

"Wow who bites people when fighting", said frank disgusted by the person way of fighting.

Before they knew it someone got on stage, but he looked no were alive, an eye hanging out decomposing like he was a zombie going straight for Gerard. He running for him mouth open, black teeth and was now head went closer to his arm when.......

DUN, DUN, DUNNNNNNNN what will happen now hope it’s good enough well hope to update soon.
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